Shrockworks Jeep JK Wrangler Stubby Front Bumper Installation Write-Up

Shrockworks Stubby Front Winch Bumper
The Shrockworks Stubby Front Bumper is by far one of the most popular aftermarket front bumpers on the market today and let’s face it, for a good reason too. Laser cut and CNC formed out of 3/16″″ steel plate, this great looking bumper comes complete with a winch plate that can accept most 9500 lbs. winches including the new WARN PowerPlant, a skid plate which will effectively protect the Rubicon electronic disconnect, (2) D-Ring mounts, (2) off-road light mounts and it can be fitted with an optional winch or grill hoop. The installation of the Shrockworks Jeep JK Wrangler Stubby Front Bumper is very straight forward and by far one of the easiest ones that I’ve installed to date. Although it can be done by yourself, if you can employ the help of a friend, you should be able to complete the install in about an hour or two at most by following the write-up below.

What You Will Need

• 18,19mm Socket & Wrench
• 9/16,5/8,3/4″ Socket & Wrench
• Ratchet
• 3″,6″ Ratchet Extension• Phillips Screwdriver
• Flathead Screwdriver
• Small Pry Bar
• Needle Nose Pliers  

What You Will Get

(1) Shrockworks Front Bumper(1) Winch Plate
(1) Skid Plate
(1) Winch Cover Plate (Optional)(2) 3/8″x1-1/2″ Bolts
(6) 3/8″x1″ Bolts
(4) 3/8″ Fender Washers
(8) 3/8″ Flat Washers
(8) 3/8″ Nuts
(10) 1/2″x1-1/4″ Bolts
(10) 1/2″
SAE Washers
(10) 1/2″ Flange Nuts 


Shrockworks Stubby Front Bumper Specs

• Constructed of 3/16″ steel plate, laser cut, CNC formed and meticulously welded by skilled craftsman. • The bumper includes a removable skid plate that wraps underneath for additional protection. This skid plate wraps far enough under that it will also protect the sway bar disconnect motor. Since the skid is removable, it can be easily replaced if damaged. That’s not likely to happen though. The skid is formed for strength. It has welded gussets on the back side and is made from the same 3/16″ steel plate as the bumper itself.• Shackle / Recovery points are included as a std feature. They are made from massive 1″ thick plate steel and are welded front & back.

• Accommodates most winches up to a 9500 lbs, including the new Warn Powerplant HP winch. There is nothing else needed to mount a winch. Just bolt it on and go!

• Built-in light tabs for aftermarket driving or fog lights.

• Optional winch opening cover for a clean look w/o a winch. This plate will also accommodate an additional set of off-road lights.

• Three versions are available: no top tubing, a low profile winch height hoop and one with a grill hoop.

• Finish options are: bare steel, semi-gloss black, and textured black powder coat

• Made in the USA!

Other Components
You May Want to Consider

If you looking to purchase a winch for your new Shrockworks Stubby Front Bumper, the mounting holes are designed to accept most WARN winches including the new PowerPlant. Also, if you are in need of purchasing a set of shacklesto attach to the recovery points on your bumper, the holes are designed to accept D-Rings that have a 3/4″ pin.



1. Begin the installation of your new Shrockworks Jeep JK Wrangler Stubby Front Bumper by unscrewing the 4 plastic screws securing the factory air dam to the bottom of your front bumper. A phillips screwdriver will be needed for this job.
2. Once unscrewed, you should be able to pull out both the plastic screws and inserts with little effort but if you find that your screws are just spinning (as several of mine did), you will need to wedge a flathead screwdriver or small pry bar between your JK’s plastic bumper and air dam to help you force it out as shown in this photo.
3. Now, climb under the front of your Jeep JK Wrangler and using a phillips screwdriver, remove the remaining 2 plastic screws securing the air dam to the lower cross member. As before, if these screws just spin in place, use a flathead screwdriver or small pry bar to help you force them out. Your air dam should now be free of your Jeep and it can now be discarded as it will no longer be needed.
4. If your Jeep JK Wrangler came equipped with factory fog lights, climb under the front of your Jeep, look up behind the front bumper, locate the wiring harness plug, lift up the clip and then pull it off as shown in this photo.
5. Using a pair of needle nose pliers pry off all the fog light wiring harness connectors on the back of your Jeep JK Wrangler’s front bumper.
6. Using an 18mm socket, remove the 4 bumper mounting nuts (2 on each side) located next to the inside of your Jeep JK Wrangler’s frame rails and fog light holes. 7. Using an 18mm socket, remove the 4 bumper mounting nuts (2 on each side) located next to the outside of your Jeep JK Wrangler’s frame rails. 8. Remove the backing plates off the bumper mounting studs as shown in this photo.
9. Carefully pull off your Jeep JK Wrangler’s front bumper off the frame rails. If your JK came equipped with factory tow hooks, grab and use both of them to carefully pull your front bumper off the frame rails. 10. Using a phillips screwdriver, remove the 2 plastic screws securing the top plastic cover in place. 11. Again, if you find these screws to just spin in place, use a flathead screwdriver or small pry bar to help you lift up the cover off the frame rail and force the screw out.
12. Take the Shrockworks winch plate and insert it vertically between your Jeep JK Wrangler’s frame rails so that the long folded edge is pointing up and facing forward and where the frame mounts on the sides are pointing down as shown in this pic. 13. Using the 1/2″ bolts, nuts and washers provided with your Shrockworks front bumper, loosely secure the (2) winch plate side mounts to the existing holes on your Jeep JK Wrangler’s frame rails as shown in this pic. 14. Carefully place your new Shrockworks Stubby Front Bumper on top of the frame rails of your Jeep JK Wrangler.
15. Lower the winch plate down into the Shrockworks front bumper so that it is level and resting on the inside lower lip. 16. Using the (8) 1/2″ bolts and washers provided, reach back in between the Shrockworks front bumper, insert them through the bumper itself and your Jeep JK Wrangler’s frame mounts and then secure them in place finger tight using the 1/2″ nuts provided. 17. Check to make sure that the holes on the winch plate are matching up with the holes on the inside lower lip of the bumper. Then, using a 3/4″ socket and wrench (19mm works also), tighten up the (8) bolts and nuts to effectively secure your Shrockworks front bumper onto your Jeep JK Wrangler’s frame.
18. To tighten up the winch plate side frame mounts, place a 3/4″ socket up through the vertical frame supports and onto the head of the 1/2″ bolt you installed earlier. Then, insert a 6″ ratchet extension through the hole on the vertical frame support and connect it to the socket on the inside. 19. Attach your ratchet to the extension and then tighten down the bolts securing your Shrockworks winch plate side mounts to the frame rails of your Jeep JK Wrangler. 20. Using a 5/8″ socket and wrench, mount and secure your roller or hawse fairlead to your Shrockworks front bumper.
21. Carefully place your new winch down into your Shrockworks front bumper and onto the winch plate. Notice there are (2) sets of mounting holes, one to accommodate most winches and the other to accommodate a WARN PowerPlant.
22. Insert the square nuts into the mounts of your winch and then from underneath the bumper, secure the (2) rear mounts (closest to the grill of your Jeep JK Wrangler) using the 3/8″ bolts and washers provided. Tighten these bolts using a 9/16″ socket.
23. If you have one available, have a friend hold up your new skid plate up to the base of your Shrockworks front bumper and Jeep JK Wrangler lower cross member and then secure the outer two mounting holes in place using the 3/8″ bolts, washers, lock washers and nuts provided and as shown in this pic. The (2) mounting holes in the middle will only require the use of bolts and washers as they will connect to the forward mounts of your winch.
24. Place the large fender washers included with your Shrockworks front bumper inside the lower front cross member of your Jeep JK Wrangler as shown in this pic and then use the remaining 3/8″ bolts, nuts and lock washers to secure the skid plate in place. 25. Using a 9/16″ socket and wrench tighten all the bolts and nuts securing the front mounts of your winch and your Shrockworks skid plate to the front bumper itself and to the lower front cross member of your Jeep JK Wrangler. 26. If you have aftermarket off-road/driving lights, you can now install them onto your Shrockworks front bumper using the mounts provided.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it. You now have the front end of your new Jeep JK Wrangler armored up with a great looking and highly functional Shrockworks Stubby Front Bumper. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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  1. Great write up, thanks. I plan on getting that bumper really soon. What winch hook is that? I’ve seen it only once before and can’t find it now.

    Thanks again


  2. Thanks John, the hook you are looking at is actually a safety thimble and you can get it as an option when you order a Winchline synthetic winch rope.


  3. Thanks JackMac. Regarding the factory fogs, the lights are sitting in my garage and I just tucked the wiring away in the lower cross member 🙂


  4. I just installed my new Shrockworks Stubby to my 2008 Unlimited, and it fits great! It would be nice if some aftermarket company would make a case for the fog lights from the bumper to be used in other places. Oh, never mind, ignor that, it’s my idea!

  5. If you are refering to the crush cans on the factory bumper, they are only good in a low-speed crash if they get hit. There are no sensors, electronics or other wise in these soup cans and if you were to hit a pole dead center of your bumper or off to the side, they will do nothing for you. Your air bag sensor is located in the center of your Jeep and installing an aftermarket bumper that does not have these crush cans will still work with your air bags just fine.


  6. Great Site, Just ordered my own 2 door JK 11/24/07 and was doing some research and came across your site. One of the 1st things I was looking to upgrade was the front bumper and get the power plant.

    Why did you swap out the LoD bumper with the shrockworks?
    What was your reasoning?
    Major diffs between the 2 that helped with your decision?


  7. Hi Seth, LoD and Shrockworks are sponsors of mine just like WARN and PUREJEEP. Need I say, I have installed all of their bumpers in an effort to do installation write-ups for them.


  8. Eddie,
    Why didn’t you use the factory fog light wiring to hook up your IPF lights? I plan on getting this bumper with similar 4″ off road lights and want to use the factory fog wiring harnesses. Thanks.

  9. Honestly, I wasn’t 100% sure it would work. I am running the 100W bulbs that came with my lights and I was under the impression that the factory wiring would only work with 50.


  10. Great write up – thanks Eddie.
    I received the Shrockworks yesterday afternoon and had it all installed by the time I went to bed last night 🙂

    Couple of comments questions:

    1) My Mid-Width Shrockworks bumper came with all the hardware to re-use the factory foglights in the mid-width bumper, BUT the factory wiring harness won’t stretch that far. I wonder if anyone makes a harness extenstion with the factory connections?

    2) I was thinking of adding some extra lights to the bumper and simply tapping into the fog light harness so that I can use the factory switch on the steering column. From your comment above it sounds like the harness/fuse may not handle the load? Anyone know what the max load is?

    2) In the 2008 Rubicon the sway-bar disconnect motor makes for some very tight work on the passenger side – take extra care not to damage this equipment or you knuckles!


  11. hi colin,
    1. i’m pretty sure that you can buy a wiring harness extension from your dealership.

    2. i’m pretty sure you can only run the 2 50w factory lights. anything more and it won’t work. you’ll need to wire them up to the battery and a new switch.

    3. if need be, you can remove the bolts securing the sway bar to the frame rails of your jeep and lower it out of the way while doing the install. you will need a 16mm socket to do this.


  12. Ok it is the one i thought. It looks like semi gloss. I am thinking about going with this bumper just trying to decide on the finish.

  13. What is the winch plate bolt pattern on the shorty shrocks bumper? It looks like there may be a few options, depending on which set of holes you use..?? I have a shorty on order and will be ordering either a Warn Powerplant or Superwinch Rock 95 to install in it. I know the warn fits, but the SW Rock 95 has a 6″x4.5″ bolt pattern, so I was not sure how well it might fit. I notice you did a low profile winch install in the Shrocks mid-width, so I figured you may have some input as to the bolt pattern and maybe even styling differences (low profile vs. “In Your Face”).

    Any thoughts or comments are welcome..


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