2007 MOAB Easter Jeep Safari
The Rock 4 Event at Area BFE

Moab Easter Jeep Safari
Well boys and girls, after driving 750 miles and 14 hours later, we finally arrived here in Moab, Utah late Sunday night and just in time to catch a quick dinner over at Eddie McStiffs, check in, unpack and then catch a few hours of sleep before the fun begins. Bright and early Monday morning, we headed out to Area BFE to participate in the The Rock 4 event which is put on annually by Superior Axle & Gear, Full Traction Suspension and Toyo Tires. Of the two trails being offered up for the day, Minor Threat and Green Day, we decided to do the latter as this is the trail we ran the year before in our 6″ Full Traction Long Arm lifted TJ and we wanted to see how our 3″ Full Traction Ultimate lifted JK would stand up to the same terrain. And, need I say, I absolutely LOVE the JK – this thing simply kicks ass!!!

Seriously, our 3″ lifted JK Rubicon Unlimited sitting on 35″ Pro Comp Xtreme M/T’s simply walked over everything we were willing to throw at it and a few other JK’s were able to out perform other highly modified TJ’s and CJ’s that were along for the run. Granted, driver skill always plays a big factor in the conquering of any obstical and truth be known, the conquering didn’t come without a price to be paid (i.e. body damage). But, to see what these things were really capable of was truly amazing.

Anyway, I’m off to run Metal Masher today but if you want to see pics from our first day out, click on the link below:

2007 MOAB Easter Jeep Safari – The Rock 4 Event at Area BFE Pics



  1. Congratulations on a job very well done!

    Is the Rescue Green doorless JK using Rancho’s Long Arm 4″ lift system? Please comment on the system used on that particular rig.

  2. Congratulations on yet another job very well done!

    Did you drive your JK to Moab? If you did, how did your new suspension behave while on the road?

    Regarding the doorless Rescue Green JK; is that rig using Rancho’s Long Arm 4″ system?

  3. If you at the red parts above the rear axle and look at the pictures on the Rancho Website of the long arm kit they are identical. It must be the Rancho kit.
    Looks like it works really good to me.

  4. Thanks guys! Yes, I drove my JK all 750+ miles to Moab and have been wheeling it every day since I got here.

    Regarding the Rescue Green JK Unlimited, yes, it was running a Rancho 4″ long arm kit.


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