Prospecting for Mojave Gold… FISH!

Last weekend, we got lucky and were able to get out to Barstow a bit earlier than we had expected and, decided to use the extra time to do a little prospecting out in the Mojave Desert. While our quest was to find gold, it would be more of the aquatic variety than precious metal that we would be looking for.

A few years back, I caught wind of an area out in the middle of the Mojave Desert where there was a small pool that held water all year long, even through the scorching triple digit heat of summer and held within it, a beautiful school of goldfish. Over the years, I would pour through my old maps and scour them for a possible location of where these elusive fish might be. During my search, I found goldfish to exist near Darwin and even out by Oatman, Arizona but, not anywhere in the Mojave. That is, not until a few weeks ago anyway. Reading through a blog, I gleaned a bit more information and even found a couple of photos and based on them, I was able to zero in on a highly probably location. Here are some photos from our quest to find Mojave Gold… FISH!

Click on the link below to see photos from our trip:

Prospecting for Mojave Gold… FISH!

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