Project-JK SEMA Show 2007 YouTube Video Coverage Mopar ORT Trail Initiative Press Conference

As a part of our daily live coverage of SEMA 2007, we will be providing YouTube video highlights from the show and the first of which is of the Mopar ORT Trail Initiative press conference that we attended yesterday. Click on the link below to see it now…

Special thanks goes to Captured Live Productions for making our daily coverage of SEMA 2007 possible.


  1. Quality vid, and looks like some nice stuff to hopefully come from Mopar ORT. Great work! Keep the vids coming, top notch!!

  2. AWESOME VIDEO!!! Glad to see they’re on project-JK listening to what we want. D. I. E. S. E. L.——H. E. M. I. ! ! ! !

  3. This is indeed some good news. Nothing better then Jeep finally getting on board and listening to us and seeing what we actually use our Jeeps for.

    So glad we have grown so much on Project-JK that we can’t be ignored anymore:)

    We are what makes the JK what it is.

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