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Project-JK SEMA 2008
Day 3 YouTube Video Show Coverage

November 7, 2008 wayoflife 0

Day 3 of SEMA 2008 took us over to Bestop where we got to check out some of the cool new products they have available now such as their all new Trektop soft top, Highrock Bumpers, Rocker Guards and all new Door Arm Rest Pads. We also got a first hand look at some of the things that are in the works now such as their BestRail and Roof Rack system concept that might be able to see available by the middle of next year. From there, we mad a stop over at Dynatrac where we got a chance to see their all new and incredibly sweet ProRock 44 front axle which is an extremely beefy replacement to the wimpy factory Dana 44.

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2008 SEMA Show Day-3 Coverage

November 6, 2008 wayoflife 0

While we have been able to locate and cover over 30 Jeep JK Wranglers here at SEMA 2008, we knew there had to be a heck of a lot more we missed and so we decided to spend our 3rd day here thoroughly combing the Off Road Exhibition Hall in the hopes of finding whatever else we could. And, as you can guess, there were in fact plenty more JK’s everywhere and of the ones we found, four of them really got me to stop and stare – the MOPAR Alley Rubicon Oasis Concept, the OR-FAB/Trailmaster/Performance Accessories custom wrapped Unlimited, Rampage’s custom painted Unlimited and Real Wheels all white Unlimted with black highlights.

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2008 SEMA Show Day-2 Coverage

November 5, 2008 wayoflife 0

For our second day at SEMA 2008, we decided to try and spend as much time as we could up in Off Road Hall and take pics of every Jeep JK Wrangler that we could. Unfortunately, even though we spent the better part of a day there, I think we were only able to hit up about half of all the JK’s present. As you can imagine, there really is just so much to see and more often than not, we ended up spending way too much time at each display – go figure. Anyway, of all all the things we saw today, I’d have to say that Bestop, Wild Boar and Dynatrac had the goods that really caught my eye.

2008 SEMA Show Day-1 Coverage

November 4, 2008 wayoflife 0

Who am I kidding, the economy definitely has taken its toll on the off-road industry and the effects of it are definitely showing here at SEMA 2008. Certainly, a lot of the big manufacturers I was hoping to see are abscent this year and from what I’ve been told, the off-road hall as a whole is down about 40% down in vendor attendance. But, inspite of all that, I can tell you that there’s still tons to see and still quite a few JK’s on display showing off their goods.

SEMA 2008 Pre-Show Coverage

November 2, 2008 wayoflife 0

The first week of November is finally here and as most of you know, that can only mean one thing – IT’S SEMA TIME!! And, as luck would have it, we were fortunate enough to be asked to have our Jeep JK Wrangler on display once again, only this time as a featured vehicle for TeraFlex Suspension. Now, while the the actual show doesn’t start until Tuesday, we had to show up a bit early to get our JK checked in and as you can guess, we are here in Las Vegas now and I thought you might appreciate getting a sneek peak of things to come.