Jeep JK Wrangler Homemade Stubby
Front Bumper Write-Up

A full width front bumper on a Jeep JK Wrangler is something that Chrysler is required to provide in order to meet federal safety standards and, while I’m sure they do their job, they’re a complete nuisance out on the trail. They get in the way of rocks, they effectively reduce your approach angles, they make it difficult for you to disconnect your sway bar links and being that they’re just plastic, they start to look pretty bad after just a few minor hits on the trail. And, it’s for these reasons that chopping up the front bumper and making it into a stubby is one of the most popular, useful and effective modifications that you can make on your Jeep JK Wrangler. Of course, in addition to all the benefits you will get from this mod, the best part about doing this is that it can be done for next to nothing and this write-up will show you how.

Jeep JK Wrangler Homemade Stubby Front Bumper Write-Up


  1. Looks good. It was the first thing to go on the jeep along with the fender trim. I even like the look of the open ends. Great job

  2. This is great, I’m doing it next weekend! Now if there was a similar writeup for the rear bumper, that would make my day!

  3. Just did this for the second time yesterday and discovered that the metal bumper support under the plastic makes a better stubby. I removed the plastic, cut the ends off, and cut the two metal cylinders off the front. Now I have a perfect hi-lift lift point, and an even smaller stubby.

  4. Just did this mod today on my 2011 JKU. Looks great! I’ll probably do the end caps at a later date. I agree, that someone should do a similar writeup for the rear bumper.

  5. Is there Any problems if u want to put an evo bumper afterwards? Cause ur cutting at least 6″ of stèle on That…

  6. …… In going to install an evo bumper in the future.. Cause ur cutting at least 6″ of steel on there..

  7. Can we get a write-up for doing this to the stock rear bumper?

    Also, My 2010 2DR Sport has the stock front skidplate. What is recommended, cutting to same width as bumper, leaving alone, or removing? (or other solution recommended?)

    BTW, I just got the JK about 3 days ago but have been a big fan of yours through my TJ and XJ years.

  8. This was the first mod I did to my 2010 JKU. I shortened the original plastic ends and fastened them with hex head sheet metal screws inside the shortened plastic on this mod. I also cut some pieces of the bumper plastic to fit on the front of the extensions over the crush cans (I had punched a hole in one of them) and fastened them with the sheet metal screws. The finished product looks tough and I have since added a winch plate and Engo winch.

  9. I am more of a fan of the wider look that a full bumper provides, but the stubby bumpers really add a lot of wheel articulation which is super helpful for those big rocks I like to tackle. I ended up going with the Rugged Ridge XHD bumpers so I can always change them to a stubby bumper which I’m considering trying soon. Thanks for sharing!

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