Tuffy Security Products Jeep JK Wrangler
Overhead Console & Cubby Storage Security Cover

From the company that has made protecting the valuable contents inside your Jeep a virtual work of art, here’s an official press release for two of Tuffy’s newest security products that I think just about every Jeeper will want for their new Jeep JK Wrangler:

We know what’s been on your mind since you bought that new JK Wrangler…for every trip you’ve taken into the hills, coaxing your JK over the trails, there’s a trip you must take to the mall, running errands.  It’s never a good feeling having to leave your Jeep alone in the parking lot with that shiny new C.B.…that’s where Tuffy Security Products can help.

The Tuffy JK Overhead Console, designed specifically for the 2 and 4 door Jeep JK, offers you peace of mind by featuring a special compartment to safely keep a C.B. or stereo locked out of sight.  It’s practical, classic style is exactly what you’d expect from Tuffy- all 16 gauge steel design, a durable baked-on powdercoat finish, neoprene weather seals, and a heavy-duty locking system to discourage thieves.  It bolts in securely, requires no drilling, and works with a factory hard top or soft top.  Now, while you’re shopping, feel free to daydream of your favorite boulder-strewn trail instead of sprinting back to your Jeep in the lot.

Approximate Dimensions:
Exterior Dimensions: 30?L, 10 ¾?W, 4 ¼?H
Interior Dimensions: 7 ¼? to 7 ¾?W, 10?D, 2 1/8? to 3 ¼?H (Bracket included to mount DIN Mount Stereo or C.B. radio)

This unique lockable cover bolts to the tub replacing the original flimsy cover with a powder coated 16 gauge and 11 gauge steel assembly.  It provides locking secure storage for valuables in the existing cubby hole in the rear tub.  The weight bearing steel assembly also provides a sturdier surface to place heavier items on top of.

Just like all the Tuffy Security Products that they have been making for years and for just about every Jeep imaginable, the new Overhead Console and Cubby Storage Security Cover have a great factory look to them while providing unsurpassed protection for all your valuable contents.


For More Information:
Tuffy Security Products
25733 Road H; Cortez, CO 81321
800-348-8339 – http://www.tuffyproducts.com/ 


  1. It’s great that they have the security console out, any plans for the dual console like the TJ had? And where can you get them. Nobody, not even tuffy has them on their website

  2. Think it is compatible with the sport cages available like the Rock Hard cage? By the looks of it I think there would be some issues :/.

  3. Nice design. Have they been released for sale yet? Where can you get them. Nobody, not even tuffy has them on their website.

  4. I just spoke with Tuffy and was told that they expect to have both of these products out and available for sale by the end of May. This is what they will MSRP at:

    #142 Overhead Console – MSRP $262
    #143JK Locking Cubby Cover – MSRP $149

    Eddie 🙂

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