Chrysler Finally Agrees to Honor Their Warranty

February 18, 2013 wayoflife 9

For those of you who’ve been following my recent fight with Chrysler regarding fuel spraying out of the filler port during re-fueling and getting it fixed under warranty, I’m happy to announce that I have finally WON the battle!!

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Finally Got a Call Back from Chrysler

February 17, 2013 wayoflife 4

By mid-day Friday, I still had not gotten a call back from Bill or anyone at Chrysler and so, I decide to call them back. The rep I got to speak with this time was a gal named Sandy and after explaining the situation to her, she said that all calls from the supervisor will be returned by the end of the business day.

Disappointed with Chrysler… Again

February 15, 2013 wayoflife 5

Like many owners of the Jeep JK Wrangler, Cindy and I have had an on-going problem with fuel spraying out of the filler port when refueling and have had it for about as long as we’ve owned our Jeep. This problem is not only annoying and frustrating, it’s one that we’ve come to see as being a potential hazard as well. Unfortunately for us, our warranty had ended a long time ago and because of it, have just learned to deal with it the best we can. Needless to say, you can imagine how surprised we were to to get a letter in the mail yesterday from Chrysler indicating that the warranty period on our Jeep’s fuel tank inlet check valve had been “extended to lifetime coverage”.

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The Flag Has Been Lowered!!

June 22, 2010 wayoflife 18

As I have stated many times before over the last couple weeks, when in doubt, it’s best just keep your mouth shut. Trust me, no matter how bad of an experience you may of had with your dealership, providing a customer evaluation that’s anything less than stellar will come back to bite you. Your evaluations are NOT confidential, are purposefully shared with your dealership and believe me, if your review causes them to feel any pain, they will do what they can to return the favor. In my case, the dealership in question was Tuttle Click Jeep in Irvine, CA, and they decided to retaliate against me by placing a “flag?, or what Chrysler refers to as a “restriction? on my Jeep.

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Chrysler’s Unwritten Policy

June 11, 2010 wayoflife 10

Thanks to a member over on, a very interesting fact was brought to my attention today and it was in regards to the “flagging” of vehicles and it being something that is actually covered in the Jeep Warranty Information Handbook. In this handbook, the official term used is “restriction”, it falls under the section “What is not covered” and this is what is states:

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The Proof is in the Records

June 10, 2010 wayoflife 1

You see, the question asked was this – when did my Jeep actually get flagged? Was it on October 11, 2009, back when I first brought my Jeep into Tuttle Click and was first identified as being modified? According to the official policy of Chrysler, that is when it should have happend and if it did, it would prove that the flag on my Jeep was not administered by Tuttle Click as a form of retribution. Of course, if my Jeep was flagged on a much later date – oh, say maybe after a certain negative customer survey was filed with Chrysler, that would offer even more proof to the claims that I have been making all along.

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Scarlet Letters are Chrysler Policy

June 9, 2010 wayoflife 25

If you can believe it, I just got a call from Chrysler and spent the last half hour or so on the phone talking to a guy named Nate. Apparently, Mayone answers to him and my articles here on, the thread I started over on and all the emails you sent on my behalf compelled him to make this call. While my conversation with him was professional, agreeable and in a surprising way, even somewhat enjoyable, this is what I got out of it.

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Chrysler Warranty = VOID

June 7, 2010 wayoflife 25

I’ve got to be honest and tell you that deciding to write these article about Chrysler was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I absolutely love all my Jeeps, the Jeep culture and the Jeep lifestyle. I have always been a loyal fan and huge supporter of the brand but I have to say that this recent experience has left a really bad taste in my mouth. Certainly, in all these years, I never thought there would be a day where the company who makes the vehicle I love so much would snub me in the way that they have, without merit and right from the top.

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Dealership Retribution
The Gift that Keeps on Giving

June 7, 2010 wayoflife 4

Chrysler IS NOT your friend and customer evaluations are NOT kept confidential. Anything you say can and will be used against you by your dealership. So, the next time you get a survey in the mail, I’d toss it in the trash and if Chrysler calls you to do a survey, just tell them you aren’t interested – trust me, it just isn’t worth it.