TSB – Modular Hard Top Freedom Panel Waterleaks

NUMBER: 23-001-07
DATE: January 6, 2007

Modular Hard Top Freedom Panel Waterleaks

This bulletin involves replacement of foam and/or butyl tape(s) and/or weatherstrips to
eliminate Freedom Panel water leaks.

Water may leak at the center front, center rear, A-pillar corners or B-pillar corners of hard
top Freedom Panels.

TSB 23-001-07


  1. what about when you open the front doors during or after a rain and the water pours into the floorboards like a waterhose.

  2. I bought a used 07 JK with soft top and haven’t had any real leak problems. Except when I wash it, sometimes it leaks a tiny bit on the driver’s seat. Also have the same problem as glenn; when I open the door in the rain I get washed from above.

    Been thinking about getting a hardtop, but these horror stories kind of waved me off. Wonder if Jeep might have fixed these problems by now?

  3. I bought a new 2009 hard top Jeep Wrangler and have had it back to the dealership 3 seperate times for water leaks. how many more times does it have to go back before the lemon law takes effect.
    It gets old after a while. They hire the water doctor to come in to fix the leaks, so they say..anyone out there with information?
    email me please if you have info rmulhol904@comcast.net Thanks

  4. >>STBEAR007 November 6th, 2008 1:52 am
    2008 Jeep Sahara unlimited 4 door…so far no leakes that I know of just the stupidity of not having a drip rail to stop rain/dew from dripping in the windows!

    Re this comment, I have same issue on a 2009 – does anyone have a good solution to extend the rain-gutter to prohibit the water from pouring into the car?

  5. Im from australia and i have a jk 07 wrangler, have they not worked out the best way to fix theses leaks,its been in 4-5 times, all seals and now freedom top.

  6. To fix the jk roof leak u need two things from the dealer1 roll of sticky foam for the front and sides of the freedom panels 2 uhweatherstrip from rear body panel of a r tj the foam comes out of there jk8conversion kit just add the foam to the front and sides on the freedom panels and cut the weatherstrip into 3sections 2sides and1middle peice discard the middle and use the two sides for the pinchweld on the a piller hope this helps



  7. Have had the seals replaced by Asorg motors (dealer) stopped leak for a while,but leaking again. Screws were and still are tight, have never had top off since repair. kept in garage so didnt get rained on for many months, left in rain two nights ago and tops are leaking and water is sloshing around in the t-tops. the jk is junk and the freedom tops are its worst part. Do NOT buy one it will leak. buyer beware.

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