As some of you may recall, Cindy and I had a problem with the transmission controller on Moby and one that led to a very long day out in the desert. Fortunately, we were able to get ourselves home safely and soon after, took Moby down to Motech for some medical help. As luck would have it, Motech was just starting to release their all new MoCAN system and decided to upgrade Moby’s system to it. While everything on the engine side of things worked out great, we did have a few minor bugs including indicator lights that blinked for no good reason, the horn sounding off without pressing the button, high beams illuminating without engaging it and random codes coming up on the dash from time to time. Certainly, nothing unusual for a brand new system and nothing persistent or critical enough for us to really care and so we just dealt with it until the next time we could have Motech give things a look.

Well, last weekend, Cindy and I made our way out to the 2017 Off-Road Expo show and on our way down, we dropped Moby off at Motech. Fortunately, they did have a firmware update they could make and had Moby ready for us to pick up on our way home. As an added bonus, we had talked to Mitch about maybe eeking out a bit more power out of our 6.2L and holy hell, did he ever do a great job with that!! Just from tuning alone, he was able to hook us up with an additional 50 HP and much to my surprise, I actually lit up the tires as I pulled out of their driveway and without even trying. Needless to say, if you’re looking to get a Motech LS or have one and have the drive train to handle it, be sure talk to Mitch.

Among a whole host of other things, Motech was able to get their MoCAN system to give Moby a working PRNDL in spite of the fact that he used to be a manual. In short, Moby now has a kickass MoCAN system installed, 50 extra HP and no more bugs – THANK YOU MOTECH!!

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