Chrysler’s Unwritten Policy

Thanks to a member over on, a very interesting fact was brought to my attention today and it was in regards to the “flagging” of vehicles and it being something that is actually covered in the  Jeep Warranty Information Handbook.  In this handbook, the official term used is “restriction”, it falls under the section “What is not covered” and this is what is states:

3.8 Restricted Warranty
Your warranties can also be restricted by Chrysler. Chrysler may restrict the warranty on your vehicle if the vehicle is not properly maintained, or if the vehicle is abused or neglected, and the abuse or neglect interferes with the proper functioning of the vehicle. If the warranty is restricted, coverage may be denied or subject to approval by Chrysler before covered repairs are performed.

Just so that there’s no confusion, Section 3 of the warranty handbook is extensive and very clear as to “What’s Not Covered” under warranty.  In fact, there are a total of 8 sub-sections that thoroughly outlines a myriad of conditions that would either not be covered under warranty or void it altogether.   That being said, if it really is the official policy of Chrysler to “flag” or “restrict” a vehicle just because it has been modified (as I have been told), I find it odd that no proof of this can be found anywhere in the warranty handbook.  Just to verify as much, I had contacted Nate and asked him to point me in the right direction as to where I might find this policy and this is what I was told.  “Turn to page 17-18 which lists modifications to the vehicle outside of the factory specs” that are not covered and refer to “page 22” which talks about restricting the warranty.  Please note that these are 2 separate sub-sections of which page 22 covers “3.8 Restricted Warranty” (listed above) and pages 17-18 covers the following:

3. What’s Not Covered
3.1 Modifications Not Covered

A. Some Modifications Don’t Void the Warranties But aren’t Covered
Certain changes that you might make to your vehicle do not, by themselves, void the warranties described in the booklet.  Examples of some of these changes are:

• installing non-Chrysler Motors LLC (“Chrysler”) parts, components, or equipment (such as a non-Chrysler radio or speed control); and
• using special non-Chrysler materials or additives

But your warranties don’t cover any part that was not on your vehicle when it left the manufacturing plant or is not certified for use on your vehicle.  Nor do they cover the costs of any repairs or adjustments that might be caused or needed because of the installation or use of non-Chrysler parts, components, equipment, materials, or additives.

Performance or racing parts are considered to be non-Chrysler parts.  Repairs or adjustments caused by their use are not covered under your warranties.

Examples of the types of alterations not covered are:
• installing accessories — except for genuine Chrysler / MOPAR accessories installed by an authorized Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep dealer;
• applying rustproofing or other protection products;
• changing the vehicle’s configuration or dimensions, such as converting the vehicle into a limousine or food service vehicle; or
• using an refrigerant that Chrysler has not approved.

B. Modifications That WILL Void Your Warranties
These actions will void your warranties:
• disconnecting, tampering with, or altering the odometer will void your warranties, unless your repairing technician follows the legal requirements for repairing or replacing odometers; or
• attaching any device that disconnects the odometer will also void your warranties.

As you can see, the only things being discussed in section 3.1, A-B are things that will void your warranty.  There is absolutely NO mention or even language regarding the “flagging” of a vehicle or placing a “restriction” on it due to the fact that it has been modified or otherwise!  In fact, I have to say that I am really beginning to question the legitimacy of this policy and how it can even be enforced.  Certainly, if a policy like this really does exist, it is an unwritten one and if I didn’t know any better, it would almost appear as if Chrysler employs it as an option to help them indirectly terminate warranties on modified vehicles.  Now, I am not saying that this IS what Chrysler is doing but, after having my Jeep wrongfully flagged, warranty work denied, fighting to have the work covered, going though all the trouble I’ve had to go through and now finding that there’s no written policy regarding restrictions being placed on modified vehicles, I am definitely troubled by what I’m starting to see.

I have since contacted Nate once again and have asked him to provide written proof of Chrysler’s policy to place restrictions on vehicles simply because they have been modified.  Unfortunately, I have yet to hear from him but, if proof can be provided, that would justify their position and leave me with a Jeep that still has a restriction on it’s warranty.  However, if no proof can be provided, I believe the restriction placed on my Jeep should be removed immediately.


  1. I have been following your post through the Project-JK facebook page and have been very interested and impressed with your research and patience with this issue. I believe you might be onto something that would warrant a lawyer take a look at your research and give you an opinion if a class action law suit might be in order. While the amount of money you have spent has been refunded (well, at least when the check arrives) I think your position on the flagging of additional warranty work is valid. Would love to hear more about your endeavors if you so choose to pursue one of litigation. I am sure there are enough followers and supporters that gathering people to add their names to a class action suit would not be hard pressed to find. Thanks again for all your due diligence and I look forward to hearing more of your journey.

  2. A few of my fellow Jeepers in this area, as well as myself, have been following this story very closely. Please continue to keep us posted. The difference between having a warranty voided (due to a direct relationship between the modification and the failed part) and being “flagged” (identified as a customer whom the dealership has to watch out for because you gave honest feedback, that happened to be negative) is VERY, VERY interesting. Like others have said, I am no lawyer, but that distinction seems WRONG. If you need support, I would be glad to do whatever I can to help. To everyone who visits this website: He isn’t posting this information as a form of therapy (exclusively), it is to keep US informed and aware of what to watch out for. Thanks again

  3. In Nov. 07 I bought from Lithia Dodge Chrysler in Klammath Falls, Oregon, a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X. The dealer had sent out to a local Jeep accessory company to lift and put larger than standard tires on the Jeep. When the task was done the Jeep was then returned to the dealer where I saw it ,liked and bought the Jeep. This was the dealers practice to increase sales. I also bought the dealer`s or Chryslers extended extra care warranty. I`m now being told by another Chrysler Dealer [ I moved ] that they won`t accept my Chrysler Warranty because of the modifications , even though I bought the Jeep new from a Chrysler dealer who did the changes to make sales . I`ve been told by the selling Chrysler dealer to bring the Jeep to them and they will repair . I`m now 800 miles from them. Front end problems. Your advice , pls.

  4. In the middle of talking to chrysler about my 2010 jeep . I bought my jeep all lifted and big tires from the dealer. They are supposed to call on sept 7 to let me know the scoop. I’ll get back.

  5. I too am experiencing Chrysler’s wrath over warranty issues, I have a 2010 Wrangler Rubicon 2door, recently discovered that my right rear axle shaft is bent. I contacted 3 different dealerships, 2 offroad specialty shops and everyone is telling me the same thing… bent axle shaft. Dealerships are saying that it would had to have been in a collision or slid into a curb to cause enough force to bend this 2″ diameter solid steel axle shaft… I assured them these things never happened and I am very gentle with this Jeep!!! Did’nt matter, “Chrysler wont cover it” is all I’m being told… SO, I called Chrysler myself, went through the whole story AGAIN, to no avail… this guy even went so far as to tell me tha maybe it was sideswiped and I did not know it !! REALLY??!!! I suggested that it was probably that way when I bought it, “absolutely not” they say… this Jeep has only 14,600 miles and is less than 2 yrs old…. paid over $35K for it and this is the thanks from Chrysler…. any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  6. I am having issues as well on 2010 Rubicon Unlimited. I have lifted and tires, and have replaced my own driveshafts bc i know the lift damaged them, so Darrell, if your axle shaft is bent and you are on this site, be a man and admit you bent it going up a steep rocky hill. They are not 2″ diameter shafts on a D44 axle, besides, replacements are cheap at the dealer or go with an alloy shaft so you don’t do it again. But my problem is a turn signal that has gone out twice. They said it was loose and tried to charge me $65 for the visit. If you look at the manual on page 5 sections B&C and page 7 section F you will clearly see these are not limited to 12m/12,000m warranty as the dealer is trying to tell me they are. I will be taking this up the ladder as well. BTW, dealer was Tomball Dodge in Tomball, TX. near Houston. If you’re going to buy or get service in Houston, go to NW Dodge where they sponsor Houston JeepPeople and will not deny warranty claims!

  7. I too have been blacklisted and warranty restricted, I have purchased 75,000 dollars with chrysler between my jeep jk and ram. I can’t locate replacement parts for my 2012 and they are not covered under warranty because i use my jeep for off roading. I did not know they could do this.

  8. Well my clutch failed and the dealer says, it’s been off road and that caused my clutch to fail, so it’s not warranted. Excuse me this is the same dealer who was pushing me to buy a Rubicon and go off roading. Never buy a new Jeep again, cause they play loosey goosey with their off road ads and warranty support.

  9. My 2009 JKUR was red flagged by Chrysler for any extended warranty. I tried to buy it online and talked to a dealer rep. When I went to my local dealer to discuss it, he looked it up and was red flagged as not eligible for any warranty. I have 35×23.5×18 tires and a 3 inch procomp lift. No damage or claims at the time about 25,000 miles. All I really cared about was the A/C which I’ve had problems with other cars before after warranty expired.
    No issues at all with vehicle, 78000 miles now but just ticked me off.

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