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VIDEO TIP: #1 Cause of Death Wobble

September 30, 2010 wayoflife 43

I can’t count how many times we’ve come off the trail and heard someone on the CB yell out that they’ve got death wobble. After pulling over and giving things a quick look to make sure nothing is broken, I have the driver help me perform this simple test.

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Falken Wild Peak AT – They Get You Going!
By Discount Tire

September 17, 2010 wayoflife 6

Many of you have been asking about Falken’s new AT. How good are they? How strong are their sidewalls? How do they rate in sand, dirt, gravel, rocks, mud, and on the highway? After abusing this tire for over 1000 off-road miles at the Jk-Experience last week, here’s what I can show and tell from my first hand experience.

TeraFlex MONSTER Jeep JK Wrangler
Rear Track Bar Installation Write-Up

September 13, 2010 Cindy 10
Installing a lift of any height on your Jeep JK Wrangler will cause your axles to shift from center. Up front, your axle will shift over to the driver side and in the rear, it will shift over to the passenger side. This shift occurs because your factory track bars are fixed in their length and are attached to only one side of your Jeep’s frame rails and to the axle on the opposite side. As your Jeep goes up, your axles will get pulled to the side of where your track bar is mounted on the frame.

Hanson Stubby Front Stinger Bumper Installation Write-Up

September 9, 2010 Cindy 3
When it comes to heavy duty steel formed bumpers, few companies have the history of excellence and reputation of quality that Hanson Offroad enjoys today. Made entirely here in the USA, you can be sure that all Hanson bumpers are crafted with care and are ready to take just about any punishment you can subject it to. Of course, when I heard that Hanson had released a brand new stubby front bumper with a stinger for the JK, I knew that it was something I had to see it. And, once I did, I knew right then and there that it was the bumper that was going to go on our Sunburst Orange JK.