2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Day 3
Canyonlands Colorado River Overlook Trail

After wheeling hard for two days in a row, we decided to change things up a little today, sleep in, have some breakfast in town and then do a nice easy run in the Canyonlands National Park with some friends of ours. This is an area around Moab that I had always read about and had always wanted to see but have always been too busy going on orgainzed trail runs and playing on harder obsticals to really take in some of the awesome sights around here. Anyway, the specific trail we ran was one that takes you out to the Colorado River Overlook and man, is it ever a beautiful drive with an absolutely breath taking view at the end of it. And, fortunately for us, we just happen to come at a time where even the drive out to the trail head was covered with vast fields of stunning (but stinky) lavender flowers surrounded by impressive red rock canyon walls.

Now, while the trail to get out there itself is short and isn’t exactly a rock crawling challenge, it is a fun enough and rough enough trail that I wouldn’t exactly recommend to someone who doesn’t have high clearance vehicle with 4WD. And, if you’re looking for a nice way to get away from the crowds at EJS, this is a place and trail that I would highly recommend. Click on the link below to see pics from trip:

Canyonlands National Park Colorado River Overlook Trail Pics



  1. This was the first off-highway road I ever attempted, way back when, my wife & I had just bought our first SUV, a bone stock 4×4 Explorer XL. We didn’t make it very far – there was a big step that looked insurmountable to my inexperienced eye. I always wanted to go back and conquer that trail. One of my goals with the JK is to beat every trail that’s ever stopped me in a previous vehicle.

  2. Hey i did the same trail last week in my 4wd 99 chev. 1500 z71! i made it all the way and back and i was suprised that with as long as my wheel base was i didnt have more problems!that trail was pretty awesome since i live in missouri and we dont really have trails we just have mud holes. I also did the moab slick rock trail with my truck and i was passed by a couple of H1 hummers!

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