TSB – FLASH: ESP System May Prematurely Activate Momentarily When Negotiating A Curve

NUMBER: 08-007-07
GROUP: Electrical
DATE: March 06, 2007

FLASH: ESP System May Prematurely Activate Momentarily When Negotiating A Curve

This bulletin involves selectively erasing and reprogramming the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) module with new software.

NOTE: This bulletin applies to 4×2 Wranglers built on or before November 08, 2006 (MDH 1108XX).

The customer may experience a premature and momentary activation of the Electronic
Stability Program (ESP) system. The premature activation of the ESP system will be
accompanied with the illumination of the ESP indicator lamp located in the instrument
cluster. The customer will experience the momentary ESP system activation typically on a
“clover leaf� type turn, at speeds of approximately 40 to 64 Km/h (25 to 40 mph).

TSB 08-007-07


  1. My dealer confirmed this TSB and are updating it for me next week… for some reason none of the other TSBs show up on her system, does that mean its up to date already?

  2. yeah i got a 4×4 x model and since i lifted and put bigger tires on it i get it all the time, its almost cause me to crash my jeep into a wall on the highway

  3. Just to make sure, are all of you with a lifted JK and bigger tires sure your steering wheel is straight? Because, this problem would occur if it weren’t.


  4. This TSB does not apply to 4X4 vehicles according to my dealership in Enumclaw, WA. I had mine in yesterday, but it wasn’t applicable. Still waiting for a real fix from DC…..

  5. 4×4 Sahara 2″ lift 34s & steering wheel is straight. ABS Kicks in everytime i get in a curve. Someone plz hlp Just got it from factory floor March 8th 2007. It scares the SHT out of me everytime it happens.

  6. I have a 4×4 Unlimited X, 3 inch lift, and 33/11.5 tires. At speeds greater than 30mph on entrance ramps, this also happens to me. I figure i just need to slow down until enough 4×4 owners complain and the problem is recognized for the 4×4 community.

  7. Update from my last post. I had my JK in for a new clutch (recall), and i asked about the 2wd recall for the ESP. The service manager told me there is a recall on the 4×4 now, and a flash for the computer should be out in a week or two. He tried installing the program from the 2wd to see if that would fix the problem, however, the cpu wouldnt except the update. Hope this info helps some of you guys out there. Good luck.

  8. I have a 4″ Skyjacker lift on my ’07 JK 4×4. I also put the procomp 17″ black, (7089), wheels and 35″ Toyo Open Country tires on. This premature engagement of the ESP is happening to me as well. I can go around corners at 25mph and sometimes it will engage and other times it will not around the same corner at the same speed. This has also happened at 30-45mph on corners as well. As I said before sometimes it will engage and around the same corner at the same speed it will not engage. It is annoying and I am going to get it checked out today. I hope they can find a fix for this.

  9. I have an 07 X 4×4 with a 3″ lift and 33s and was on a paved highway with a lot of curves and it started to kick in. Scared the crap out of me the first time cuz I almost ran into a car coming around the curve the other way.

  10. My JK has a 4″ lift with 34s and it kicked in and almost got me killed when I was pulling out onto a highway. The engine actually died for about two seconds and it’s a good thing there was a shoulder for me to pull onto. I’ve been told that with larger tires the ESP has to be recalibrated. All I want to do is get it disabled completely and permanently. How is that done?

  11. My JK Unlimited has a 2.5 inch Skyjscker lift and 305 70 R17 Procomp tires. I experienced the same affect as George Wagner where the engine actually started to die and the ESP light came on. I had to pull into the shoulder as I thought one of my wheels was loose. Pretty sketchy.

  12. I have this problem as well on my 4×4 “x” Jk with 3″ lift and 35″ Toyo MT tires. The dealership was less this helpful. ESP off button has done nothing for me. Will be turning off ESP manually untell a flash is released for this fix.

  13. I write from Rome, Italy.
    Also my 4×4 Jk (MDH 022614) has this problem. The Italian Jeep technical service tell me there is no update for 4×4. Please, have you got news from America?

  14. I don’t have a lift kit and this has happened twice to me! It does scare the crap out of you and nearly caused a wreck.

  15. I told my dealer hear in Tuscaloosa they said it was normal the light came on when cranked up and did not go off untill I got to where I was Going and turned it off and went in side Wal-mart and came back out to crank it back up it was off finialy this dealer is not resuring or know what they are dooing

  16. After the lift on mine it naturally had to have a realignment. The steering wheel was just a little off horizontal afterwards. I heard about the whelel having to be set back straight. I took it back in and got the steering wheel straightened out and haven’t had this problem since. I’m still leery but haven’t had the problem for about 4,000 miles now.

  17. if you pull your esp fuse the esp light track light and abs light will stay on and the esp and abs will not work but it cant cause problems for you on the road the jeeps have worked fine for years with out abs or esp with no problems

  18. Just to keep this info going. I’ve got an 07 with 1K miles. 3″ lift and 35″ tires and it does the ESP thing on freeway clover leaf ramps if I’m over 25-30 MPH. It’s a PAIN!

  19. My JK X Unlimited did this while being towed behind our motorhome. I had not disconnected the battery as directed in the manual (Jeep factory rep told me it was not necessary) but was towing with the transfer case in neutral and transmission in gear (Manual). Jeep brakes are great. The right front brake slowed our 17,000 pound motorhome right down. Dealer has flashed the computer and reprogrammed the EPS. We will see. I never had the problem while driving, only while towing the Jeep. Also, the odometer recorded every mile we towed it. I’ll be disconnecting the battery from now on.

  20. it is absurdity that nobody succeeds to resolve this problem! In Italy the Jeep does not know what to make. I have also a Kia Sportage v6. A Korean automotive factory is not behaved like the American Jeep. Here the Jeep has not given the handbook of instructions and the guarantee to us. This is one shame! My car always drives in EPS fault!

  21. Hi. Maybe the solution. Today the jeep factory have seen my Wrangler. They have correct G40 error by reprogramming EBC module (I hope!!!) and they have told me that they must replace the spiral in the steering because it would have to be defective. They have said that this EPS problem has had to this defective piece from the factory. Maybe the next week.

    They have replaces this steering spiral but nothing is changed.
    They think I’m crazy. I show them this forum because it’s an international problem (not only on my Jk). They want try my Jk again with an Jeep inspector. They think that this is not a problem but a normal Jk behavior.
    Am I really crazy?
    There is a doctor for me???

  23. They have only fixed error G40 (ABS problem, they said). Today they called me for another update. I send them this page to show them the international problem. So an inspector want to see and test my Jk for two days, tomorrow (18th).
    I hope in some results!

  24. marco just got mine back today the said they had a new flash they test drove it and said it was fixed but it kicked on on the first curve i came to. they are either really stupid or they are just full of it

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