TeraFlex MONSTER Jeep JK Wrangler
Rear Track Bar Installation Write-Up

Installing a lift of any height on your Jeep JK Wrangler will cause your axles to shift from center. Up front, your axle will shift over to the driver side and in the rear, it will shift over to the passenger side. This shift occurs because your factory track bars are fixed in their length and are attached to only one side of your Jeep’s frame rails and to the axle on the opposite side. As your Jeep goes up, your axles will get pulled to the side of where your track bar is mounted on the frame.To address the problem of axle shift in the rear of your Jeep JK Wrangler, a relocation bracket can be installed if you have a small lift. However, the amount of correction it’ll offer will be fixed and depending on how much actual lift you have, your axle may still end up being short of center or in some cases, over corrected and shifted toward the opposite side. It is for this reason that I would recommend getting a heavy duty adjustable replacement track bar much like the all new TeraFlex MONSTER.The TeraFlex MONSTER adjustable rear track
is about a beefy as they come, has rubber bushing for factory like performance and come with an easy to adjust turnbuckle. With an adjustable rear track bar like this, you’ll get the benefits of improved strength while being able to accurately re-center your Jeep’s rear axle. Of course, if you have a tall 4″ lift or more, this track bar should be used in conjunction to a relocation bracket as the bracket will help to restore your suspension geometry closer to factory.

To see just how easy it is to install a
TeraFlex MONSTER adjustable rear track bar, check out the installation write-up below.

What you will need

• 18,21mm Socket & Wrench
• Ratchet
• Torque Wrench
• Breaker Bar

This is a shot of what the new TeraFlex MONSTER adjustable rear track bar looks like.
1. Using a 21mm socket, breaker bar and 21mm wrench, remove the bolts and nuts securing your Jeep JK Wrangler’s rear track bar to the axle and frame mounts.
2. Loosely install your new TeraFlex MONSTER adjustable rear track bar on to your Jeep JK Wrangler’s frame mount using the factory bolt and nut. As you can see in this pic, I reversed the bolts to help prevent it from catching on the bump stop extension.
3. Using an 18mm socket (or Gearwrench) and wrench, loosen the bolts and nuts on the track bar turnbuckle. 4. Rotate the turnbuckle by hand until the track bar is long enough to be installed on the axle mount with ease and have the bolt holes lined up. 5. Loosely install the track bar onto the axle mount using the factory bolt and nut.
6. In order to set an adjustable track bar, you will first need to determine how much your rear axle is off by. To do this, firmly hold a carpenters level up against the sidewall of your driver side tire making sure that it is aligned to the center of the wheel. Make sure that the bubble in the level is centered and then, using a tape measure, measure the distance between it and the edge of your fender flare. If your level is making contact with a shoulder lug on your tire, be sure to make a note of it especially if the lugs are of different sizes or are located at different points along the edge of the tire and would influence your measurement. Repeat the process on the passenger side of your Jeep (again being aware of the shoulder lugs and how they might influence your measurements) and then calculate the difference between the two sides.
7. Rotate the track bar turnbuckle by hand to make it longer or shorter as needed to get your Jeep JK Wrangler’s rear axle centered. Repeat Step #6 to verify your axle’s position.
8. Using an 18mm socket (or Gearwrench) and wrench, tighten the bolts and nuts on the track bar turnbuckle to secure it in place. 9. Using a 21mm socket, tighten the track bar bolt on the axle mount to 125 ft. lbs. of torque. 10. Using a 21mm socket and wrench, tighten the track bar bolt on the frame mount to 125 ft. lbs. of torque.
This is what the rear end of your Jeep JK Wrangler should look like when all is said and done.

And with that. Please let me know if you have any questions.


  1. noob question for you…

    Should I consider this if I am going to install a Teraflex BB? Also, would I want/need both front and rear trackbars?

  2. hi kemikal, it isn’t necessary to install new adjustable track bars with just a BB but, doing so will allow you to re-center your axles. if you can afford it, it’s something that you might want both front and rear.

  3. Hey Wayoflife,

    Just had one installed yesterday, running a 4 inch teraflex short arm and had the relocation bracket already in place. 4 wheel parts installed the Monster track bar onto the relocation bracket but I guess i could loose the bracket and reinstall back to factory bracket? Looking at your pictures you installed on factory bracket!?


    Ray (08jkinutah)have a (09 rubi now!)

  4. with 4″ of lift, you’ll want to keep the bracket on as it will help correct your suspension geometry. the track bar will just allow you to accurately center your axle.

  5. As one looks at pic number one it looks as if the differential is being supported. Does one need to support the dif before loosening the track bar bolts?
    Or can this job be done without any kind od lifting or support if your jeep is high enough?

  6. wayoflife,

    My question is what the pros and cons are for running the following with a 3″ spring lift:
    1) track bar relocation brackets with stock track bars
    2) brackets AND adjustable track bars, front and rear

    I’ve seen write-ups on both, but I’m curious what your experience is with both options. Until the money tree in the back yard thaws, I’ve got to make my lift work on a budget.


  7. a track bar relocation bracket for the rear is cheap and it can for the most part recenter your axle and correct the geometry of the track bar. the problem is, depending on how much lift you “actually” have, you can end up over or under correcting the position of your axle. an adjustable track bar will allow you to make minor adjustments so that you can accurately center your axle. any lift more than 3″ and you will want both the bracket and adjustable track bar in the rear.

    up front, if you only have 3″ of lift, the only thing you will need is an adjustable track bar. over 3″ of lift and you will want an adjustable track bar AND relocation bracket AND a dropped pitman arm or drag link flip installed. you cannot do a relocation bracket without addressing your drag link at the same time.

  8. Hey great write up ! . Saving this and using it for sure !.. I have a quick question, if you don’t mind answering .. I have a 2.5 inch Rubicon Express lift on my jeep with a OEM track bar relocate bracket … Should I remove this track bar bracket and install the teraflex track bar to the factory frame side mount location ? Or continue to use the relocate bracket ?

    Thanks !

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