TSB – Oil Canning, Popping, or Thumping-Like Sound From Front Passenger Area During Body

NUMBER: 23-008-07
DATE: February 24, 2007

Oil Canning, Popping, or Thumping-Like Sound From Front Passenger Area During Body Twist

This bulletin involves creating two depressions in the front floor pan at the transmission tunnel area to reduce panel flex.

NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles built on or before September 07, 2006 (MDH 0907XX).

The customer may experience an oil canning, thumping, or popping-like sound from the front passenger area. The sound may be misdiagnosed as a suspect shock absorber or rebound bumper.

TSB 23-008-07


  1. I had this problem when riding down the road on the street don’t buy one in Tuscaloosa, Alabama the dealer is not willing to put hisself in my shoe and risk the potection of his family ask Chris the owned I’ve had several talks with him he said “there’s nothing wrong with this vehicle” chris

  2. Was this solution found while some redkneck mechanic was listening to NASCAR and his car spuns out in thats theres leeeft turnss so he kicks the panel out of frustration?????

    THEN in typical Engineer style they turn it into a SIX step process for the Lawyer to review and add in a NOTE to protect the paint from the hammer so that he could get paid too…

    Entire TSB could have read:

    1) Call Chrysler many times, open STARS tickets and keep doing this until frustrated
    2) Take hammer, hit part a couple of times to relieve frustrations
    3) Return to customer and make up some big technical list of things you did to fix it.

  3. Soooo….Maybe this is a lame way to fix this oil canning sound but it did work. Pretty easy to find this with a Google search. Maybe because it is 7 years old now. Seem to be a lot of tsb’s for this year. Maybe I should print them all off and go at them one by one.

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