PUREJEEP 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler
2-Door Rocker Guard Installation Write-Up

Jeep JK Wrangler PUREJEEP Crawler Stubby Front Bumper

What I like most about the PUREJEEP Jeep JK Wrangler 2-Door Rocker Guards is how clean and deliberate they look once they are installed. In fact, because of the way they have been designed to mount directly to the factory pinch seam (much like the factory Rubicon Rocker Guards) and have been shaped to follow the contours of the new JK body lines, the PUREJEEP Rocker Guards provide a look as if they were designed by Jeep itself and offered on the JK right from the factory.In addition to its sharp looks, the PUREJEEP Jeep JK Rocker Guards are also highly functional offering solid protection to your Jeep and having the added feature of a tube side bar that can help you to pivot around obstacles, that can be used as a Hi-Lift Jack point and of course, double as a side step.

Unfortunately, I do not have a 2-Door Jeep JK Wrangler and so this write-up and all the accompanying photos have been provided by by Chris Bader who has been working on his Project JK with the help and support of 4Wheel Drive Hardware.

What You Will Need

• 13mm Socket/Wrench
• 10mm Wrench (Rubicon’s only)
• Ratchet
• 3/8″ Metal Drilling Bit
• Power Drill
• Bottle of Touch-Up Paint 

What You Will Get

(2) PUREJEEP Rocker Guards
(8) Short Bolts
(8) Long Bolts
(12) Washers
(12) Lock Washers
(4) Threaded Clips
(4) Support Spacers 



These are pics of what the PUREJEEP 2-Door Rocker Guards will look like right out of the box as well as all the hardware you will get with them. Please check to make sure that you have everything prior to beginning this installation.
1. The first thing you will need to do is remove the factory side steps or rocker guards if your Jeep JK Wrangler came equipped with them. Then, you will need to drill out the existing holes on the the pinch seams with a 3/8″ drill bit as shown in these pics. After drilling them out do a test fit with the short bolts to make sure they will fit without any problems. Apply some touch-up paint to the holes to prevent future rusting.
2. Remove the 2 black plastic covers on the bottom of the tub as shown in the pics above. 3. Slide on the black steel bolt retaining clips onto the square hole as shown in this pic.
4. Hold up your new PUREJEEP Rocker Guards to your Jeep JK Wrangler’s rockers and then loosely secure the bottom mounts in place using the long bolts, washers and lock washers provided.
5. Loosely attach the PUREJEEP Rocker Guard side mounts to your Jeep JK Wrangler’s pinch seam using the short bolts, washers and lock washers provided. Two (2) sets will be needed per bracket.
6. Slide the PUREJEEP Rocker Guard support spacer with the long side towards the center of your Jeep JK Wrangler as shown in this pic. Make sure you push the spacer all the way until it stops on the bolt. This will help spread the load of the bolts further out on the floor.
7. Now, go back and tighten all the PUREJEEP Rocker Guard lower mounting bracket bolts.
8. Tighten all the PUREJEEP Rocker Guard pinch seam mounting bolts. Try to do this as evenly as possible.

And, that’s all there is to it! Piece of cake. With any luck, these great rocker guards will be available soon after this write-up has been published. That way, you to can have a great new addition to your 2-Door Jeep JK Wrangler that looks great, is functional and provides solid rocker guard protection.If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Additional Photos




  1. Hey Jason, the lift is a Full Traction 3″ Ultimate Lift and the tires are 35″ Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrains. The wheels are Pro Comps too but I’m not 100% sure of the model.


  2. Hi jason,
    The rims are Pro Comp Xtreme Alloys, Series 8089. 17X9.5 with 4.74″ backspacing.
    I tested the rockers out this past weekend they did very well on the rocks, and helped keep small trees away from the paint. The fenderflares were not so lucky 🙂


  3. Hey Mtnman, I have a prototype set on my Unlimited Rubicon and can tell you that they should be available for sale sometime next month. If you want to see some pics of them, go to the gallery and check out the “shows & event” album and then click on the “truckfest” show.


  4. Nope, the JK is just sitting on top of a Full Traction 3″ Ultimate Lift – no spacers to level it out. But, if you’re planning to install an aftermarket steel bumper and winch, make sure to ask for a set of heavy duty front coils.


  5. Heavy duty front coils:

    Can I get those directly from quadratec, or do you know a better place(cheaper price) to order from that would accomodate heavy duty fronts. Im looking at possible forking out the 2,000 to go with the ultimate kit cause i hear it alligns better then the economy kit.

    Any ideas would be appreciated

  6. any idea when these will be available? I am looking for steps and these are exactly what im looking for

  7. It probably needs to be noted that this slider is not the one you will get if you buy one now. This is a prototype and the production slider is A TON harder to install. I opened the 15 pages of directions, decided it was beyond me and brought my Jeep to my Offroad shop, the looked at the directions and said “Holy Crap”. It took them nearly 5 hours to install it (and $387 out of my pocket)

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