M.O.R.E. Jeep JK Wrangler 1″ Body Lift

M.O.R.E. Jeep JK Wrangler 1

When it comes to mods that’ll give you the biggest bang for your buck, few are more useful, affordable and easier to install than a 1″ body lift.

Now, unlike a “suspension” lift which uses taller coils or coil spacers to phyiscally raise your entire Jeep up off the ground, a body lift will only raise the tub portion of your Jeep up off its frame rails most typically by stacking a series of 1″ tall pucks on top of your existing factory body mounts. Make no mistake, a body lift is by no means an alternative to a suspension lift but it definitely is a great compliment to one.  In fact, Jeepers have been installing body lifts on their rigs for years as an economical way to give them the extra space they’ve needed to clear bigger tires (without needing to install taller coils) and/or to give them the ability to install things like a high clearance transmission skid plate. Certainly, I myself have in the past and still do run a 1″ body lift on my TJ for both reasons.

Need I say, I have no doubts what so ever that 1″ body lifts will be in high demand by Jeep JK Wrangler owners today and in the years to come.  And, fortunately for us, M.O.R.E. (Mountain Off-Road Enterprises) has just released a great kit that comes complete with 6061 alluminum pucks, new OEM front mounts and all the hardware you’ll need to install it.  Once installed, the unfinished alluminum pucks will provide a great looking and deliberate look and because they are stacked on top of the existing rubber body mounts (as opposed to being replaced with hard polyurethane mounts), you can be sure that engine vibrations will still be absorbed well. But, I think that many will find that the best part about the M.O.R.E. Jeep JK Wrangler 1″ Body Lift Kit is its expected low retail price of only $128 for a 2-Door and $144 for a 4-Door Unlimited.


Special Thanks: I’d like to thank Northridge4x4 for putting me in touch with Allen Ball of M.O.R.E. and for helping me to get this exclusive press release.

FYI: To the best of my knowledge, the M.O.R.E. 1″ Jeep JK Wrangler Body Lift is only available at Northridge4x4


  1. As an additional note, I should point out that a radiator or fan shroud drop kit is not needed as the new Jeep JK Wranglers come with electric fans. Also, I am told that a transfer case shifter drop bracket will not needed as well.


  2. So your saying this is a turnnkey install kit, with nothing else needed? Wonder if all those still apply wit a 4″ suspension lift already installed.

  3. So unlike the TJ 1″ BL, this is just a straight forward install…nothing else that needs to accompany? Not a 1″MML or anything? I ask because I want to run 35’s but only want to install a 2″ or 2.5″ suspension lift. Any info is appreciated.

  4. Yup, unlike the TJ, the t-case shifter bracket is on the t-case instead of the tub and the mechanical fan has been replaced with an e-fan so no t-case shifter drop bracket is needed, no more relocating of the fan shroud is needed and/or no more MML is needed.


  5. In your experience, if you lift a jeep whether by body lift or suspension; will it void the warrenty? I currently have the factory wheels (17×8) and tires (255-75-R17) on my 07 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited and I’d like to put a 33″ (285-70-R17)BFG all terrain KO on my ride but I don’t want to void the warrenty. Any suggestions?

  6. Unless whatever damage that may need to be fixed can be traced specifically to a modification you have done to your Jeep, your warranty should not be voided.


  7. I’m looking to put a 1″ body lift on my 2008 JK 4dr. I want to go with 33″ tires, but how wide can I make those tires?

  8. Hey Eddie,
    Have you seen this body lift on any JK’s? How does it look? I’m thinking about getting it, but not if it looks awkward with the tub raised, although it IS only an inch.
    As always, thanks!

  9. Hi Dave, I have this kit on my Jeep now and I am working on a write-up for it. As far as looks go, it does not look awkward as the pinch seam still extends down to the top of the bumpers. Anything more than an inch and I think it would look terrible.


  10. Thanks, Eddie. How did the install go? Did you need anything else, or were you told correctly that you wouldn’t need to drop anything? If all went well, I’m going to call in my order. As always, thanks.


  11. Sorry to throw this in there after just posting, but have you heard if there are any different issues installing this kit with the automatic trans?


  12. hi dave, the install was straight forward and easy to do – i will try to have my write-up on it up by the end of the week if i can. you do need to make sure that you order a kit for an 07 if you have one or an 08 as the kits come with a couple of different pucks thanks to a change that Jeep made. otherwise, if you have a stick, you will have to trim your inner shift boot – autos will not have any problems.


  13. Thanks, Eddie. I read about the two different kits in the forum. Sounds like some folks made the mistake of ordering the wrong one for theirs. I plan to phone in my order to make sure I get the ’07 kit. And thanks in advance for what I’m sure is going to be another great write-up!

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