Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain Tires
& Pro Comp Series 8179 Black Powder Coat Wheels

April 30, 2007 wayoflife 221

So, how have the Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrains been performing? Well, I can tell you that since I got them about a month ago, I have racked up about 3,000 miles on the odometer with a good 1,500 miles of that being put on driving out to Moab, Utah and wheeling the hell of the them there. And, I’d have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised as to how much I really like these tires!

PUREJEEP 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler
2-Door Rocker Guard Installation Write-Up

April 29, 2007 wayoflife 14
What I like most about the PUREJEEP Jeep JK Wrangler 2-Door Rocker Guards is how clean and deliberate they look once they are installed. In fact, because of the way they have been designed to mount directly to the factory pinch seam (much like the factory Rubicon Rocker Guards) and have been shaped to follow the contours of the new JK body lines, the PUREJEEP Rocker Guards provide a look as if they were designed by Jeep itself and offered on the JK right from the factory.
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2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Highlights

April 14, 2007 wayoflife 2

Inspite of all the headaches, I can honestly say that going is always worth the trouble and, being able to go this year in my brand new 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited certainly made it the best trip out to Moab yet.

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2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari – Vendor Show

April 6, 2007 wayoflife 4

As some of you may recall, I was invited by Full Traction Suspension to have my Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited shown at their display at the 2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Vendor Show. And, as you can imagine, my whole day 4 here in Moab was pretty much shot as far as wheeling is concerned. But, I have to be honest and say that being stuck all day at a show like this wasn’t necessarily without its perks. In fact, once I was able to get over the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to go wheeling (even though the landscape and trails have a way of calling to you like a siren song), I was able to use this opportunity to get a real close up look at all the new hooked up Jeep JK Wranglers (many of which I had not seen before and the most I have seen since SEMA 2006), talk to the manufacturers at length about their products and of course, take a ton of pics for all of you to drool over back at home.

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2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Day 3
Canyonlands Colorado River Overlook Trail

April 6, 2007 wayoflife 3

After wheeling hard for two days in a row, we decided to change things up a little today, sleep in, have some breakfast in town and then do a nice easy run in the Canyonlands National Park with some friends of ours. This is an area around Moab that I had always read about and had always wanted to see but have always been too busy going on orgainzed trail runs and playing on harder obsticals to really take in some of the awesome sights around here. Anyway, the specific trail we ran was one that takes you out to the Colorado River Overlook and man, is it ever a beautiful drive with an absolutely breath taking view at the end of it. And, fortunately for us, we just happen to come at a time where even the drive out to the trail head was covered with vast fields of stunning (but stinky) lavender flowers surrounded by impressive red rock canyon walls.

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2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Day 2
Primedia Event & Metal Masher Trail Run

April 4, 2007 wayoflife 1

Our plan for day two of our 2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari was to hook up with Dave (aka – JK-Forum moderator papabear) bright and early in the morning and then run Metal Masher. But, as things always seem to change on the fly around here, we ended up making a stop over at the Primedia Event at Area BFE first and man, am I ever glad that I did…

…With work out of the way, it was time for us to have some real fun! Although I have been to Moab before, I still have yet to even scratch the surface when it comes to all the awesome trails this great place has to offer. Need I say, this was my first time running Metal Masher and admittedly, I’m always a bit leary about running a “difficult” rated trail that I’ve never been on before especially when it’s in a brand new vehicle with little to no parts available for it in the event of a break.

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2007 MOAB Easter Jeep Safari
The Rock 4 Event at Area BFE

April 3, 2007 wayoflife 5

Well boys and girls, after driving 750 miles and 14 hours later, we finally arrived here in Moab, Utah late Sunday night and just in time to catch a quick dinner over at Eddie McStiffs, check in, unpack and then catch a few hours of sleep before the fun begins. Bright and early Monday morning, we headed out to Area BFE to participate in the The Rock 4 event which is put on annually by Superior Axle & Gear, Full Traction Suspension and Toyo Tires. Of the two trails being offered up for the day, Minor Threat and Green Day, we decided to do the latter as this is the trail we ran the year before in our 6″ Full Traction Long Arm lifted TJ and we wanted to see how our 3″ Full Traction Ultimate lifted JK would stand up to the same terrain. And, need I say, I absolutely LOVE the JK – this thing simply kicks ass!!!

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Off to Moab

April 1, 2007 wayoflife 0

Ok, I know I have been missing in action for a while now, and for those of you who have been wanting to know where I’ve been, well… I’ve been running around like crazy trying to keep up with work and get ready for the 2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari. Specifically, we have been invited by Full Traction Suspension to display our Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited at their booth at the EJS Show. And, before we could be put on display, we had to first outfit our Jeep in the appropriate attire. In other words, we’ve been busy installing a Full Traction 3? Ultimate Suspension Lift, PUREJEEP Crawler Stubby Front Winch Bumper, and PUREJEEP Crawler Rear Bumper Tire Carrier. Fortunately, we were able to get everything installed, but just in the nick of time (just finished last night at 2am) as we are now on the road to Moab.