Dynatrac ProRock 44 Limited Time
Special Offer for JK-Forum Members!

Thanks to your direct feedback and input here on JK-Forum.com, Dynatrac has developed their all new ‘Unlimited’ ProRock 44 axle housing and will be offering it to our members at an introductory special price until August 13, 2010 – 5PM PST:

Our ProRock 44 has been a very popular upgrade for Jeep JK’s, but owners have been asking us for even more. We’ve listened, and we’ve got a brand new option – Introducing the Unlimited ProRock 44!!

The owners of some Jeep JKs have discovered that lifted rigs need a bit more pinion rise to minimize the possibility of drive shaft vibration. However, changing the pinion angle on a front axle housing, affects the caster angles which are important for handling and steering. Therefore, there is a practical limit to increasing the pinion angle adjustment.

Our new Unlimited ProRock 44 is built to allow an increased pinion angle but retains or even increases factory caster angles. This helps prevent drive shaft vibrations and can improve on-road handling substantially. It also helps get the drive shaft moved up and out of the rocks. We’ve also moved the shock mounts outboard slightly to help prevent the shocks from rubbing on the frame under full articulation, and make it easier to utilize some of the new, big body shock absorbers.

• Over 2 ½ times as strong as a factory Jeep housing!! Over twice as strong as most sleeved and welded housings.
• Suspension Brackets are 50% thicker and much stronger than stock
• Equipped with Dynatrac’s own heavy-duty end forgings (aka C’s) – Some areas are over 180% thicker than stock- No gussets needed
• Brackets and mounts designed and located for lifted Jeeps (Unlimited housing)
• Made in the USA!!

See the following links to our website for more technical information.


Here’s the deal!
This limited time offer allows you, the loyal members of the JK Forum. SAVE UP TO $300.00 on our standard JK ProRock 44 or our new Unlimited ProRock 44! We’ve made this easy by including all of the most popular options. We’ve been getting great feedback on our ‘Extreme’ ½? wall axle tube so every housing, both standard and Unlimited, will have 1/2? wall axle tubes. Our ProSteer ball joints have also been a very popular option so we’re including them in here too.

6 Options – 2 Prices:
Unlimited JK ProRock 44 for Rubi Locker- Jeep OEM ball joints
PN JK44-1X3010-G

Unlimited JK ProRock 44 for conventional diff (ARB-Detroit)-Jeep OEM ball joints
PN JK44-1X3010-H

Standard JK ProRock 44 for Rubi Locker- Jeep OEM ball joints
PN JK44-1X3010-E

Unlimited JK ProRock 44 for Rubi Locker- ProSteer ball joints
PN JK44-1X3010-K

Unlimited JK ProRock 44 for conventional diff (ARB-Detroit)-ProSteer
PN JK44-1X3010-L

Standard JK ProRock 44 for Rubi Locker- ProSteer Ball joints
PN JK44-1X3010-I

These terrific JK forum vendors are also stocking Dynatrac dealers, and are ready to take your order. They are also well equipped to provide you with gears, differentials, set-up labor, installation, and other parts if you need them. These vendors are a great resource for tech help, and quality service!! Call them now!!

4 Wheel Drive Hardware

Northridge 4×4

Off Road Evolution


If necessary, you may also purchase directly from Dynatrac. A crating charge of $65, per axle housing, will be applied to every order shipping from Dynatrac. Freight charges will also apply and be determined by your shipping destination from Huntington Beach CA.

Call the dealer nearest you and get your ProRock 44 ordered now! Supplies are limited. Dynatrac reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at any time before the 8/13/10 closing time.


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