TSB – Modular Hard Top Freedom Panel Waterleaks

NUMBER: 23-001-07
DATE: January 6, 2007

Modular Hard Top Freedom Panel Waterleaks

This bulletin involves replacement of foam and/or butyl tape(s) and/or weatherstrips to
eliminate Freedom Panel water leaks.

Water may leak at the center front, center rear, A-pillar corners or B-pillar corners of hard
top Freedom Panels.

TSB 23-001-07


  1. I have a 2007 wrangler that leaks and it has been in the shop 5 times and still leaks. Chrysler said they don’t know what to do yet.

  2. Hi sawdust, this TSB was just issued on January 6, 2007 and was put into effect on the 15th. Do you happen to know if you’ve had this TSB performed yet? If not, please print it out, take it to your dealer and ask them to have it done. This should do the trick and even if it doesn’t, it is important to have these things specifically documented so that DC is made aware of it.


  3. I have a 2007 JK Wrangler Sarhara…with a leaking hardtop. I brought it in twice and the dealer replaced all the factory seals…after a few heavy rain storms, no more leaking.

  4. My JK is leaking like crazy. I read several posts on JK-Forum regarding “puffing up” the weather seals and was about to do it unit I read that a TSB was coming. Too bad my JK stinks now due to water . . . . but it was going to get water in it at some time anyway. Any other TSBs coming our way that anyone may be aware of. Rather get as many done at one time as I can. Anyone had problems with the doors not closing. I had it happen several times now where door is opened and go to close, but have to push button on handle to release before I can close it.

  5. I finally found the time to test drive the new jk and ordered it on the spot. The model I went for was the Unlimited Rubicon with the Freedom Top. What I did notice was a bit of air sound from one of the right front door frames . How common is this sound and what is the fix if it does continue?

  6. I also have had the TB done 4 times but the tech rep had some new information. He said there were two hard top vendors. The one that supplies the factory has had problems. The one that supplies the dealers for “after market” parts has been ok. With that in mind, I just had my top replaced today. Storms tomorrow so we will see if it leaks again. If so, Chrysler can have this Jeep back and I will get one with the soft top only that hasn’t had water run into the dash, radio, center console and sport bars…

  7. Well, the new top didn’t work. Jeep is now buying back my Wrangler… Let’s hope the next one is better.

  8. As far as the air leak sound around the windshield area, quite normal on all of the CJs and TJs I have had. Figure it’s normal hear too but there is a TB on it if it bothers you. In essence, it is adding RTV under the window frame.

  9. just picked up my new wrangler 2 weeks ago and so far no leaks on the freedom top. my jeep was built in april….does anyone know if there was a fix made to the tops before mine was built?

  10. My 2007 sahara 2-door leaks where the windshield frame meets the door panels. One dealer used vynil tape to “fix it”, and second dealer replaced the door stripping. 3rd time to the dealer resulted in them giving up and saying they need to contact the engineers of Chrysler. I am looking for a refund. I can’t stand knowing my vehicle’s value is dropping based on the company’s poor design.

  11. May I suggest you enjoy the fact that you were one of the first to get the new Jeep JK? After all, most people know well enough that the first few years of a new vehicles production is going to have some problems. (Jeep JK 4-door)

    Take the Jeep Cherokee XJ for example; it came out in 1984, and was named 4X4 of the year by Petersen’s 4Wheel and Off-Road magazine. But those of us who know better know that from
    1984-1986 these vehicles were the trial and error test vehicles, and the public became the test dummies who paid to test them for Jeep. Some of the problems included:

    * Underpowered engine; (2.5L 4-cyclender or a GM 2.8L V-6)
    * Poorly designed front drive shaft (Stick in a can CV joint)
    * Vacuum disconnect front axle which was problematic (1984-1991)

    -So those of you have a new Jeep JK, hopefully you do not experience any more problems, but if and when you do, thanks for testing my future Jeep purchase (2009-2010), Beer is on me if we ever meet.


    P.S. Original owner of a 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ. 145,000 miles, still running strong, knock on wood. (Less then $400.00 spent in repairs)

  12. I combined all my problems into one email
    2007 JK purchased in Feb 2007

    Week 1:
    Problem–had to have the Jeep towed back to the dealership because I have an antifreeze leak
    Cause—cheap tension hose clamps used on this model
    Solution—replaced with “worm? style hose clamp

    Week 8:
    Problem—right side fender flare started flopping in the wind
    Cause—fender mounted with cheap plastic hardware
    Solution— replaced with metal hardware

    Week 10:
    Problem—Sirius radio stopped working
    Solution—replace receiver

    Week 2-Month 4:
    Constant and unresolved problem—tightening bolt popped through freedom top on 2 occasions
    Cause—bolts too long when using freedom top only, a gap is left when the rear top is removed and only the freedom tops are used; went to dealer and looked at tightening bolts on a JK that just arrived at dealer and noticed the bolts are shorter; apparently Jeep corrected the problem on new JKs but what about those already out there

    Constant and unresolved problem—Freedom tops vibrate and bounce around when rear top is removed and only freedom top used

    Constant and unresolved problem—After original freedom tops were replaced (because of tightening bolts popping through) the current tops do not fit properly and I have tremendous wind noise and rain getting in gap between tops

    Week 7:
    Constant and unresolved problem—passenger side door will not close securely and has to be slammed shut with force
    Cause—according to dealer, the rubber weatherstripping is inadequate so they replaced it

  13. Just brought home my 07 unlimited 4 door yesterday 7-24-07. Heavy rain today and I had a small leak at the center of the windsheild dripping on to the dash right above the NAV screen.Should I take this thing back or can it be repaired?

  14. Soft Top Leakage on Unlimited: I finally got fed up and took off the soft top which leaked on both sides onto the front door handles and then filled up the drivers foot well. I also have a leak which drips down into the cargo area behind the rear seats (only in a heavy rain) and the passengers side canvas window still keeps popping out from between the rear door seal and door frame and flaps happily in the wind. My freedom top hasn’t leaked yet but the soft top is crap! The dealer said that Chrysler is looking for a fix and they have no timeline as to when. Anyone else out there with the same issues which have been corrected?

  15. I bought a 4 door Steel Blue JK in March and absolutely love it. Since I have had it, we discovered that the heater was not hooked up so it only blew cold air, the power steering differential was faulty and has since been replaced, and my Soft top, yes I said Soft top leaked. Bad!!! I have since had the seals replaced, and it had been worked on 3-4 times to get that done, and it still leaked. my carpet had to be replaced because of water damage from leaking roof. I now have the 3 piece hard top, and guess what they did not replace the seals like I asked and the top leaks too. I still love my jeep but this is just worn me down. Too many people tell me to have the dealership pay for the jeep and me keep it. Personally I want it fixed, I love it. I am waiting to hear from them on Monday to see what the plan of attack is so that we can fix it. I only have 3100 miles on it and just want to have it long enough to really drive it.

    I would buy one again though. Great concept, just got to eliminate those bugs.

  16. Here I am again sharing my leaky woes. Has anyone had their leaky roof completely fixed, this will be my 6th major repair of the roof since I have owned my jeep, I bought it in March and now only have 4200 miles on it. The dealer has had my jeep more than me. I just want a functioning dry jeep, isn’t there something about being a lemon. Maybe it is time for jeep to replace my wrangler with one that does not leak.

  17. I have read all the comments that people are having with their new JK Wranglers. I have bought a new 07 Black 4dr JK Wrangler 4X4 about 4 months ago. I have had the same leaky top that people are having trouble with. I had to take it back to the dealer, and they replace the seals, and it worked for me. Then, I had the doors to leak too, and had to have the seal replaced twice, it seams to be working so far. I have also had the doors rattle, and I thought that the doors were loose, but they said that the doors just needed to be tightened up, which they did, but the rattle is back and i haven’t took it back again yet. I also have the new MyGig stereo that has the touch screen with the navigation system. It has been replaced twice, once the screen would not let you change anything so they replace it. Then, the second time, it just keep going off, and coming back on over and over. They replace it. I haven’t had any problems with it again, yet anyway. So all and all I have had the same problems but my dealership here in Jonesboro, AR has been real helpful and have done all the repair with no problem. I have added a ProComp 4/2 lift, this is a 2″ spacer in the back with 4″ springs in the front, running 33-12.50-17 on the new American Racing Dale JR Cannon wheels. I have also put the AEV bumper with the hidden winch. The 4″ springs in the front worked out real good to compensate for the weight of the bumper and winch. This set up works well and everything and has leveled out perfect. It raised my jeep about 3.5 to 4 inches. I have also added a Airraid intake and a single out Gibson exhaust. This has boosted the power to my jeep quite a bit. When I go hunting I pull a trailer with two 4 wheelers, that totals up to about 2400lbs, through some pretty steep hills. With these add ons the power is quite helpful. My only other thing that I am looking for is a Hyper-Tech programmer or something equivalent to it. If anyone knows of any programmer like this or if someone is coming out with one please let me know. If you would like to know more about my jeep just email back on here and we can talk more. I know how hard it is to decide what lift and tires to go with, much less were to go to see if its what you like or not.

  18. Hey Guys

    I just bought a 08 Wrngler X with the freedom top and Im having the same problem. Leaks right onto the dash, Im wondering if this TSB will cover the 08s too or if they will need to send out another one!


  19. my jk leeks too but the thing is it leeks when new it will leek like a river when older. Thats what i am concerned with just mite need some sikaflex.

  20. Add me to the list of people with a very leaky JK. I bought an ’07 JK and have had leaks at the front pillars since I bought it. Chrysler/Jeep has been no help at all trying to get it fixed. The leaking is so bad that the front carpet is practically ruined now.

    My JK: 07 Black JK, MyGig, Dual Top, Rock Crawler steel wheels, Goodrich MT KM2 310 tires, KC driving lights, Airaid air intake, Daystar switches

  21. I purchased my 07 Wrangler 4 door in August and it has already been in the shop 11 times for the leaking hard top. I am really fed up with the dealership and feel like they are not really interested in fixing the problem. I called the main jeep number today and filed a lemon law claim on this vehicle. Plus, a new service request to fix the problem. Hopefully one way or another this problem will get resolved. Has anyone been successful in getting the lemon law protection for the leaking roof? Any thoughts of where to go from here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

  22. My 2008 jk freedom top is also leaking on the dash right above the stereo. Hopefully the dealer will fix the problem right the first time.

  23. I have a 2005 Wrangler Sport that has been at the Dealer at least 6 times for a leak causing water to pool in both the front and rear passenger foot wells. I have had my windshield resealed, the passenger door seal replaced TWICE, the passenger door hinges were realigned, and the added option door guard was removed-water tested-and replaced. I have had the carpeting replaced because the smell and water damage was nasty. Guess what–It STILL LEAKS !!!!! HOWEVER, The passenger front is now dry but the rear still leaks. I just found it today after driving in heavy slush and snow. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO NEXT!!! I DON’T WANT to take it back to this dealer!!!

  24. Hi. Have 08 rubicon 4 dr with major freedom top leak. the leak got soo bad that the 2 front panels filled wiyh water, sounded like the waves rolling in when you drove. then due to weather it froze 2 or 3 times. when to the dealer for 4 th time , last visit they suppossedly ordered me a new roof panel since it was deemed defective(right side)told them i wanted ne wroof panels cuz they were filled with water and had frozen and who knows what damage was done in there , molding down the line.. they said they had a leak specialist coming in. picked it up 2 days later saying they fixed it..resealed around front pillars but no new roof panels claiming if there is a problem my warranty will cover it 36000 or 3 years..its only 5 months old and i put 11000 miles on it..told them my warr. be up in a year tops and then when theres a prob with the top who fixes it? said theres a paper trail now so don,t worry.. needless to say there is a water stain on back seat from the leak now and i,m just not sure what to do. rained 2day and so far no leak but the damage is already done. love my jeep just disgusted with the problem and being jerked around. should i file for lemon claim or call main headquarters or go back in to the dealer??

  25. I am a Service Advisor at a Jeep Dealership. We deal with alot of water leaks on a weekly basis. Alot from the Freedom Top panels. The most common one is the front center leak that drips onto the center dash/shifter area. These leaks are VERY frustrating, for customers as well as our techs and service advisors. We have accually had cars for weeks trying to fix them. I dont mean working on it for 1 maybe 2 hours a day but 3-6. From my opinion the main problem lies in the seals, and the fitment of the panels. The seals act as a draining system, for both fast/high volume water flow, as well as slow accumulation. If the seals are pinched in the slightest, it will cause a leak. If the Tops are not installed exactly how the manual states, or are just barely mis-aligned it will leak. Also if the sound bar knobs are too tight it can cause a leak. Most of the leaks start in the rear of the center seal and accumulate water in the length of the seal.
    We try to get our water leak customers in as early as possible, and will not let the car go until it has passed the test 3 times all wich include soaking it and letting it sit for 2 hours allowing the water a chance to accumulate. What other dealers need to do is have 1 to 2 techs assigned specificly to any water leaks that come in.
    I agree that if someone pays $23- $30,000 for a Jeep or any car, it shouldnt leak like that.
    Chrysler is working on another udated fix for these. Not sure exactly when it will be released, but hopefully soon!

  26. I have a 2007 2 door Rubicon, and have problems with the tops leaking as well. First the soft top, now the hard top. The local dealer had it for a month, and it still leaks. I have asked for a replacement Jeep, but so far, nothing. I really am sick and tired of the leaks as well. Especially when the water runs down the dash, across the stereo, and onto the shift boot, and other parts of the console. I also have water coming in both A pillars, and also behind the driver’s seat, by the window. One day, I counted 5 leaks total. Last night it rained really hard, and I only had one leak. Does that mean that it was a good day????

  27. I noticed mine leaked soon after I got it but didn’t think to much of it. then it got worse and worse. It’s been in to the dealer once for weather stripping that did absolutly nothing. It only soaks the drivers carpet section, so thats all i’d have to take out, but that is getting old fast. the center leak has ruined my CB radio, my replacement CB has electrical tape around it but i’m sure it will need to be replaced before long. I also damaged the freedom top by turning the screws through the roof as someone else mentioned. The thing chips everywhere and leaves white spots. It’s mickey mouse not jeep quality. I want to take it back but I’m affraid they’ll say it’s just been used and is not a manufacturers defect, then give me the run around on weather striping. good luck to everyone else that has to deal with this crap.

  28. Count me as another leaking wrangler. Mine is a hardtop 2008 4 door Rubi, 4k miles. Seems to drip in at the bottom of the passenger door. Luckily I have the husky floor liners and they trap the incoming water. I left it out one night and in the morning had about an inch of water in the floor mat. Guess I will always park in the garage and also in the garage at work ….. 32k for a leaking vehicle? Scared to bring it to the dealer for what else they will screw up. Have not seen anyone else with a similar location for the water entering the vehicle.

  29. I have a leak in the freedom roof of my 2007 Sahara wrangler jeep. It was in the dealer numerous times and when I asked the dealer if there were problems, they said there were none. They said that my jeep was an isolated problem. But from reading the posts I can see that this is not the case. I purchased my jeep from Scotia Chrysler, Sydney, Nova Scotia and they have not been able to resolve my leak problems.

    Chrysler Canada does not stand behind their products and I believe that the image of the rugged jeep – is false advertisement. The freedom roof does not offer any freedom- if you are in the dealer every other week – how can this make you feel free.

    David George
    New Victoria, NS
    B1H 4Z2

  30. My 07 Rubicon 2 door leaks bad….. Dick Hanna Jeep in Vancouver, WA has really pooched the screw on this one. The leaking roof was bad enough. Then they left it outside in the rain for two weeks “waiting for parts” and filling with water. WTF? So they did all the door/roof seal stuff three times and we are on number four trip now…… I called Chrysler in INDIA. Yes frigging INDIA and got some BS about a “care” number being issued. C’mon, 32000.00 bucks for a rig that has a roof comparable to the CJ bikini top I lived with in my high school days….. The folks at mopar need to step up and put out a single piece hard top with window gutters like my TJ had. Freedom top was a sexy sweet selling point but let’s put “utility” back in sport ute and get a top that “just works” like our beloved Jeeps usually always have. How about 60 months and 0.9 percent interest on a CJ refurb?!?!?!

  31. Just bought a 2008 Wrangler Sahara, less than one month old. Got into it today after some rainstorms and saw that the hardtop had leaked some water (right above the rear-view mirror). Total BS. I hope this is a quick fix and not a design flaw.

  32. After reading the comments above, I guess I should be happy that my 2007 JK/Soft Top only has wind leaks at 65 mph. The whistling noise from the front header bow, that appears to be warped and doesn’t touch the seal correctly, drives me crazy! This is my 5th Wrangler and the first one that I have had a problem with annoying wind leaks but I still love it, especially when the top is down because it’s quieter!
    I’ve taken it to the dealer and they tell me wind noise at 65 mph is normal, funny it wasn’t an issue when I drove it off the lot but it has gotten worse over time. I recently added a piece of weather stripping under the header bow across the length of the windshield, this has helped. If I could only get the top to close tighter it might do the trick but it seems to be impossible to adjust the clips that hold the top down above the driver and passenger sun visors. Oh well, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until the water leaks start, then I can look forward to more frustrating visits to the dealer.

  33. My 2008 Unlimited has been in 3 times for leak above radio (typical) They can’t fix it although everytime they give it back, they say it’s fixed. HOWEVER, I just removed the Freedom top for the summer and I noticed that the passenger side panel has water in it (explains the sloshing I keep hearing) In my case, i think that the water isn’t leaking thru the gaskets as much as it’s leaking into the top panel and then finding it’s way to the center where there is another weep hole, and then it gets in. Has anyone else found this to be the case with theirs?

  34. Add me to the long long list of leaking hardtops….It’s so frustrating trying to get these guys to understand that i just spent 30k…..

    So it has been in four times now. The last time I took it (AFTER THEY SAID IT WAS OK) I shot video of the not so OK workmanship. it’s now posted on youtube here. Mine is the 08 JK unlimited, thankgod i dont have the NAV model….


    They have told me that it is now fixed once again, however the wind noise is much worst now, so we will see how it holds up to my next water test. Oh and to the poster above, they sealed my tops, mine were also filling up with water.. Will update when

  35. Come on you people. For cryin’ out loud…it is a Jeep. If you want a perfectly quiet/never leaks vehicle, buy a non-convertible vehicle. Get a Liberty.

    Yes, Wranglers are different and require a little more patience than your normal vehicle, but are well worth the time. My JK doesn’t leak with the soft top on, but might leave a drop or two on the dash with the hard-top on. Not a big deal for a Jeep.

    Are you absolutely sure you read the owners manual and installed the top (hard or soft) correctly? It they are not properly aligned, they will leak. Throw a small towel over the dash at night if you suspect rain and otherwise have fun with it!!! jeepers!

  36. I have had multiple problems with my hard top. I got nowhere with Chrysler and got a lawyer to file lemon law. Jeep offered a settlement and to fly out a tech to fix it. If the leak comes back within 30 days, they will repurchase the vehicle. I’ll see how it goes.

  37. I guess I’m a fortunate owner. My Wrangler with the Freedom top has been through a tropical storm (insane rain driven by 50 mph winds) and several severe thunderstorms and hasn’t leaked a drop.

    Every time I wash it, I blast the weather seal areas and inspect for any water seepage. To date; none yet. Doesn’t mean it won’t leak in the future though, which is why I check during every wash.

  38. 2008 Jeep Sahara unlimited 4 door…so far no leakes that I know of just the stupidity of not having a drip rail to stop rain/dew from dripping in the windows! My only main complaint is the door knock issues (gave me a tube of grease but no clue what to do with it…lol) since there was a cheap tsb fix with this grease fix (no instructions) I guess we will see how this works for the time being. Again once I can find the tsb instructions on line somewhere hopefully…Other than that love this jeep well over some of my older jeeps cj a yj(which was the worst ever) a tj was not to bad and now thJK which is pretty good so far although I have yet put up the soft top (and will have to wait till next year now since almost winter time)

  39. Wow, I have had my TJ for 11 years here in Perth Australia and love it, have a hard top and soft top and not a single leak in all that time. I was thinking about a JK, but after hearing all the horror stories with the leaks, crysler can count me out.
    Crysler should have used the help of Merc when they were together, I also have a Merc SLK, they have a roof that splits in two with a drip channel, not a drop gets in. They should have used that experience.

  40. I recently purchased an 08 Sahara unlimited. 1 water leak on the passenger side and a wind leak on the drivers side. The wind noise seems to be coming from the forward curved part of the door because if I stick a coozie in the corner and close the door it gets quiet. The water leak I have not pin pointed it’s origin yet. I am waiting for an appointment to get it in to the dealer. Also the overdrive button doesn’t work. Otherwise I love my new jeep. just under 6000 miles and no other complaints.

  41. I bought a 2008 rubicon and took delivery in oct 2007. I found the hard top leaked by hearing the water swishing around in the top. I inspected the top and found that the plastic top had a small pin hole imperfection at the back of the drivers side. I plugged the pin hole with epoxy and it fixed the problem. I suspect the quality control at the plastic plant is not that good…..

  42. I have a new 2008 jeep wrangler that i just bought in july. My problem is that it snows and i park the jeep in my heated garage so it melts and now the next time i go to get into my vehicle a butt load of water drains right into my jeep soaking the carpet. I don’t want my jeep to rust does anybody know how to fix this problem?????? Also happens just when i wash it too.

  43. I bought a used ’08 Unlimited X with hard top four months ago. It had 12K miles and was a “buy back” by Chrysler then sold at a Chrysler dealer only auction. My local dealer bought it and I got a steal of a deal and the Jeep is just like new. It was bought back under the Lemon Law, repaired and not one leak now in 5K miles and it’s been raining every day here in The Ozarks of north central AR for the past two weeks.

    Love that Jeep but I’m always watching for a roof leak.

  44. I have a 2009 jeep wrangler x with a 3d modular top. I have no water leaks but a whistle sound between 40-50 mph. Dealership had the spealist “Water Doctors” check and couldn’t find the problem. They replaced the header seal … no luck. Any ideas?

  45. Well my jeep is back in the dealership shop again.Bought it brand new and they keep it more than i do.Once they get your money they don”t care about you anymore.They will tell you anything TO just get you out of there.Good luck when you bye one.

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