The Proof is in the Records

This morning, an interesting question was asked of me over on and it was one that I can honestly say I didn’t know the answer to.  In fact, I wasn’t even sure if it was something that I wanted to know given that the answer had the potential to change the circumstances of things and put into question what I have been saying over the past few months.  You see, the question asked was this – when did my Jeep actually get flagged?  Was it on October 11, 2009, back when I first brought my Jeep into Tuttle Click and was first identified as being modified?  According to the official policy of Chrysler, that is when it should have happend and if it did, it would prove that the flag on my Jeep was not administered by Tuttle Click as a form of retribution.  Of course, if my Jeep was flagged on a much later date – oh, say maybe after a certain negative customer survey was filed with Chrysler, that would offer even more proof to the claims that I have been making all along. So, how was I going to be able to find out for sure?

Being that I never received an official notification in writing or otherwise regarding when and why my Jeep was flagged, I had assumed that finding out the answer to this question was going to take some leg work.  Forutnately for me, Nate at Chrysler has been following the discussion over on and he already had a good idea that I would be contacting him soon.  Needless to say, he was ready for me and soon after sending him an email regarding this matter, I received a phone call from him.

So, what was the answer to the million dollar question……  March 23, 2010.

While my Jeep still has a flag on it, one that I still feel was given unjustly and one that Chrysler is still unwilling to remove, I think it is very clear that my Jeep DID NOT receive it as part of routine policy enforcement but rather, as a form of dealership retribution. 

If there is a bright side to all this, I will have to say that my recent conversations with Nate have been surprisingly pleasant and productive.  More than anything, I am really encouraged by his eagerness and willingness to listen to not only my concerns but the concerns of members as well.  It is my hope that there are more people like Nate within the Chrysler Corporation and if there are, it would go a long way in helping to restore my faith in them.

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