TSB – Squeak-Like Sound Due To Manual Transmission Clutch Disc

NUMBER: 06-001-08
GROUP: Clutch
DATE: June 14, 2008

Squeak-Like Sound Due To Manual Transmission Clutch Disc

2007 – 2008 (JK) Wrangler
NOTE: This bulletin applies to Wrangler vehicles equipped with a 3.8L engine and manual transmission (sales codes EGT and DEH respectively), built on or before June 5, 2008 (MDH 0605XX).

This bulletin involves the replacement of the manual transmission clutch disc.

The customer may experience a squeak-like sound from the transmission clutch. This sound will occur when there is a change in engine torque. The squeak-like sound can be heard most often during: clutch engagement, acceleration (tip-in), and/or deceleration maneuvers. This condition may be due to the clutch disc internal components.



  1. So what if we had the first TSB done and the squeak is back? This looks like a totally different part #. Will they refix it?

  2. I had a throw out bearing replaced at 800 miles,a new clutch at 15000 miles.The noise is back at 27000 miles and has been there for sometime now. Back to the dealer, they have been great about it so far but i have a 2007 without the lifetime waranty. This has been the only issue i have had with my jk,other than that no problems.

  3. I have been living with my squeak since 16K miles (now have almost 40K on my 2007 Sahara). I had the clutch replaced twice under this TSB but it came back after 6K miles. The dealership near where I lived wanted to argue with me, saying that it was my fault because I didn’t know how to drive stick shift (which ensued into a rather ugly debate and is why I’ll never go to that dealership again).

    Other than being annoying I haven’t experienced any ill effects of the squeak. Small comfort that other people are having the same recurring issue. Don’t know if the TSB will be honored since I am way out of warranty.

  4. I have had this same squeak since about 700 miles, the dealership told me that it is a jk problem and no matter what it will always come back so i should deal with the sound. I now have almost 18000 on it with only one other problem. DEATH WOBBLE. it is back in for the second round of new damper and now tie rods worn out.

  5. I have 45,000 on my ’07. I have had the squeak for a while now. My warranty was up at 36000 miles. Will the dealer still repair my jeep under this tsb?

  6. I have also experienced this problem. On my Wrangler Sahara 2008 manual transmission. At around 45,000 miles the squeak turned into a big problem when the throw out bearing went out. $900 dollars not covered by warranty because there are no warranties for the clutch. Around 5,000 miles after the fix the problem is back. With the Jeep stripped down it is obvious but some owners might not hear it unless they are paying attention. Be aware of how loud the noise becomes and when you hear it.

  7. I am on my second clutch and 3 throw out bearing. I payed for 2 and it’s back making noise again! I love my jeep but this needs a fix!

  8. I just had the clutch replaced on my 2014 jeep wrangler 3.6 jk. It has 18k miles on it. It had been smoking and burning clutch smell when in 4wd ever since I got it. I had to fight with the dealership and Chrysler To get it fixed since they only warranty Clutches up to 15k miles…

  9. Does TOB folk studs adjustment sound crazy ? Something not right on the TOB preload studs …..information is sketchy . Put new everything ( clutch wise) starting to sqeal like a pig in heat AGAIN ! The wrangler has 134k on her when purchased , old TOB was completely destoryed . Ball bearings in the bottom of trans housing …

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