Project-JK: The Moab Experience – Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Project-JK Moab Experience is the final chapter in this three part series.  In it, you will see highlights from one of the largest gathering of Jeep JK Wranglers ever – the 2009 JK JAM which took place at Area BFE, and you will get to see an excursion we did out to Arches National Monument where we took in the breath taking beauty of Park Avenue and hiked up to the Tower Arch.  Last but not least, you will get to see some serious carnage we had out on the Metal Masher Jeep Trail and what it took to get us rolling again. To watch this video now, simply click on the screen or link below.  Please note that until YouTube is done processing this HD video, the quality may not look so great:

Project-JK: The Moab Experience – Episode 3 (YouTube)

If you are in a country where this video is blocked, click on the link below to watch it on Vimeo:

Project-JK: The Moab Experience – Episode 3 (Vimeo – coming soon)

If you would like to see photos from our trek to Moab, click on the link below:

Project-JK Moab Easter Jeep Safari Photo Gallery 2009

Be sure to check back soon for the final episode of Project-JK’s Moab Experience!


  1. can anyone supply any info on the jeep that broke the gear?

    im trying to figure out why the gear broke instead of the driveshafts or axles

  2. axle shafts were chromoly and the drive shafts were 1350’s. both are strong a sometimes, it just happens. for whatever it’s worth, i broke a drive shaft on this exact same obstacle once before as well.

  3. How far did he have to be pulled back to get that all fixed up? I’m guessing gears are not something typically carried as spares for a trail run. No sponsors there with any spare parts?

  4. he was able to pull off the obstacle and up onto flat ground on his own, maybe 100 feet. we just pulled the ring gear to prevent any more binding so that he could get off the trail. in town, there’s a great off road shop that’s open 24/7 during the week of EJS and they fixed him up overnight.

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