NEW Rough Country 3.5″ Jeep JK Series II Lift Kit
with NEW N2.0 Shock Absorbers

Rough Country Suspension Systems announces the addition of a highly versatile suspension lift kit for Jeep JK. The 3.5� Series II Lift Kit is focused around drastically improving off-road performance without compromising highway ride quality. Engineered by Rough Country’s Research and Development department, the 3.5� JK lift kit has been designed to mirror or exceed the quality of OEM equipment where possible while providing extra clearance and reinforced suspension components for off-road applications.

The kit includes both front and rear coil springs which have been factory tuned based on Jeep’s stock spring rate allowing maximum off-road absorption while maintaining incredible highway handling. A drop pitman arm and track-bar bracket help promote proper geometry of drag link and steering parts once the vehicle is lifted. The innovative track-bar bracket also features an extra mounting hole for securing the infamous weak spot on the stock JK bracket. Rough Country’s Series II Lift Kit also includes a pair of fixed lower control arms complete with an innovative High Clearance Design for optimum flex and OEM style rubber bushings that provide unparalleled vibration absorption. Debuting along with the 3.5� kit are a complete set of Rough Country’s new N2.0 shocks which incorporate self-adjusting velocity sensitive valving. This technology allows for variations in resistance valving according to piston speed which allows for a super smooth highway ride and outstanding control in rugged off road situations from the same shock, without turning any knobs or shock removal for re-adjustment.

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  1. This does sound very interesting for some one on a budget (like me ;-)). Eddie what do you think about this kit, especially the dropped pitman arm and new track arm support?

  2. Looks and works great. I have had it out on an easy trail to test clearances with my new 35s and the 3.5 lift. I had some fender rub and I need to do some chopping on my bumper (MOPAR) but all in all, I can’t complain.

  3. Anyone measure how much lift it net? Or better center of axle to bottom of stock flair? I have the 2.5″ RC kit on my last jeep and liked it. thinking of getting this one but not if it’s too much lift.

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