EVO MFG 2012 Jeep JK Wrangler
Vacuum Pump Relocation Kit

November 22, 2011 wayoflife 19

The all new 2012 Jeep JK Wrangler comes with a new vacuum assist or pump which is located on the driver side frame rail and just behind the front bumper. For the most part, there’s nothing wrong with where it’s placed but, if you choose to run an aftermarket front bumper and install a large winch that sits between the frame rails, it is something that will need to get relocated.

Hanson Stubby Front Stinger Bumper Installation Write-Up

September 9, 2010 Cindy 3
When it comes to heavy duty steel formed bumpers, few companies have the history of excellence and reputation of quality that Hanson Offroad enjoys today. Made entirely here in the USA, you can be sure that all Hanson bumpers are crafted with care and are ready to take just about any punishment you can subject it to. Of course, when I heard that Hanson had released a brand new stubby front bumper with a stinger for the JK, I knew that it was something I had to see it. And, once I did, I knew right then and there that it was the bumper that was going to go on our Sunburst Orange JK.

LoD Jeep JK Wrangler Signature Series Shorty Front Winch Bumper Installation Write-Up

September 7, 2008 Cindy 8
While a true ‘stubby’ or ‘shorty’ front winch bumper is something that many people would love to have on their Jeep JK Wrangler, the drawbacks of what to do with the factory fog lights has been enough of a deterrent to get most looking at other alternatives. Specifically, mounting a winch down between the frame rails on most aftermarket stubby front bumpers would require you to remove the factory fog lights or force you to buy a wider ‘mid-width’ style bumper so that you could relocate the lights to the outside of the frame rails.
However, with the introduction of the new and stylishly designed LoD Signature Series JK Shorty Front Winch Bumper, you can now have the bumper you really want and keep your fog lights too.

LoD Jeep JK Wrangler Signature Series Rear Bumper Tire Carrier Installation Write-up

June 16, 2008 Cindy 17
The all new LoD Signature Series JK Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier is a beautifully designed full width rear bumper that will compliment your Jeep JK Wrangler while providing heavy duty protection from the rocks. Constructed out of 3/16″laser cut steel plate, this bumper comes complete with D-Ring mounts, tapered ends for maximum departure angles and is available in texture or a matte black powder coat finish. However, in addition to all these standard features, this, the LoD Signature Series JK Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier is also available with a standard adjustable toggle latch, huge 1-1/2″ solid hinge pin with cap and locking pin that holds the tire carrier open. And, if that weren’t enough, you can also get this rear bumper with an optional, trail rack, jerry can mounts, 4″ recessed halogen reverse lights and an LED 3rd brake light.

Shrockworks Jeep JK Wrangler Mid-Width Front Bumper Installation Write-Up

January 16, 2008 wayoflife 27
Just like the very popular Shrockworks Stubby Front Bumper, the new Mid-Width Front Bumper is laser cut and CNC formed out of 3/16" steel plate, comes complete with a winch plate that can accept most 9500 lbs. winches including the new WARN PowerPlant, a skid plate which will effectively protect the Rubicon electronic disconnect, (2) D-Ring mounts, (2) off-road light mounts, a winch hoop and it will allow you to keep your factory fog lights.

The installation of the Shrockworks Jeep JK Wrangler Mid-Width Front Bumper is just as simple to install as the Stubby and can be done by yourself. If you can employ the help of a friend, you should be able to complete the installation in about an hour or two at most by following the write-up below.

LoD Jeep JK Wrangler Front Winch Bumper
Installation Write-Up

March 6, 2007 wayoflife 26
If you’re looking for a great heavy duty front bumper that looks great, is made out of 3/16″ thick steel, has a narrower width to give you amazing approch angles, allows you to keep your factory fog lights, come with D-Ring mounts, has a winch plate that is recessed between your frame rails and a price tag that won’t break the bank, the LoD Jeep JK Wrangler Front Winch Bumper is for you.

The new LoD Jeep JK Wrangler Front Winch Bumper is super easy to install and this write-up should be all that you need to make it happen. Please read through the check list on the left to make sure you have everything you need before you start and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

PUREJEEP 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Crawler
Stubby Front Winch Bumper Installation Write-Up

February 22, 2007 wayoflife 17
The PUREJEEP Crawler Stubby Front Bumper was the very first hard core aftermarket front bumper to be released and in my opinion, still one of the very best that is offered in terms of quality and price. It’s clean and simple utilitarian design is exceptionally functional, provides extreme approach angles and is proportionately sized to match the JK’s new broad look. Essentially, it gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a PUREJEEP Crawler Stubby Front Bumper to install myself but thanks to Chris Bader ( piginajeep ) and the on-going build-up project that 4Wheel Drive Hardware is helping him to do on his Jeep JK Wrangler, I think you’ll find this installation write-up to be complete and contain everything you need to install one on your JK.