HEART & SOUL – A Moab Jeep Vacation [Teaser Trailer]

For the first time in almost 10 years, the engineers over at Jeep renewed a long standing tradition of taking a week off of work during the Month of May and spend it out in Moab! This was a chance for them to take out their own personal Jeeps, most of which are completely stock or close to it and wheel them off the clock, with family and good friends. Wheeling is after all, in their blood and I suppose it should be of no surprise that for the heart and soul of Jeep, making the vehicles we love to drive, is more than just a job. As luck would have it, Cindy and I were invited to join them on their vacation and in this short teaser video, you’ll get to see some of the fun we had. We hope you enjoy it and will be back to see the full feature length film once it’s released.

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