TSB – Automatic Transmission Diagnostic Tear Down Procedure

NUMBER: 21-003-07
GROUP: Transmission
DATE: February 9, 2007

Automatic Transmission Diagnostic Tear Down Procedure

This bulletin provides a procedure to determine repair versus replacement of an automatic
transmission assembly. Follow the proper repair procedure based on the transmission
type. This procedure is to be used after the transmission has been removed from the

TSB 21-003-07


  1. Has anyone noticed that the 45rfe/545rfe/68rfe is listed as a transmission for the JK at the end of this TSB? It gives a time allowance for diagnostic procedures.

    Possible 4.7 v8 in the future? I hope so.

  2. Has anyone else had their transmission breakdown? Last week the transmission in my 2007 Unlimited “broke in pieces” according to the service guy and they are doing this diagnostic teardown to determine exactly what happened. Still haven’t heard back from them, other than they are waiting for parts.

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