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ShrockWorks Jeep JK Wrangler
Mid-Width Front Bumper

May 30, 2007 wayoflife 32

I know there are a ton of you who have been waiting for this news for some time now and so I’m happy to announce that the long awaited ShrockWorks Jeep JK Wrangler Mid-Width Front Bumper is finally here!! And, although the photos you see here are just the very first bare steel prototype pics, I’m told that the design as you see it is ready to go into production now.

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Superior Axles & Gears Put to the Test!!

May 30, 2007 wayoflife 0

If you wanna see a some really hot wheeling action, simply click on the banner above or click on the link below. This short video was put together for Superior Axle & Gear at The Rock 4 Event in AREA BFE during the 2007 Moab Easter Jeep Safari and does a great job of showing just how tough their axles and gears really are.

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Project-JK Video Debut

May 20, 2007 wayoflife 9

For those of you who’ve been asking to see some videos of the Project-JK Jeep JK Wrangler in action, here’s a quick video that Matt (doojer), his cameraman Whit and his awesome production crew put together for us heading up Last Chance Canyon.

Shrockworks Jeep JK Wrangler 4-Door Unlimited
Rock Sliders Installation Write-Up

May 3, 2007 wayoflife 8
When it comes to frame mounted rocker guard protection for your Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited, few can compare to the high quality construction, strength, function and clean design of the Shrockworks Rock Sliders.

Built with severe punishment in mind, the Shrockworks Rock Sliders are designed with beefy squared tubes that sit just below the body pinch seam of your Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited and features a round tube side bar that extends out and angles up to provide maximum ground clearance and protection for your Jeep. Additional benefits of the tube side bars is its ability to be used as a Hi-Lift Jack point and of course, serve as a viable side step.