Superior Axle & Gear
Jeep JK Wrangler Ring & Pinions

Superior Axle & Gear Jeep JK Wrangler Ring & PinionFor those of you who have already lifted your new Jeep JK Wrangler, installed a set of bigger tires and are now suffering from the “I need to regear” blues, have I got good news for you.  Superior Axle & Gear has just released the following press release:

Contact:   Mike Denton Jr. – V.P. Sales & Marketing
Superior Axle & Gear
3954 Whiteside Street, Los Angeles, CA 90063
Call (323) 268-4151 • (323) 268-9085 Fax

Superior Axle & Gear, LLC
Announces 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK Ring & Pinions
Available February 23rd

Los Angeles, CA — Superior Axle & Gear, the leader in axle and drivetrain development, announces its newest line of ring and pinion gears for the all-new 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK. 

The available ratios are as follows:
DANA 44 Rear, Standard on ALL Models: 4.88 and 5.13
DANA 30 Reverse Rotation Front, Standard on non-Rubicon Models: 4.88 and 5.13
DANA 44 Reverse Rotation Front, Standard on all Rubicon Models: 4.88 and 5.13

These new gears will be shipping in February 2007. 

Superior Axle & Gear is a manufacturer of high-quality, heavy-duty axles, ring & pinions and other drivetrain products.  

Part numbers: 
D44488JK – Rear JK DANA 44 4.88 Ratio
D44513JK – Rear JK DANA 44 5.13 Ratio
D44488RJK – Front JK Reverse Rotation Rubicon DANA 44 4.88 Ratio
D44513RJK – Front JK Reverse Rotation Rubicon DANA 44 5.13 Ratio
D30488RJK – Front JK Reverse Rotation DANA 30 4.88 Ratio
D30513RJK – Front JK Reverse Rotation DANA 30 5.13 Ratio

Now, if you didn’t catch it, these will be available and shipping out this February and, from what I’m told, these new gears are going to retail for only $229 a set!


FYI: Superior Axle & Gear Jeep JK Wrangler Ring & Pinions will be available at 4Wheel Drive Hardware, Northridge4x4, Off Road Evolution, Quadratec and Redrock4x4.


  1. Well, that is good that they will have gears out soon, better yet they got them low enouph to overcome the Gutless Wonder V6 when your running 35’s or 37’s. Haven’t found any gear calculators yet for this V6’s tourque range, but going off of the factory gearing and past experience it should be pretty close to this:

    Standard – 35-37 with 4.88
    37-39 with 5.13
    Auto – 33-35 with 4.88
    35-37 with 5.13

    Hope that helps in your planning.


  2. Eddie
    I have a 08 Sahara unlimited with an automatic and 315 ProComps. I want to change the gears but am not sure of what to go with. I am considering either 4.56 or 4.88. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

  3. Honestly, you’ll want 4.88’s as they’ll bring your JK back up to stock performance. However, if you want a bit more power, 5.13’s is what I would go with – as a matter of fact, that’s what I had done 🙂

  4. I have a 2007 JK X Wrangler I put on a 3 1/2 short arm lift with 35″ tires

    I still have the standard rear end gears.

    Would like to know what gear ratio I should change to and I would like to know what lockers would be the best to perchase.

  5. 4.88 will bring you back to stock like performance and 5.13’s will give you a boost in power. the downside to 5.13’s is that your RPM’s will be on the high side at highway speeds. As far as lockers go, ARB is what I would recommend.

  6. I have 2010 JK Unlimited. Going with 315s(35s) and looking to stay with highway speeds and power should I look into 4.88s?

  7. 4.88’s will bring you back to about stock performance. 5.13’s will give you a boost in power but, your rpm’s will be a bit higher at highway speeds.

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