Jeep JK Wrangler NV-241 / NV-241OR
Transfer Case Service

As a good part of routine maintenance on your Jeep JK Wrangler, it is highly recommended that you service your NV241 or NV241OR transfer case once every 30,000. Changing out the ATF+4 transfer case fluid will give you an opportunity to inspect it for any signs of abnormal wear going on inside (i.e. bits of metal coming out) and new fluid will help keep things operating smoothly. This is a very simple task, can be done in minutes with the right tools and this write-up should be able to help you out.

Jeep JK Wrangler NV-241 / NV-241OR Transfer Case Service


  1. WOL- great write-up. Can you tell me where you got that bottle pump? I can’t find anything like it around here. Thanks.

  2. i got mine from pepboys but have seen it at kragen as well. in some places, kragen is called checkers. it should be in the gear oil section.

  3. Got my pump at Autozone, in the motor oil/gear oil/trans fluid section. Cheap, under $10. Great writeup. Haven’t done this yet, but just did rear diff. Easy!

  4. I did this over the weekend. It is extremely awkward to fill without a GOOD pump like the one WOL is using. My local autozone only had two pumps, one wouldnt work and the other was just a tube with a squeezable bladder. After about 1000 squeezes I was left with a quarter full transfer case and a brutal hand cramp. I ended up making my own custom funnel out of a paper plate. I ended up needing 2.5 quarts to compensate for my idiocy. Ended up getting it full. A definite learning experience. Thanks for the write up WOL.

  5. I removed the big plug on the front bottom of the transfer case
    A big spring came out and I was wondering what that was for

  6. Just bought a used ‘08 Wrangler Rubicon right at 30K miles – so I was due for all of this. Thanks so much for the clear instructions and pictures. And it’s fun to work under my Jeep for a while. This Forum ROCKS – thanks much!

  7. Great write up. Did mine today along with transfer case. I did need more than 5 quarts though. Maybe because it left draining overnight. Not sure.

  8. Only problem I had was one of the 18mm bolts was too mashed (from hitting rocks) to get the socket or a wrench on it, Hat to use a 3/4 open end wrench with difficulty to get it off.

  9. My 2 cents.

    Always open filler hole first. Why? To make sure you can add new fluid after drain out old fluid.

    I learned this hard way. I first drained old fluid, then to add new one tried to unbolt filler hole cap. It did not budge. Ended up towing the car to a shop to open it and fill with new fluid.

  10. metal scraping noise coming from yolk area on transfer case end. also is throwing grease onto the frame in this there a bearing that could b going out in the yolk. i cant tell exactly were the grease is coming from but you can easily see its spinnng off the yolk. its hitting the frame in a perfact straight line.its a 2008 jeep wrangler

  11. Find your pump at wmart or any marine outboard place
    its the pump used to fill the lower unit on an outboard motor.
    if its not long enough use a piece of hose to hit the bottom of the quart or gallon atf 4 fluid

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