ShrockWorks Jeep JK Wrangler Shorty Front Bumper
& Unlimited Frame Mounted Rock Sliders

ShrockWorks Jeep JK Wrangler Shorty Front BumperFor those of you who have been around the world of Jeeps or off-roading in general, you’re more than likely to know who Shrockworks is and all the great bumpers and rocker guards they have been making for years now.  And, if you’ve been holding out on armoring up your new Jeep JK Wrangler until you could see what they will be making, you won’t have to hold out for much longer.  I just got word from Shrockworks today that they’ve just completed their new JK Shorty Front Bumper as well as Frame Mounted Rock Sliders for the JK Unlimited and you can see a couple of teaser shots of both by clicking on the link below:

ShrockWorks Jeep JK Wrangler Bumper & Rock Sliders 

From what I am told, they will be heading out to the trails today to do some testing of their new bumper and rock sliders and I hope to have more pics and details to share with you by the weekend.  So, be sure to check back soon! 



  1. i really like those rock sliders and i’ve been waiting patiently so someone please tell me they are working on rock sliders for the 2dr.

  2. Nice! Any idea if they will be available in black? (I think that gray might look a little weird with my black-ish fenders, etc.)

    This is the first one I’ve seen that I may like better than the PureJeep stubby offering… I kind of like how it’s tucked up at the ends (but not *too* much) to keep the profile slim.

  3. Ran into Jim and his JK at Katempsy Tx this past weekend. The bumper and skids are beautiful. Crawled under to look at front skid on bumper and rock sliders and they are well engineered
    and very clean. He said he is also working on designing a wider bumper as well, and maybe a rear in the near future (we both scraped up our rear plastic bumpers on some beautiful Texas rocks) Great to meet Jim, and see some live body protection up close.
    BTW, these JK Unlimited Rubicons are awsome on the trail.

  4. Love the shrockworks quality on my TJ rock sliders. Three winters in New England with zero rust. Look forward to the rear bumper/tire carrier, and would get all three when I move to the JK.

  5. I just got my JK X last week and I love it but I can’t hardly stand looking at it being stock. This is by far the best front bumper I’ve seen on the market that will not interfere with my 37″ MTRs. Would like to see a black version of the bumper on a 2 door! When will they be available?

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