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November 09th, 2015

As was the case last year, the show was absolutely packed full of vehicles and I'd have to say that SEMA is really starting to look and feel like it had about 10 years ago. In fact, there were so many Jeeps at the show that I have no doubts that there were more than a few we missed in spite of our best efforts to capture all of them.

2015 SEMA LIVE Coverage : Virtual Feed ON-the-GO!!

November 03rd, 2015

WOO-HOO!!! It's SEMA time again and as always, we Cindy and I will be covering the show LIVE from Las Vegas, Nevada! In fact, this will be our 11th year doing this and we invite all of you yet again to attend this amazing show virtually by following us here on this thread.

2015 SEMA Show
LIVE Coverage Starts November 1st!!

October 25th, 2015

Starting Sunday, November 1st, Cindy and I will be covering the 2015 SEMA Show LIVE and invite you to join us virtually by following us here on! You can be sure we'll be covering EVERYTHING Jeep related and more with TONS of detailed Hi-Res photos. Of course, if there's anything in particular you'd like to see, please let us know and we'll be sure keep an eye out for it.

Rubicat on 40’s FLEX TEST

October 19th, 2015

Okay, been meaning to take Rubicat out for a while now and do some flex tests now that we've got her back on 40x15.50 Nitto Mud Grapplers.

FACE OFF - Jeep JK Wrangler vs. Willys CJ3B

October 11th, 2015

Thinking about all this, Cindy and I thought it would be fun to highlight just how far we've come and did so by taking a few face off photos between Rubicat, our highly modified 2012 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited sitting on coil overs and 40x15.50 tires and Pappy, our bone stock 1954 Willys CJ3B sitting on factory leaf springs and 600x16 tires.

Rubicat Back on 40×15.50 Nitto Mud Grapplers!!

September 28th, 2015

After breaking down the wheels again and doing a thorough inspection of the beads, we found that the problematic tires were installed improperly and had beads that were folded over in multiple locations. It would take multiple attempts (literally breaking the bead locks down about half a dozen times and reinstalling them) to mitigate these problem spots but, as of today, we now have a complete set of 5 tires all holding air!

WAYALIFE Fall Family Portrait 2015

September 18th, 2015

It was such a beautiful morning today that Cindy and I decided to get the family out and take a family portrait

2014 SEMA Show Recap

November 09th, 2014

It's been about a week since we first started to cover the 2014 SEMA Show live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and now that it's all over, I thought it would be good to do a quick recap on some of the cool rigs and innovative new products that caught our eye.

2014 SEMA Show LIVE Coverage

November 02nd, 2014

Starting today, Cindy and I will be covering the 2014 SEMA Show LIVE and invite you to join us virtually by following us here on! You can be sure we'll be covering EVERYTHING Jeep related and more with TONS of detailed Hi-Res photos. Of course, if there's anything in particular you'd like to see, please let us know and we'll be sure keep an eye out for it. All you have to do is click on the link below:

2014 Vegas to Reno Race Recap
EVO 1 Takes 1st Place!

August 18th, 2014

Last Friday, Eddie and I got to be a part of the Discount Tire/Off Road Evolution pit crew as they took on the 2014 General Tire "Vegas to Reno" race presented by FOX.

2013 SEMA Show LIVE Coverage

November 04th, 2013

2013 Vegas to Reno Best in the Desert Race Recap

August 20th, 2013

Last weekend, we headed out to the Nevada desert to help Mel Wade out as he took on the 2013 Vegas to Reno Best in the Desert Race in the Discount Tire/Off Road Evolution EVO 1 Jeep JK Wrangler Race Rig.

Discount Tire/Off Road Evolution
Take #1 in the 2013 Vegas to Reno Race!!

August 19th, 2013

When it comes to desert racing in North America, General Tire’s Vegas to Reno event is about as challenging, and good, as it gets. Vegas to Reno has long been touted as the “longest off-road race in the United States” as it forces man and machine to endure over 500 miles of rough, rocky, and otherwise, unforgiving desert terrain. Taking 1st place in this year’s Ultra4 4400 class was Mel Wade in his Discount Tire sponsored Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This year’s race (held over August 15-17) was open to all types of racers and machines, but few dared entered with a production-based vehicle like the 4451 of Wade.

2013 Overland Expo Photo Highlights

May 19th, 2013

Since I first heard about it a few years back, I have been wanting to attend the Overland Expo and see what it was all about. Certainly, as anyone who knows me knows, I love gadgets and innovative equipment that can help out on the trail and figured, if anyone would have it, they would.

Manley ORV Manufactures Trailers with Military Twist
for Off-Road, Camping & Utility Needs

May 14th, 2013

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Oh, May X 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Leveraging his business and metal fabrication experience with custom ornamental iron at Iron Fence Shop (link to and his passion for off-road adventuring, entrepreneur Joshua Manley has founded an off-road vehicle trailer design/manufacturing company to produce exceptionally durable and utilitarian tow-along trailers for work and recreational needs.

Chrysler Finally Agrees to Honor Their Warranty

February 18th, 2013

For those of you who've been following my recent fight with Chrysler regarding fuel spraying out of the filler port during re-fueling and getting it fixed under warranty, I'm happy to announce that I have finally WON the battle!!

Finally Got a Call Back from Chrysler

February 17th, 2013

By mid-day Friday, I still had not gotten a call back from Bill or anyone at Chrysler and so, I decide to call them back. The rep I got to speak with this time was a gal named Sandy and after explaining the situation to her, she said that all calls from the supervisor will be returned by the end of the business day.

Disappointed with Chrysler… Again

February 15th, 2013

Like many owners of the Jeep JK Wrangler, Cindy and I have had an on-going problem with fuel spraying out of the filler port when refueling and have had it for about as long as we've owned our Jeep. This problem is not only annoying and frustrating, it's one that we've come to see as being a potential hazard as well. Unfortunately for us, our warranty had ended a long time ago and because of it, have just learned to deal with it the best we can. Needless to say, you can imagine how surprised we were to to get a letter in the mail yesterday from Chrysler indicating that the warranty period on our Jeep's fuel tank inlet check valve had been "extended to lifetime coverage".

HEARTLAND : The 2012 JK-Experience Video
Part 1 Coming January 2, 2013

December 27th, 2012

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this to come out for quite some time now and, I'm happy to announce that Part 1 of HEARTLAND - The 2012 JK-Experience WAYALIFE film will be released on Wednesday, January 2, 2013!

VENGEANCE : A Badass 2-Door JK Worthy of its Name
Bidding for it begins December 11, 2012

December 03rd, 2012

It’s not everyday that you meet a guy like Ken Offerbeck. Better known by his screen name HappyCurmudgeon, he was the kind of guy who was committed to helping others, someone that everyone loved and was someone who helped make JK-Forum what it is today.

November 2012 a BIG Month for Jeep!

December 03rd, 2012

Just got the following a press release from Chrysler. It's aways great to see Jeep doing so well - Go JEEP!!

2013 Anvil Jeep JK Wrangler
10th Anniversary Edition Rubicon

November 28th, 2012

If there was one Jeep we were hoping to see at the 2012 LA Auto Show, it was the all new 2013 Anvil 10th Anniversary Edition JK Wrangler Rubicon.

2013 Billet Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited Sahara

November 28th, 2012

For those of you who've been wanting to see what the all new 2013 Billet color on the Jeep JK Wranglers look like, you should head on over to the 2012 LA Auto Show as they have one on dispay there.

Dynatrac Now Accepting Pre-Orders
for the ProRock 80

November 15th, 2012

One of the major problems facing JKU owners is vehicle weight. These rigs get heavy fast. More and more owners are going to full floating axles to better support the weight of their rigs. At the same time, tire sizes are getting larger and, combined with a heavy vehicle weight, the rigs are moving beyond the durability of a HP 60 gear set. This is why the PR80 might be the right option for your JK.

NEW 2013 Jeep JK Wrangler
OEM Dana 44 Front Axle Shafts

November 12th, 2012

For those of you who haven't seen or heard about it, Jeep has been shipping their new 2013 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicons with brand new beefier Dana 44 front axle shafts.

Off Road Evolution Donates $37,211
to the California Trail Users Coalition

November 12th, 2012

Last Friday, we had the honor of attending a dinner dedicated to California Trail Users Coalition and the generous donation that Off Road Evolution provided them.

2012 SEMA Spotlight
Team FOUR WHEELER EVO Built eBay 1

November 08th, 2012

One of the biggest highlights of the 2012 SEMA Show was to see the unveiling of eBay 1, the BUILT from eBay Team FOUR WHEELER Magazine, EVO built 1971 Jeepster!

2012 SEMA Show Spotlight
Bestop New Black Twill Soft Top & More!

November 08th, 2012

Bestop came to the 2012 SEMA Show with a host of new products including an awesome new thicker, quieter and more durable black twill fabric for their Supertop NX soft top. In this short Spotlight video, you’ll get to see Megan Thompson highlight it, some of their great new storage solutions, a new pet barrier and more.

2012 SEMA Show Spotlight
Nitto Tire KoH K-Spec Trail Grappler M/T

November 07th, 2012

After making its debut at the 2012 King of the Hammers Ultra 4 Race in Johnson Valley, CA, and after about a year of extensive testing by Off Road Evolution, Nitto Tire has decided to release the highly desired K-Spec Trail Grappler M/T in a DOT approved rubber compound.

EnerSys® Launches ODYSSEY®
Performance Series™ Batteries

November 06th, 2012

Designed with the same rugged construction as ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ batteries, the new ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ batteries offer equivalent deep cycling capabilities, long service life and high reliability.

PSC 2012-Up Jeep JK Wrangler
3.6L High Volume Steering Pump

November 06th, 2012

This is one press release from PSC that I've been waiting on for quite some time now. If you have a 2012 or newer and running 37's or bigger tires, you can now run one of their ram assist and run a pump to power it too.

JK Aluminum Hood Latches

October 30th, 2012

Suwanee, Ga. (October 30, 2012) – Rugged Ridge, a leading manufacturer of high-quality Jeep accessories, today announced the release of its all-new billet aluminum Hood Latch Kits for 2007-2013 Jeep® JK Wrangler.

Alloy USA Heavy Duty Ball Joints
for 07-13 Jeep JK Wranglers

October 30th, 2012

Original and OE replacement ball joints for Jeep® lack the ability to be serviced for regular maintenance. Alloy USA® solvesthis maintenance challenge with its new Heavy Duty Ball Joint Kit for 2007-2013 Jeep® JK Wrangler by adding a lowprofile grease fitting.

2012 SEMA Show LIVE Coverage : 10/30 - 11/2

October 26th, 2012

Starting Tuesday, October 30th, Cindy and I will be covering the 2012 SEMA Show LIVE and invite you to attend the show virtually by following us...

Transformation of the Rubicon
Before & After Photos 5 Years in the Making

October 18th, 2012

When word got out that the Little Sluice was going to be altered from the state it had been in for almost 20 years, people were in an uproar. And, truth be told, I can't say I was exactly thrilled by the news either. However, while the recent transformation of the Little Sluice was big news, it was only significant because it was an iconic obstacle on the Rubicon Trail. The sad thing is, there have been work crews on the Rubicon quietly filling in rock gardens with crushed rocks, removing massive boulders, chopping down trees and closing off obstacles from end to end for quite some time now.

The NuKizer 715 Jeep Truck Concept

October 14th, 2012

Thanks to the awesome work of Mark Allen, the Mopar Underground released the gorgeous Jeep J12 Pick-Up at the 2012 Moab Easter Jeep Safari and a years before that, they released the awesome, NuKizer 715! Along with the J12, the NuKizer 715 is by far one of the most beautiful concept trucks that have come out of the Mopar Underground, bar none.

The Mopar Underground Mighty FC

October 12th, 2012

Jeep J12 - Mopar Underground Jeep Truck Concept

October 11th, 2012

At the recent 2012 Off Road Expo, Dynatrac had the awesome red Mopar Underground Jeep J12 concept truck on display at their booth and as you can imagine, this caused quite a bit of buzz!!

2013 JK Commando Green is a HIT!!

October 06th, 2012

Even though the only shots I've got are ones on the factory floor, I've had a lot of people ask to see more pics of the awesome new 2013 Commando Green and if you're one of them, here you go...

2013 Moab Edition Jeep JK Wrangler
in the Hot NEW Color - Rock Lobster!!

October 05th, 2012

Is it red? Is it orange? Or, is it somewhere in between with a little something else thrown into the mix? Honestly, I have no idea but, one of the 'hot' new colors for 2013 is definitely bright and it's called Rock Lobster.

EVO MFG LCG Bolt-On Coilover Kits

June 14th, 2012

With a foundation in the first and most proven coilover systems for the Jeep JK, EVO MFG brings you its new LCG Bolt-On Coilover System. The EVO LCG Bolt-On Coilover kit comes complete with all necessary parts to easily convert the JK from the limited coil and shock system to a far superior performing coilover system. With 12” of usable wheel travel, custom built brackets for the lowest center of gravity and EVO’s legendary SPEC valving and spring rates, the EVO LCG Bolt-On Coilover system proves to set the bar, for ease of install, price and performance.

Jeep JK Wrangler - Volume Leader
for the Month with 44% Sales Increase

June 01st, 2012

Truck-Lite Old Style vs. New LED Headlight
Side-by-Side Test & Review

April 13th, 2012

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this and, I'm happy to say that last night, we finally got a chance to do a side by side comparison test of the all NEW Truck-lite Complex Reflector Optics Design LED Headlights versus the original LED Headlights that they've had out for a while now. And, after doing the test, this is what I can tell you.

VENGEANCE - Let the Build Begin!!

April 12th, 2012

Ken Offerbeck is not only one of the very first members of, he's also a senior moderator and a personal good friend of mine. Known best by his screen name, HappyCurmudgeon, Ken has the hightest post count on the forum second only to me and, has been a tremendous help in making what it has become today.

California Jeep® Dealers Donate 2012 Jeep Wrangler
to San Diego 4 Wheel Drive Club

March 05th, 2012

March 3, 2012, Borrego Springs, CA. - One of the hottest vehicles in the California market will find its way to one lucky winner courtesy of the Jeep® brand and the Tierra Del Sol 4 Wheel Drive Club of San Diego.

King of the Hammers 2011

February 16th, 2012

It's not everyday that you get to see a street legal JK participate in the Ultra4 Class King of the Hammers Race and, all I can say is that I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to be apart of the Off Road Evolution Team. Thanks to their awesome off the shelf EVO Lever system, EVO 1 JK was deemed to be "too fast" for the Everyman Challenge and really, that was fine by them.

2011 Los Angeles Auto Show

November 17th, 2011

Project-JK’s NEW 2012 Dozer Yellow
Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon “RubiCAT”

October 13th, 2011

For those of you who've been following us on our Facebook or Google+ fan pages, you'll know that we've just purchased a brand new 2012 Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon in Dozer Yellow.

2011 Off Road Expo

October 10th, 2011

We've been attending the Off Road Expo for a long time now and, while 2011 may not have been as big as some of the ones before the economic downturn, I will have to say that it was one of the biggest and best we've seen in a long time.

WIN The Off Road Evolution EVO MFG 4″ DoubleD
JK Bolt On Long Arm Kit Giveaway!!

March 02nd, 2011

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that EVO Manufacturing has just completed the development of their all new Jeep JK Wrangler, EVO MFG 4" DoubleD JK Bolt On Long Arm Kit. To help kick off its big release, they will be giving one away to one very lucky member here on AND, if that weren't enough, Off Road Evolution is even including the installation of it at their facility in Fullerton, CA!!

Northridge4×4 $999 Gear Install Special

February 14th, 2011

For those of you in the Northwest and are in need of new gears installed on your Jeep JK Wrangler, Northridge4x4 in Silverdale, WA, has an awesome deal going on right now... ONLY $999.95 INSTALLED!!

Ultra 4 Racing & ATX Sponsored Teams
for 2011 King of the Hammers

February 01st, 2011

CERRITOS, CALIFORNIA – (Feb 1, 2011) American Racing ATX Series Wheels is very excited to be coming on board as a presenting sponsor for the entire 2011 Ultra 4 Race Series including the ultra competitive King of the Hammers Race next week in Johnson Valley, CA. ATX will also be sponsoring four teams at King of the Hammers this year including the reigning king from the 2010 race Loren Healy, long time ATX sponsored driver Cottin Rodd from Jimmy’s 4x4, Off Road Evolution owner Mel Wade in his JK and LCQ competitor Jim Brown with Relentless Motorsports.

Enter to WIN The Northridge4×4
$500 Holiday Shopping Spree Giveaway!!

December 10th, 2010

The JK-Forum Android App is Now Available!!

October 29th, 2010

Android phone users, I’m happy to announce that the JK-Forum Android app is finally here and available for FREE!! The new JK-Forum App will allow you to gain full access to all the great information that provides, start new threads, make posts, upload mulitple photos at a time and stay connected with other JK enthusiasts around the world with ease. So, what are you waiting for, install this FREE App today and get involved with the ultimate Jeep JK Wrangler community right from the palm of your hand.

JK-Forum iPhone App!!

October 10th, 2010

Available for FREE, the new JK-Forum iPhone App will allow you to gain full access to all the great information that provides, start new threads, make posts, upload mulitple photos at a time and stay connected with other JK enthusiasts around the world with ease. So, what are you waiting for, install this FREE App today and get involved with the ultimate Jeep JK Wrangler community right from the palm of your hand.

WIN The All NEW Full-Traction Suspension
3.0″ Premium Plus SRS™ Lift System GIVEAWAY!!

September 01st, 2010

Thanks to the generosity of Full-Traction Suspension, will be giving away one of their brand new 3.0" Premium Plus SRS™ Lift Systems to a very lucky member of this October 5, 2010.

Breaking News from Chrysler Group LLC:
First images of new 2011 Jeep Wrangler

August 19th, 2010

Chrysler Group LLC released images today of the new 2011 Jeep® Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited. Jeep continues to refine the successful Wrangler formula by combining its legendary, benchmark capability with an all-new interior that delivers rich styling with significantly upgraded touch surfaces, occupant comfort and versatility, and a premium appearance courtesy of an all-new body-color hard top for the popular Sahara model.

Dynatrac ProRock 44 Limited Time
Special Offer for JK-Forum Members!

July 27th, 2010

Lights, Camera, Cash!!
Rough Country Announces YouTube Video Contest

July 02nd, 2010

Rough Country Suspension Systems announces an exciting new contest today: The Lights, Camera, Cash! YouTube Video Contest. Customers are to film themselves reviewing and talking about their favorite Rough Country products for a chance to win a cash prize.

MOPAR Announces an Industry First
Vehicle Owner Information App for your iPhone

June 17th, 2010

Special Pricing on Dynatrac ProRock 60 rear axles!!!

May 06th, 2010

This is your chance to get the best of the best. While supplies last, Dynatrac will be offering you a ProRock 60 rear axle for your Jeep JK Wrangler (or TJ) at a price very close to their value priced Trail Series Pro 60. This special pricing could save you over $600!!

Customer Evaluations Can = Dealership Harassment

March 17th, 2010

I know that there are other Jeep owners out there who have told me that they received great service from Tuttle Click Jeep in the past and for whatever it's worth, who am I to say that they didn't. My only point in writing this article is to share my personal experiences with them and to let you know that your customer evaluations are shared with your dealership.

Dynomax JK Performance Exhaust Special

December 15th, 2009

For a limited time and a limited amount of customers, Santa Mel Wade of Off Road Evolution would like to help you out with your holiday stocking stuffers. Purchase a Dynomax Performance Exhaust System for the 2 or 4-door Jeep JK and receive a custom Dynomax engraved Apple iPod Nano.

2009 SEMA Show Recap

November 09th, 2009

SEMA is a show that I look most forward to going to every year as it is by far the biggest and the best and filled with all kinds of beautiful vehicles and new aftermarket products to drool over. Of course, as we all know, the economy has been anything but stellar and so, I had purposefully lowered my expectations this year and hoped for the best.

2009 SEMA Pre-Show Coverage

November 02nd, 2009

If there were ever any doubt that times are tough, taking a quick look around here at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, would be all the proof you needed to cast that doubt away. Granted, the show doesn't officially start until tomorrow but, compared to years past, there is definitely a significant and visible decrease in the amount of manufacturers setting up and vehicles being put out for display.

Northridge4×4 SEMA 7% Off Sale

October 31st, 2009

Buy 3 Staun Beadlocks and get the 4th one FREE!!

October 30th, 2009

Staun USA is pleased to announce the return off our popular “Buy 3 get one free” promotion on all internal beadlocks, from November 1st to December 31st 2009. (Available at participating Staun dealers).

Garvin Jeep JK Wrangler Track Racks
& EXT Series Front Bumper

October 28th, 2009

Garvin Wilderness Products is pleased to announce the release of two all new products for the Jeep JK Wrangler and they are the Track Racks and the EXT Series Front Bumper.

PSC Jeep JK Wrangler
Complete Cylinder Assist Steering System

October 26th, 2009

Complete PSC Cylinder Assist Steering System for the Jeep JK with everything needed for installation included. You provide the tools, labor, and power steering fluid.

Building a Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 Front Axle

October 14th, 2009

When you need to have absolute confidence in the quality of your axles and performance you expect them to deliver on the trail, no other company can give you this assurance other than Dynatrac and with their Pro Rock 60. Made 100% here in the United States, the Pro Rock 60 has been engineered entirely with new off the shelf components that are designed to work flawlessly together and without the need to use recycled, refurbished or salvaged parts from older used axles. Of course, the Pro Rock 60 is also the only axle with a profiled differential that offers well over an inch of ground clearance. And, to top it off, Dynatrac is the only company that I know of that offers a ”no-fault” warranty so long as you properly service and maintain your axles.

2009 Off Road Expo Show

October 11th, 2009

For those of you who weren't able to attend the 2009 Off Road Expo in Pomona, CA, rest assured, you didn't miss much. While this was the 10th anniversary of the show, it was by far the smallest I have seen it in terms of square footage and in terms of the amount of displays. Granted, with 3 fewer buildings and subsequent alleys to fill, the show did feel a lot more crowded than years past and, I suppose that was one of the smartest things the promoters of this show could have done.

Off Road Evolution Conquers
the Rubicon Trail Little Sluice Box!!

September 29th, 2009

By far, the most difficult section along the Rubicon, the Little Sluice (also known as the "Sluice Box") is essentially a narrow crack about 100 yards long and situated between a granite wall on one side and granite slab on the other. Now, what makes this crack so challenging is that it's filled with enourmous, ill positioned boulders made slick from countless spinning tires and a myriad of fluids left behind from fallen rigs that were either cut open, laid on their side or flopped on their lids. Being that this section of trail is virtually impassable, there are two different bypasses that one can take around it but last weekend, Mel Wade of Off Road Evolution was there to conquer it. And, as luck would have it, we had the priviledge of being invited along side feature editor, Ali Monsour from Petersen's 4 Wheel & Off-Road and bear witness to this historic moment - the worlds first Jeep JK Wrangler tackling infamous Little Sluice.

Off Road Evolution 3rd Year Anniversary
JK Gear Install Special

September 03rd, 2009

Three years ago, Off Road Evolution had the privilege of installing the very first aftermarket Jeep JK Wrangler gear sets and to celebrate this year's anniversary of it with you, they will be rolling back their prices to what they were back then and offer a limited time only gear installation special for only $999.99!!

WIN - The Northridge4×4
Trailmaster 5″ Flex-Joint Lift Kit Giveaway

August 16th, 2009

Want a badass lift kit for your Jeep JK Wrangler? Well now you can get a chance at winning a brand new Trailmaster 5" Flex-Joint Suspension System and for FREE this coming September 15, 2009 as Northridge4x4 will be giving one away to one very lucky member of

TeraFlex JK S/T Swaybar System Giveaway!!

July 14th, 2009

Off Road Evolution EVO Enhanced Mopar Jeep JK Dana 44 Front Axle

June 22nd, 2009

For those of you living in SoCal, Off Road Evolution is proud to announce that they will now be selling and installing brand new Mopar Jeep JK Wrangler Dana 44 front axles that come complete with brake assemblies, electric lockers and 4.10 gears.

Off Road Evolution Long Arm Sneak Peek Pics!!

June 17th, 2009

You asked for it and they are now delivering the goods. Due to popular demand, Off Road Evolution has completed the development of their all new, 100% BOLT-ON, true 5 link design long arm suspension system and, I am here today to show you a few sneak peek pics of what it’ll look like. To make things sweeter, the pics you will see feature their optional billet CNC machined EVO Envy lower control arms and stainless steel rock sliders.

Newest Member of the Family

May 28th, 2009

While it had always been our plan to buy and build up another Jeep JK Wrangler, we weren't expecting to pick one up until the 2010's came out. The hope was that there would be some kind of significant change to the JK's engine or at bare minimum, an introduction of a new color that just blew us away. Of course, thanks to the current status of Chrysler, the prospects of any real changes worth waiting for simply aren't there (or so my sources say) and the only new color to be expected was the new Surf Blue and I wasn't really feeling it. Needless to say, with dealers needing to move product and great incentives being offered up by Chrysler, we figured that now was as good a time to buy as any. And, as luck would have it, we found just what we were looking for yesterday and brought home the newest member of our family - a brand new, Sunburst Orange 2009 Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited X.

West Coast Mega Meet 2009

May 03rd, 2009

If you're looking to have fun in the sun, do a little camping, wheel your Jeep, eat some great food, get a chance to win cool prizes and of course, meets tons of great people, you had better make sure to join us at the Hungry Valley OHV Area on Saturday, June 27th for the Project-JK West Coast Mega Meet 2009!!

April 30th, 2009

Northridge4×4 HEMI JK Installation Class in Moab!!

March 19th, 2009

Northridge4x4 is happy to announce that they will be working with AEV in Moab during the Easter Jeep Safari and will be performing a JK HEMI V8 Conversion Class on April 9-10. Customers interested in checking out the class will have the opportunity to talk to both the technicians doing the work as well as the engineers who designed AEV’s HEMI Conversion Kit. An intentional effort will be made to go slowly over a two day period of time to give people a chance to ask questions and see just how easy it is to install a V8 HEMI using AEV's kit. This installation class will be held in the parking lot of Moab 4x4 Outpost which is located at 1805 S. Highway 191 in Moab. For more information please contact:

Northridge4×4 Mary Bridge
Children’s Hospital Cancer Fund

February 27th, 2009

NEW Hypertech Application Release!!

February 12th, 2009

Hypertech has now added support to the Max Energy and Econ programmers for the 2009 JEEP WRANGLER, DODGE CARAVAN, AND CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY 3.8L. Updates are available for existing inventory via the Hypertech Tuner Update Software!

Moab JK Jam 2009!!

January 12th, 2009

The 2009 Moab Easter Jeep Safari is just around the corner and I'm happy to announce that this year, Project-JK will be hosting the JK event of the year along with Off Road Evolution over at the world famous Area BFE. This event, officially entitled the Moab JK Jam 2009, will take place on Wednesday, April the 8th and participants will get a chance to wheel some of the coolest trails in Moab, feast on great food, pick up some sweet swag and get a chance to win some awesome prizes - Admission is FREE!!

Why Wait?! Awesome Deals on SOLID Axles!!

December 05th, 2008

NEW LoD Jeep JK Wrangler Signature Series
Bumpers & Rocker Guards Now Available!!

November 20th, 2008

For those of you who saw the new LoD Signature Series bumpers and rocker guards at SEMA 2008 and have been dying to get them on your JK ever since, LoD has just announced that they are all now available for sale!!

Dynatrac Launches New Extreme-Use Jeep Axle
Provides Stronger, Lighter Package

November 19th, 2008

Company’s New ProROCK44 Axle Combines Premium Design, Convenience for Superior Performance on Jeep TJ and JK Models. LAS VEGAS, Nov. 4, 2008 – Designed to offer the best performance, most compact design and lightest weight, the new Dynatrac ProROCK44™ axle delivers solid strength, increased ground clearance and unmatched component quality for stock or lifted 1997 to present Jeep® Wrangler JK and TJ models.


October 19th, 2008

Are you totally addicted to Do you find yourself going through withdrawals whenever you're away from it? Well, I've got news for you! If you have an iPhone, Blackberry, Treo, Voyager, RAZR or any other mobile phone that will allow you to surf the internet, you can now have your cake and take it with you. As of today, is now available in the mobile format!!

Go BIG and SAVE!!

October 16th, 2008

If you’ve been looking to build up your Jeep JK Wrangler, now is the time to do it!! For a limited time only, Northridge4×4 and Discount Tire Direct is offering an outstanding deal that you just can’t pass up. Buy a lift kit from Northridge4×4 and receive $150 OFF any set of (5) Alloy Wheels and Tires in stock at Discount Tire Direct. Of course, to add icing on the cake, you can take advantage of all this and get it all shipped for FREE!!

Project-JK & Off Road Evolution
JK Ramp Day Meet-n-Greet & RTI Scores

October 14th, 2008

How much flex does my Jeep have and how do I find out? That was the question a lot of the people in the SoCal area were asking me and thanks to the generosity of Off Road Evolution for letting us use their RTI ramp, about two dozen members from got to find out last Sunday at our first ever JK Ramp Day Meet-n-Greet.

2008 Off Road Expo Show

October 07th, 2008

I think it's great to see the aftermarket industry embrace the Jeep JK Wranglers as much as it has and continue to push the envelope of what it can be made to do.

Enter to WIN the Project-JK & Northridge4×4
12 Days of JK-MAS Giveaway!!

October 01st, 2008

To help make this coming holiday season one to be remembered by all, and Northridge4×4 will be presenting a giveaway of epic proportions and one like no one has seen before. For 12 days in December, 12 very lucky members of will be selected at random to win one of 12 awesome prizes. In all, we will be giving away about $9,000 in prizes and you could be one of those winners!!

4Wheel Drive Hardware East Coast JK Fest

September 24th, 2008

4WheelDrive Hardware in conjunction with Project-JK, JK-forum, invites members on its first Official East Coast JK only Trail ride & Meet and Greet. The event will take place on October 10-12 at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in Joliett, PA. JK forum members in attendance will receive a Free Event T-Shirt and Goodie bag. Each registered vehicle will receive a raffle ticket to be eligible for Thousands of dollars in prize giveaways from Sponsoring Vendors, Full Traction Suspension, PureJeep, Solid Axle Industries, Bestop, Ox Locker, Tuffy plus many others. LowRange magazine will be covering the event

Northridge4×4 Jeep JK Wrangler
EVO Front Axle Reinforcement Package

September 12th, 2008

If you're riding around on 35" tires or bigger and love to play hard on them, axle strenght is something you should keep in mind and I'm not just talking about the shafts here. What a lot of us have been seeing is that over time, the small front axle C's start to bend back and this will give your wheels what essentially is more camber. Of course, this added camber not only looks incorrect, it will cause uneven tire wear and will effect the way your Jeep handles. So, what should one do to prevent this from occuring? Pick up a set of Off Road Evolution EVO C2 Front Axle Gussest! The EVO C2 gussets are affordable and can easily be welded on to your JK's front axle by any qualified welder. Installed, they will be all that you need to prevent the bending of your axle C's and as an added bonus, they'll even make your axle look a hell of a lot meaner too.

Up to $100 Back on a Bestop® Soft Top!

August 26th, 2008 SoCal Summertime Install Party 2008

August 11th, 2008

Newest Member of the Off Road Evolution Team

August 03rd, 2008

Northridge4×4 5% Off + FREE SHIPPING
4th of July Sale!!

June 26th, 2008 SoCal Mega Meet 2008

June 09th, 2008

WIN the OR-FAB Rock Door Giveaway

June 02nd, 2008


April 22nd, 2008

WIN the & Northridge4×4
PUREJEEP Stubby Front Bumper Giveaway!!

February 05th, 2008

Thanks to Northridge4×4 and PUREJEEP for their generosity, will be giving away a brand new PUREJEEP Stubby Crawler Front Bumper to one very lucky member of ours this coming February the 26th!! To win, all you need to do is be a registered member of, post a response in the official thread that will be started on the day of the giveaway and be online between the hours of 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST.

Superior Axle NO-HASSLE Warranty!!

January 12th, 2008

Without a doubt, Superior Axle & Gear manufacturers some of the strongest axles you can buy for your Jeep JK Wrangler and to prove it, they will now be offering their Discovery Series Axle Shafts with a 5-Year NO-HASSLE Warranty and their all American made Evolution Series Axle Shafts with a LIFETIME NO-HASSLE Warranty!!

SeatGlovers Holiday Special

November 26th, 2007

From now until January 15th, members can now save 20% off the retail price of SeatGlover Seat Covers and receive a FREE bottle of 303 UV Protectant!!

Warn Industries Announces New President

November 20th, 2007

2007 Off Road Expo

October 10th, 2007

Happy Birthday - Year #1

August 21st, 2007

Off Road Evolution JK SoCal Meet & Greet!!

August 04th, 2007

Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty Special

July 27th, 2007

Featured on Off-Road Adventures Magazine!

June 03rd, 2007

Hey everybody, this may be old news for some of you but seeing as how I just got my June 2007 issue of Off-Road Adventures Magazine in the mail, I thought I would share our excitment of being featured on its cover and across a full spread on pages 20-21!

Superior Axles & Gears Put to the Test!!

May 30th, 2007

If you wanna see a some really hot wheeling action, simply click on the banner above or click on the link below. This short video was put together for Superior Axle & Gear at The Rock 4 Event in AREA BFE during the 2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari and does a great job of showing just how tough their axles and gears really are.

Project-JK Video Debut

May 20th, 2007

For those of you who've been asking to see some videos of the Project-JK Jeep JK Wrangler in action, here's a quick video that Matt (doojer), his cameraman Whit and his awesome production crew put together for us heading up Last Chance Canyon.

Enter to WIN the Project-JK
Rubicon Express Budget Boost Giveaway!!

April 16th, 2007

Thanks to generous donation from Redrock4×4, will be giving away a brand new Rubicon Express Jeep JK Wrangler Budget Boost to one very lucky member of our bulletin board.

2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Highlights

April 14th, 2007

Inspite of all the headaches, I can honestly say that going is always worth the trouble and, being able to go this year in my brand new 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited certainly made it the best trip out to Moab yet.

2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari - Vendor Show

April 06th, 2007

As some of you may recall, I was invited by Full Traction Suspension to have my Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited shown at their display at the 2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Vendor Show. And, as you can imagine, my whole day 4 here in Moab was pretty much shot as far as wheeling is concerned. But, I have to be honest and say that being stuck all day at a show like this wasn’t necessarily without its perks. In fact, once I was able to get over the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to go wheeling (even though the landscape and trails have a way of calling to you like a siren song), I was able to use this opportunity to get a real close up look at all the new hooked up Jeep JK Wranglers (many of which I had not seen before and the most I have seen since SEMA 2006), talk to the manufacturers at length about their products and of course, take a ton of pics for all of you to drool over back at home.

2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Day 3
Canyonlands Colorado River Overlook Trail

April 06th, 2007

After wheeling hard for two days in a row, we decided to change things up a little today, sleep in, have some breakfast in town and then do a nice easy run in the Canyonlands National Park with some friends of ours. This is an area around Moab that I had always read about and had always wanted to see but have always been too busy going on orgainzed trail runs and playing on harder obsticals to really take in some of the awesome sights around here. Anyway, the specific trail we ran was one that takes you out to the Colorado River Overlook and man, is it ever a beautiful drive with an absolutely breath taking view at the end of it. And, fortunately for us, we just happen to come at a time where even the drive out to the trail head was covered with vast fields of stunning (but stinky) lavender flowers surrounded by impressive red rock canyon walls.

2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Day 2
Primedia Event & Metal Masher Trail Run

April 04th, 2007

Our plan for day two of our 2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari was to hook up with Dave (aka - JK-Forum moderator papabear) bright and early in the morning and then run Metal Masher. But, as things always seem to change on the fly around here, we ended up making a stop over at the Primedia Event at Area BFE first and man, am I ever glad that I did... ...With work out of the way, it was time for us to have some real fun! Although I have been to Moab before, I still have yet to even scratch the surface when it comes to all the awesome trails this great place has to offer. Need I say, this was my first time running Metal Masher and admittedly, I'm always a bit leary about running a "difficult" rated trail that I've never been on before especially when it's in a brand new vehicle with little to no parts available for it in the event of a break.

2007 MOAB Easter Jeep Safari
The Rock 4 Event at Area BFE

April 03rd, 2007

Well boys and girls, after driving 750 miles and 14 hours later, we finally arrived here in Moab, Utah late Sunday night and just in time to catch a quick dinner over at Eddie McStiffs, check in, unpack and then catch a few hours of sleep before the fun begins. Bright and early Monday morning, we headed out to Area BFE to participate in the The Rock 4 event which is put on annually by Superior Axle & Gear, Full Traction Suspension and Toyo Tires. Of the two trails being offered up for the day, Minor Threat and Green Day, we decided to do the latter as this is the trail we ran the year before in our 6" Full Traction Long Arm lifted TJ and we wanted to see how our 3" Full Traction Ultimate lifted JK would stand up to the same terrain. And, need I say, I absolutely LOVE the JK - this thing simply kicks ass!!!

Off to Moab

April 01st, 2007

Ok, I know I have been missing in action for a while now, and for those of you who have been wanting to know where I’ve been, well… I’ve been running around like crazy trying to keep up with work and get ready for the 2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari. Specifically, we have been invited by Full Traction Suspension to display our Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited at their booth at the EJS Show. And, before we could be put on display, we had to first outfit our Jeep in the appropriate attire. In other words, we’ve been busy installing a Full Traction 3” Ultimate Suspension Lift, PUREJEEP Crawler Stubby Front Winch Bumper, and PUREJEEP Crawler Rear Bumper Tire Carrier. Fortunately, we were able to get everything installed, but just in the nick of time (just finished last night at 2am) as we are now on the road to Moab.

Off Road Evolution - Superior Axle & Gear
Jeep JK Wrangler Regear Installation Special

March 19th, 2007

Off Road Evolution has just announced that they will be offering an amazing limited time regear install special of only $999.95 out the door! Now, this special includes new Superior JK gears, the ratio of your choice, complete installation and if you can believe it, even tax too. That's a huge savings of over $300 off the normal cost of regearing!!

Superior Jeep JK Wrangler Gears NOW SHIPPING!!

March 14th, 2007

If you've already got your Jeep JK Wrangler sitting on top of 35" or 37" tires and have been enduring the sluggish pain of running stock gears, you'll be happy to know that I just got word from Superior Axle & Gear that their 4.88 and 5.13 Gears are shipping out today and I should add, just in time for the 2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari!!!

2007 Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari Show

March 04th, 2007

Well, I just got back from the 44th Annual Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari and in addition to the real show stoppers you'd expect to see there like Off Road Evolution's Silver JK Sahara Unlimited, TeraFlex's Red Rock Crystal JK Rubicon Unlimited and Rubicon Express' Silver JK Rubicon 2-Door (which by the way had a cool new heavy duty steering system), I thought I should tell you that I did come across two other new JK's that really caught my eye. The first JK was the 4 Wheel Drive Hardware/ProComp giveaway Silver JK Unlimited X and the other was Rock Hard 4x4 Parts Flame Red JK Rubicon Unlimited.

Enter to WIN a Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited!

March 03rd, 2007

If you're one of the many that's just dying to get your hands on a brand new 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler, here's a chance to win one that comes complete with all the latest and the greatest that 4Wheel Drive Hardware has to offer.

The Very 1st Jeep JK Wrangler
4.88 & 5.13 Gear Installation & Test

February 08th, 2007

With the expert help of Off Road Evolution, Superior Axle & Gear has just become the very first aftermarket manufacturer to produce, install and test a prototype 4.88 and 5.13 ring and pinion for the Dana 44 rear axle.

Giving Back to Those Who Have Given So Much

February 05th, 2007

As a small way of saying thank you to all the men and women in uniform who have given us so much, NORTHRIDGE4x4 in cooperation with AlloyUSA, Precisoin Gear, Rock Hard 4X4 Parts, Coast Driveline & Gear, Full Traction Suspension, JKS Manufacturing, Nth Degree Mobility, Spidertrax Off-Road, Aussie Locker, Off Road Only, ARB, IPF and Old Man Emu, will all share in donating a total of 5% of sales generated during the month of February to the Fisher House Foundation.

The Jeepillac - Off Road Evolution’s Building of a Beast

February 01st, 2007

When I first heard that DC was going to build a 2WD Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited, the first thought that came to my head was sacralige! But then, I got to start thinking about how much cheaper a 2WD model was versus say, a fully loaded Rubicon, and then I got to start thinking... what if you took the money you saved going this route and then turned around and used it to swap in a set of bigger badder axles front and rear, add an Atlas Transfer Case, coil overs and God only knows what else.

The Wait is Finally Over!!

January 30th, 2007

I swear, there were times when I honestly thought that hell would freeze over before we got it, but, after waiting patiently for over six long months (okay, okay, maybe not so patiently but that's beside the point), my wife and I were finally able to pickup our brand new 2007 White Stone Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimted from Don-A-Vee Jeep in Placentia, California and bring her home - YIPPIE!!

Jeep JK Wrangler Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

January 24th, 2007

For those of you who have been experiencing problems with your new Jeep JK Wrangler such as a Freedom Top that leaks water in the rain, a radio that cut-outs intermittently while driving, windnoise from the A-Pillar or even excessive sluggishness when driving, you need to know that there are Technical Service Bulletins (more commonly known as TSB's) that DC has issued for these problems and that they can be fixed under warranty.

Official 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Accessories Guide

January 23rd, 2007

Thanks to a little insider help, I just got my hands on a complete PDF version of the official 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Accessories Guide. Of course, inside this nifty little brochure (with text in both English and French), you will find photos and brief bits of information regarding all the new Jeep JK Wrangler accessories that you can get directly from your dealership including, the MOPAR front and rear rock bumpers, spare tire carrier, tube bumpers, skid plates, WARN winch option, flat tow bar, spare tire ski and bike rack mounts, alloy wheels and seat covers.

2007 Off Road Impact Show

January 19th, 2007

Had I not come to the Off Road Impact Show, I would have missed seeing some great new entires into the Jeep JK Wrangler marketplace including a basic 3" lift kit by RevTech, a 3" lift kit by Cage Off-Road, the very first viable roof rack system by Offroad Logic/Landrunner, and a very complete leveling kit as well as great new flat tow bar system and exhaust kit by Currie Enterprises.

January 02nd, 2007

Are you looking for a place that can host all your project Jeep JK Wrangler photos? Well look no further, as of January 1st, 2007, is proud to announce the official launch of our brand new and easy to use on-line photo hosting service, This a complimentary service that is offered FREE of charge to all our members and, each member is allowed a whopping 25MB of space!

Enter to WIN the
SOLID Differential Cover Giveaway!!

December 04th, 2006

Thanks to another generous donation from Northridge4x4, will be giving away a pair of SOLID heavy duty differential covers to 3 very lucky members of our bulletin board. To enter, all you need to do is be a registered member of, click on the link below and post a response letting us know you want to WIN!

The Ultimate E-Ticket Ride!!

November 29th, 2006

Last week, Off Road Evolution decided to put their brand new 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited Sahara to the test by driving it over 1,700 miles to visit family in Missouri, play hard at Disney, Oklahoma, and then drive it all the way back to their home in sunny southern California. Now, just so that we're all on the same page here, we're talking about driving a JK Unlimited automatic that's been lifted with a Full Traction 4" Ultimate short arm kit, is sitting on top of 37" Toyo Open Country A/T's and is running J.E. Reel Drivelines but is otherwise stock when it comes to its drivetrain. It's still running a stock Dana 30 front and Dana 44 rear axles, stock gears, no lockers and it only has a 2.72:1 Command Track transfer case. And, aside from the over-drive being rendered completely useless due to the 37's and being pulled over by a cop once just so he could get a better look at this awesome JK, Mel tells me that it drove great, rode great and even performed way better than he thought it would on and off the trail.

SEMA 2006 - Jeep JK Wrangler Suspension Mentions
Full Traction

November 08th, 2006

For SEMA 2006, Full Traction had a total of five different lift kits available for the 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler including a 2" ECONO Lift, 3" Economy Suspension System, 3" PREMIUM Suspension System, 3" ULTIMATE Suspension System and a 4" ULTIMATE Suspension System. And, with a total of seven Jeep JK Wranglers sitting on top of one of these suspension systems, Full Traction was able to grab the title for having the most products on display at the show.

SEMA 2006 - Jeep JK Wrangler Suspension Mentions

November 07th, 2006

Even though Rancho only had one Jeep JK Wrangler on display at SEMA 2006, it was without question the one Jeep JK Wrangler that everyone was talking about.

SEMA 2006 - Jeep JK Wrangler Suspension Mentions
Donahoe Racing

November 06th, 2006

Seeing Donahoe Racing at SEMA 2006 wasn't so much of a surprise but seeing them there with a 5" lifted Stone White Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited definitely was. Make no mistake, Donahoe Racing is no rookie when it comes to developing high end off-road suspension products, but this JK was most certainly the first time that they've made a stab at the Jeep industry in quite some time. However, after looking at what they came up with, you'd never know it.

Bestop 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler
Soft Tops, Hard Tops & Accessories

October 19th, 2006

I just got word today that Bestop now has a majority of their 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler parts and accessories available for sale. Granted, most of these products are pretty much what you'd expect to see from Bestop, such as a Bikini Top and a Sailcloth Replace-a-Top but there are a couple new things I thought would be worth mentioning.

Get Some ‘Reel’ Drive Lines Under Your
New 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler

October 18th, 2006

If you're planning to lift your Jeep at all, I would highly recommended that you budget in the cost of new front and rear drive lines. And, to date, the only company that I am aware of that manufactuers and sells aftermarket drive lines for the Jeep JK Wrangler is J.E.Reel Drive Lines.

PUREJEEP Jeep JK Wrangler Bumpers Priced Right

October 15th, 2006

If you're one of the many people who just love the new PUREJEEP Crawler front and rear bumpers but think they're going to be out of the reach of your wallet, think again!

You Want It? You Got It!

October 13th, 2006

Over the past week and a half, I had been getting a lot of people asking if I could get my hands on some real world flex shots of a hooked up Jeep JK Wrangler and if at all possible, flex shots on the trail. No more photochopped JK's and no more JK's looking pretty on the pavement - they wanted to see the real thing.

Jeep JK Photos from the 2006 Off Road Expo

October 09th, 2006

If you haven't seen them already, I just uploaded a bunch of Jeep JK Wrangler pics from the 2006 Off Road Expo and they can now be seen in the Project-JK photo gallery. Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say there weren't nearly as many Jeep JK Wranglers at the show as I was expecting to see, especially in lieu of the fact that several manufacturers on display there had already released products for it.

Top of the Food Chain

October 05th, 2006

So I get a call from Mel over at Off Road Evolution this morning telling me that he had little something that I might want to see. And, as it turns out, I definetly wanted to see what he had to show although I'm not exactly sure if I would have used the word "little" describe what I saw.

2006 OC Auto Show

October 04th, 2006

Wanna see some Jeep JK Wranglers with your own two eyes? Well, if you live in the SoCal area, you better make a point to head on over to the 2006 Orange County Auto Show between now and Sunday, October 8th.

TeraFlex 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Product Guide

October 01st, 2006

In case there was any doubt as to whether or not we would be seeing more Jeep JK Wrangler parts and accessories coming our way before SEMA, TeraFlex has just stepped up to the plate and released a very complete 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Product Guide.

Supercharged Jeep JK 3.8L

September 30th, 2006

Looking for a serious boost in the performance in your Jeep JK Wrangler's engine? Well, I just talked to the guys over at Avenger Supercharger and was told that they are currently in the in the process of prototyping the first supercharger for the 3.8L.

Full Traction 2″ Jeep JK Wrangler Econo Lift Give Away

September 29th, 2006

How would you like to get your brand new 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler sitting on top of a 2" Econo Lift and absolutely for FREE? Well, thanks to a very generous donation from Full Traction Suspension, will be giving away one of these great lift kits to one of our lucky members.

Now That’s What I’m Talking About!!

September 26th, 2006

Full Traction Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited 3As promised, here's a shot of Full Traction's 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon 4-Door Unlimited sitting on top of their 3" suspension lift, 35" tires and sporting a PUREJEEP Crawler Stubby Front Bumper. Believe me, this is the real deal - no photo-chopping or jack stands here.

2006 Off-Road Expo

September 25th, 2006

For those of you who live in Southern California (or are willing to drive there), you had better mark your calendars because the 2006 Off-Road Expo is coming to town. And, if you're dying to see a few hooked up 2007 Jeep JK Wranglers, this will be your chance as I know several manufacturers such as Full Traction Suspension and Kilby Enterprises will have theirs on display there.

Full Traction on the Move

September 24th, 2006

As if being one of the lucky few to get their hands on a pre-production Jeep JK Wrangler 2-Door months ahead of the competition wasn't enough, Full Traction decided they needed to get their hands on a 4-Door Unlimited Rubicon as well.

Real Rocker Skids Coming Our Way

September 21st, 2006

Looking for real heavy duty rocker guard protection for your new Jeep JK Wrangler? Well, I just got word from PUREJEEP that they've just finished developing a set for both the 2-Door and 4-Door Unlimited!

Full Traction Jeep JK Wrangler
2″ Econo Lift Kits Now Shipping!!

September 15th, 2006

If you're one of the lucky few out there who already have a 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler in your driveway and someone who's already purchased a Full Traction 2" Econo Lift for it, ya better start breaking out the floor jack, tools and camera.

TeraFlex 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler
Suspension Components

September 12th, 2006

Well, it looks like TeraFlex is next manufacturer up at bat announcing a host of suspension lift kits and components for the all new 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler.

September 10th, 2006

Of all the manufacturers out there working hard to create products for the 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler, I would never have guessed that the first one to be releasing some seriously hard core front end protection would be a new kid on the block.

Expedition One 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler
Trail Series Front Bumper

September 06th, 2006

Using state of the art CAD programming, the Expedition One Trail Series Front Bumper has been designed to provide maximum rock protection and clearance but without sacrificing style.

Dr. Z’s 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Give Away

September 03rd, 2006

This is no joke, call this number: 1-8004ADODGE and get a promotional code. Then, click on this link to enter yourself to win a brand new 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited!!

COMING SOON - “Ultimate” 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler
Lower Adjustable Control Arms

September 02nd, 2006

Hey everyone, I just got news that the company that brought us the very first Jeep JK Wrangler suspension lift kits and components are going to be releasing "Ultimate" Lower Control Arms!!

Bestop to Unveil New 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler
Accessories at SEMA 2006

September 02nd, 2006

Well, considering the fact that Bestop is the official manufacturer of factory Jeep soft tops, it really was no surprise for me to hear that they would be showing new products like a Safari Bikini Top, Windjammer or Duster for the new 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler at SEMA this year.

Poison Spyder to Debut
2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Parts at SEMA 2006

September 01st, 2006

Hey, I just took a peek at Poision Spyder’s website and by the look of things, they were one of the lucky few to get their hands on a working model of the 2007 Jeep JK Unlimited.

Full Traction 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Suspension Lifts
& Components Now Available!!

August 23rd, 2006

Full-Traction SuspensionThe all new 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler has just barely hit the streets and Full-Traction Suspension is already releasing the very first high quality suspension lift. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, Full-Traction Suspension is the ONLY company putting anything out for the JK to date.

Welcome to

August 21st, 2006

This is an all new website created by the developers of and if you haven't already guessed by now, is dedicated to the brand new Jeep JK Wrangler and all of its owners.