LoD Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited Signature Series Rock Sliders Installation Write-Up

More times than not, the best line you can take through a technical section of trail will require you to use your tires to climb up and over big obstacles. Of course, by doing this, your rocker panels quickly become the lowest point on your Jeep JK Wrangler and if left unprotected, you leave the door wide open for significant body damage. It is for this reason that I always recommend a good set of rocker guards or, ‚Äúrock sliders‚Ä? as a must have upgrade and only second to a set of tow points front and rear.

Designed to mount directly to the frame rails of your Jeep JK Wrangler, the LoD Signature Series Rock Sliders are without a doubt one of the best rocker guards available on the market today. I have personally run a set on my White JK for over a year and can tell you that in addition to them being incredibly strong and capable of taking punishing abuse, they are also very stylish and work great as a side step.

The step by step write-up below will show you just how easy the LoD Signature Series Rock Slider are to install.

LoD Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited Signature Series Rock Sliders Installation Write-Up


  1. I’m glad you guys took the time to provide a write-up as the sliders do not come with any instructions. The folks at LOD were very quick to help me when I called them…but that was when I realized I was over my head sicne my ability to drill and tap in a straight line are more than questionable!

    I had my sliders put on by a local shop as I was petrified of the tapping aspect of this project. Cost me a little bit but, in the end, I got them installed correctly and saved myself probably 12+ hours of labor (it took the shop 5 hours to install).

    I would like to add that the sliders came packaged in two very well made wood crates to protect them during shipping. It was nice to see a company take great care in the little things!

    Finally, I have dropped my Jeep so hard on rocks that it felt like my sliders would have been ripped right off but have escaped with very minor scrapes. These things are SOLID!! Glad I bought them!

  2. Great write up!

    However when I clicked on the install pics I get a page saying “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” Was hoping to see up close photos of the install. Any way to get these corrected?


  3. So I have three questions. One is that I have a 2-dr. I see that Northridge4x4 has LoD sliders listed for the 2-Dr but LoD doesn’t. I realize that they are basically custom making everything so I suppose they will make them for a 2-dr. Can you confirm that?

    Second question has to do with the tapping of the holes for the bolts. It looks like you are getting 3 or 4 threads in the wall of the frame. That makes me nervous. The Shrockworks version (very similar in design) uses stick nuts for many of their bolts (just a couple are tapped per your other write-up). I know you have both of these two sliders. Any thoughts on the merits of nuts versus tapping? Are torque numbers provided? I know it is important to get the proper bolt stretch amount to preload the joint.

    Final question has to do with the bolt heads (and brackets) on the bottom of the rail. I like that they bolt to two perpendicular surfaces but wonder how the bolt heads and brackets under the frame hold up after sliding on some rocks?

    Thanks for the great write-ups. Saving up and hope to get one of these two rails before to long!

  4. Do you guys know if they will ship these sliders to Australia? I have emailed them twice now with no reply.

  5. My coils sag more on one side than the other. Should I try to correct this with the disconnects or just have them set at different lengths?

  6. I really like the looks of the LoD sliders, but am not so sure I like the way they mount. Doesn’t mounting the sliders OVER the skidplate mounts pose issues for T case and Transmission maintenance? Do you need to remove the sliders every time you need to get a skid plate off? Anyone have any practical experience with this?

  7. I use the LOD rock rails and they are very nice. A few things to mention thou. I really did not care at all for how they attached to the frame with tapping and trying to bolt etc. So I lined them all up clamped them and just welded them on. They are not going anywhere now. Another thing of note is how long I had to wait for these darn things to finally ship. Was just over three months to get them finally to my door. They do look great, and the step is excellent. They are also super sturdy and dont rattle at all now that I just welded them on.

  8. Just wondering if the couple threads tapped into the frame at each point is enough to hold these. I guess so as there are no issues mentioned, but that’s not a lot of steel to hold on to. Has anyone heard of issues with the bolts stripping out?

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