2017 Off-Road EXPO Highlights

WAYALIFE Rubicat 2017 Off-Road Expo Dynatrac display
Cindy and I have been attending the Off-Road Expo for about as long as it’s been around and even back before it was called that. Thanks to the price of gas and other factors, the show had been in decline for years but I happy to say, it’s come back quite a bit and the 2017 show was maybe the biggest and most crowded I’ve seen since maybe 2006! While there wasn’t really anything too new and exciting to see in regards to JK’s, it was nice to see big full size trucks on display (always a sign of a strong economy) as well as a whole host of old iron. In fact, Early Broncos seemed to be the flavor of the day as they seemed to be everywhere. Anyway, click on the link below to see a handful of pics that we took from the show.

2017 Off-Road EXPO Highlights

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