TSB – Rear Lower Corner Of Soft Top May Not Stay Tucked To Rail Retainer On Body

NUMBER: 23-037-07
DATE: August 23, 2007

Rear Lower Corner Of Soft Top May Not Stay Tucked To Rail Retainer On Body

This bulletin involves the replacement of the two rear tailgate retainer (bar) brackets.

The customer may notice that the left or right rear lower corner of the soft top may not stay tucked to the body. Closer inspection may reveal that the plastic bracket, used to secure the rear tailgate retainer (bar) in place, may not stay attached to the rail retainer on the body.

TSB 23-037-07


  1. 07 unlimited wrangler passenger clip will not stay clipped in.
    I’ve tried everything short of glueing it on.

  2. Had the same problem. Dealer ordered a replacement and it came in slightly different with a new part number. Problem solved.

  3. Found that zipping the rear window completely shut and then tucking the corner under the lip works pretty good.

  4. 4 metal screws held mine in place nicely. didn’t think to get a replacement, but at least now they can’t be lost!

  5. I have had this problem from the day I bought my Jeep 07 Wrangler Sport. Thanks to the forum and armed with the TSB, I will be in contact with the dealership about this. Thanks for this.

  6. Mine has also done that since the first time I put my soft top on. Do these TSB’s expire? My JK is an ’07 and I’ve never reported the problem to my local dealership??

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