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Customer Evaluations Can = Dealership Harassment

March 17, 2010 wayoflife 24

I know that there are other Jeep owners out there who have told me that they received great service from Tuttle Click Jeep in the past and for whatever it’s worth, who am I to say that they didn’t. My only point in writing this article is to share my personal experiences with them and to let you know that your customer evaluations are shared with your dealership.

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NEW – HANSON Euro Spec Bumper

March 14, 2010 wayoflife 0

The new HANSON Euro Spec Bumper offers sleek, full-width protection for the front of your 2007-2010 JK. It incorporates the HANSON classic drop-center style winch seat and incorporates a wing design that matches the factory flare and provides maximum aero-slick tendencies.

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Project-JK: The Moab Experience – Episode 3

March 4, 2010 wayoflife 7

Episode 3 of the Project-JK Moab Experience is the final chapter in this three part series. In it, you will see highlights from one of the largest gathering of Jeep JK Wranglers ever – the 2009 Mega Meet which took place at Area BFE, and you will get to see an excursion we did out to Arches National Monument where we took in the breath taking beauty of Park Avenue and hiked up to the Tower Arch. Last but not least, you will get to see some serious carnage we had out on the Metal Masher Jeep Trail and what it took to get us rolling again.