The Jeepillac – Off Road Evolution’s Building of a Beast

Off Road Evolution Jeepillac Jeep JK Wrangler Build-Up
When I first heard that DC was going to build a 2WD Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited, the first thought that came to my head was sacralige!  But then, I got to start thinking about how much cheaper a 2WD model was versus say, a fully loaded Rubicon, and then I got to start thinking… what if you took the money you saved going this route and then turned around and used it to swap in a set of bigger badder axles front and rear, add an Atlas Transfer Case, coil overs and God only knows what else.  Need I say, the more I thought about it, the more I started to see the 2WD models for what they really are… a great platform to start building a monster.  And, as it turns out, that’s exactly what the guys over at Holy Moly Racing were thinking too and that’s the task that Off Road Evolution has been given.

Jeepillac Jeep JK Wrangler Build-UpSo, exactly what kind of a monster are we talking about here?  We’ll, the owners of Holy Moly Racing has given it the name “Jeepillac” and here’s a short list of all the parts that have been gathered so far (or are still in need of) that will ultimately find their way into this beast:

FRONT AXLE: Dynatrac Pro Rock, ARB,  4.57 Superior Gears PSC Ram Assist, Off Road Evolution High Steer
REAR AXLE: Dynatrac Pro Rock, ARB, 4.56 Superior Gears, PSC, Full Hydraulic rear steer, 40 spine comp axles with CTM U joints.
5 Walker Evans 17″ Bead locks
TIRES: 39-40″ (your name here) haha 

ENGINE: 550HP 6.0L-CADILLAC, ARP Rod Bolts, Iski Cam Shaft, Magna Super Charger, Intercooler, Oil Cooler, AC a must, PSC Power Steering Pump
TRANSMISSION: 480 LE, Kevlar clutches, custom controller, 1500 Stall Converter, Trans Cooler
TRANSFER CASE: Atlas 4 speed, 1350 CV drive flanges
SUSPENSION: Full Custom Off Road Evolution 3 Link Rear Suspension 18″ Travel, Full Custom Off Road Evolution 4 Link Front Suspension 16″ Travel, King 2.5, 16″ Travel Remote Reservoir Coil Over Shocks at Each Corner, King 3.0 16″ Travel Triple Bypass Remote Reservoir Shocks at Each Corner, King 2.0 Bump Stops at Each Corner
CAGE: Full Custom Off Road Evolution, 2″ .120 wall Chrome Molly Custom Cage, Cage is tying into frame and suspension, Will meet SCORE requirements.
SEATS: 3 Mastercraft, Crow harnesses
LIGHTS: 6 HID Vision X, Morphic Electronic Adjustable Light Bar
BUMPERS: Front LOD, Rear Bumper Tire Carrier LOD
ELECTRONICS: Race Optics Baja Limited Edition Camera System with DVR, 4 Cameras and 5″color monitor, Navigation GPS Lorance, Parker Pumper Clean Air System, PCI Race Radios

When I last saw this soon to be monster of a Jeep JK Wrangler a couple of nights ago, it was already completely stripped and torn down to the metal.  Apparently, the need by the client is to get this this thing done as quickly as possible and from what I’m told, the expected build-up time will take approximately two months to complete.  If you would like to see photos of all the parts listed and/or detailed shots of this Jeep JK Wrangler in pieces, click on the link below:

JEEPILLAC – Off Road Evolution’s Building of a Beast Photos

Be sure to check back for updates on this project,



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