Full-Traction Jeep JK Wrangler
4″-6″ Long Arm Suspension Systems

EXTRA – EXTRA, read all about it!!  I just got this hot new press release from Full Traction Suspension and just in time for the 2007 Off Road Expo:

Full-Traction 4″- 6″ JK Long Arm Suspension Systems

Our competition is not ready for this system, but your Jeep JK Wrangler is. Our new 4″- 6â€? long arm systems are a complete replacement suspension. Able to handle tires up to 37″ tall, it utilizes a 4-link front axle mounting configuration for a true and correct caster curve, and improved anti-dive geometry throughout the entire range of linear wheel travel – just like the factory does it.  Other systems using radius arms, medium length arms called “long arms” and the rest, can’t match it’s performance.

Utilizing a true long arm rear 4-link, the rear axle is attached to the frame by 4 pivoting links – just like the factory does it. The result, is incredible linear wheel travel and axle articulation, improved anti-squat geometry for better hill climbing, and free, no-binding movement that short arm or radius arm systems can’t deliver. Do you drive your JK daily? Modifying it doesn’t mean that it can’t ride better than stock. This system offers hard core rockcrawling performance and rides and steers BETTER than stock. No other system available offers this configuration.

You want tough? All components in this suspension system are built for maximum off-road punishment. We use 2″ x .250″ wall DOM tubing for our lower trailing arm assemblies for serious rock dragging, and 1/4″ plate laser crafted bracketry throughout.  

This is a FULLY BOLT-ON system. No welding is required to install.  When we say “perfected” we mean that in every possible way.  Full-Traction just spoiled the competition’s day.

(Transfer Case Skid Plate not shown)

Optional Full-Traction M-Force MonoTube series shock absorbers and CV drive shaft available.

4″ LONG ARM JK:  Part# FTS7340 (2/4 DOOR)
6″ LONG ARM JK:  Part# FTS7360 (2/4 DOOR)

Now, I don’t have much more to offer you in terms of photos or info but what I can tell you is that this kit is expected to retail at about $2,999.  I can also tell you that I will be attending the Off Road Expo in Pomona, CA this weekend and you can be sure that I will be posting a ton of pics soon.  Need I say, please check back again soon.



  1. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I give my 2 door X to the boys in a year and a half and get a 4 door rubi, the 4″ will go on. Looks like a great setup. I love my FT BB w/M-Forces so plan on sticking with Full Traction.

  2. How will my JK benefit with the 6″ lift if i leave the 35″ tires on there for now. You mention that the 6″ lift kit was develop with 37″ tires. Thank you

  3. Honestly, I think 6″ of lift is gonna be way too much for 35’s. If anything, it may not benefit you at all especially since your center of gravity will be so high up and without anything to compensate for it. With this much lift, you really want 37’s.


  4. Can I trade in my short arm kit? Once again, I’m impressed with Fulltraction. How soon until we see the skid plate pictures?

  5. Does anyone know if the 4″ Long Arm system or even just the 4″ Ultimate kit can be used for RHD JKs.

    I just want a good suspension upgrade for here in Australia.

  6. Is the Full Traction 6″ Long arm lift for the JK going to be released as planned at the end of November? I’m waiting patiently for it.

  7. Well, if you plan on wheeling your JK with 40’s, you will have to have to do some trimming of the fender wells and will need to install a set of tube fenders.


  8. Hey, guys I got an 08 4 door rubicon on order I can’t wait till I can fix it up a bit. I have been looking at this 6″ Suspension. I want to run 37×13.50×18 Mickey Thompson MTZ on Classic 2 rims. Do I need to modify my Drive Shafts at all? and what gears should I run. And is there anything else I need to know or do? This will be a Daily driver and a weekend fun machine. I want to have all this stuff in my garage before it gets he so can hook it up.

    PS. Great website guys

  9. Yes, you will definitely need new drivelines and with 37’s, you’ll want to be running 5.13 gears. If they come out by the time you’re ready to order them, I might even recommend 5.38’s as they will give you a bit more pep.


  10. Wayolife…does the new 4″ only come in a long arm kit? Also, when I did the FT 6″ long arm kit on my TJ, it was great and I absolutely loved it, but it came with a transfer case skid plate that the long arms connected to. Not only did the skid plate look great, as well as tie the whole package together, but it also did a tummy tuck and got rid of the old shovel skid plate. Everywhere I have read that the skid plate is not shown, yet when I look at the pictures of the auto shows with the 4″ long arm kits installed, I don’t see it…any ideas?

  11. Hi Brandon, the 4″ kit will also be available in a short arm format. It will essentially be the 3″ Ultimate kit with the addition of a front track bar drop bracket, dropped pitman arm, rear track bar drop bracket, longer shocks, taller bump stop extensions and brake line extension brackets. As far as the skid plate you are refering to goes, the JK already comes with everthing tucked up and so the new long arm kit will only come with a super beefy replacement cross member/skid.


  12. hey i jst stuck on a 3 inch pm on my jk here in australia an got a new pitman arm is it nessary to install it im only running 34 inch tires on it ?

  13. With just 3″ of lift, no, you should not need it and you should not install it especially if you didn’t get a track bar relocation bracket with the kit.


  14. Would a long-arm kit like this minimize stresses on the drive-train enough that sticking with factory axles and driveshafts are long term feasible? Would something like a slip yoke eliminator type setup still be recommended? Any issues with steering? *cough* the ol’ deathwobble that lifted TJ’s suffered from so much? I’d like to lift my X without changing axles or d-shaft, and plan on re-gearing and installing 35×10 tires with a spacer or minimum backspacing and front/rear OX Lockers. See any potential issues/conflicts between my “vision” and a long-arm setup? Oh, and would I need brake line extensions (included or not)? Thanks for any info.

  15. if you’re just looking to install 35’s, i would highly recommend that you NOT install a long arm kit but rather just get the 3″ ultimate kit as it really is the perfect lift for this size tire. being that this is a JK, you will not need to install an sye but if you have a 2-door, you may want to install a u-joint style rear drive shaft. otherwise, i’m sure you will be fine with your stock axles and if you’re really concerned about their strength, just upgrade to chromoly shafts and call it a day 🙂

  16. We have a 2007 4 door JK rubicon and want to run 37″ tires. We have been looking at the Rock Krawler 5.5 and Teraflex 4″ kits but this Full Traction sounds great! Does Full Traction make a 4″ long arm kit for the 4 door rubicon or only the 6″ long arm kit? Do you recommend the FT over the Rock Krawler/Teraflex kits? The only thing I see is the warranty on the FT is one year compared to lifetime on the Teraflex and Rock Krawler systems. Will we have to replace the driveshafts on a FT 4″ kit(if they make one)? I see you recommend 5.38 gears over 5.13.

    Thanks for any info!

  17. hi mike, full traction does make a 4″ long arm kit and unlike their 6″ kit, the 4″ ones are shipping now. however, running 37’s will be a tight fit especially if you are running a heavy after market front and rear bumper like i am. i have a 4″ ft short arm kit now and lost about an inch of lift due to my bumpers and extras. of all 3 lifts, the ft kit flexes the best and will over the best performance. however, it will require maintenace to keep it from squeeking. the next kit i would recommend is the teraflex kit. being that it’s a weld on kit is really it only real draw back but otherwise, it’s a great kit. as far as gears go, 5.13’s is probably your best bet. 5.38’s would be the better fit but none are available and even if they were, there is some question as to whether or not the pinion would be big enough to handle the load.


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