ShrockWorks Jeep JK Wrangler
Mid-Width Front Bumper

I know there are a ton of you who have been waiting for this news for some time now and so I’m happy to announce that the long awaited ShrockWorks Jeep JK Wrangler Mid-Width Front Bumper is finally here!!  And, although the photos you see here are just the very first bare steel prototype pics, I’m told that the design as you see it is ready to go into production now.

Just as is the case with their current and very popular Stubby Front Bumper,  the  new Shrockworks Mid-Width  Front Bumper is constructed out of high strength laser cut, CNC formed, 3/16″ steel plate that is meticulously welded and finished by skilled craftsman here in the USA but it is also specifically designed to accommodate the factory fog lights integrated within the bumper itself.  And, for those who didn’t get their Jeep JK Wrangler with fog lights but have always wanted to add some, Shrockworks will also be offering mounts to allow for the installation of 4″ aftermarket driving or fog lights as well. 

Standard Features Include:
Skid Plate – A removable skid plate is included.  The skid wraps far enough under that it will also protect the sway bar disconnect motor found on JK Rubicon’s and some other 2007+ Jeep JK’s. Since the skid is removable, it can be easily replaced if damaged. That’s not likely to happen though. The skid is formed specifically for strength. The edges are bent up on the sides. It has welded gussets on the back side, and it’s made from the same high-tensile 3/16″ steel plate as the bumper itself.

Shackle/Recovery points – They are made from massive 1″ thick plate steel. They are welded front & back, and they are designed in such a way that even if the welds were to fail, the recovery points themselves are still held in the bumper.

Winch Ready – There is nothing else needed to mount a winch. Just bolt it on and go!  Accommodates most winches up to 9500 lbs, including some hard to fit winches like the new Warn Powerplant HP winch and the short drum 9.0RC comp winch.

Finish options are: bare steel, semi-gloss black powder coat, and a semi-matt textured black powder coat. The text-black has a rough texture. It looks similar to the non-Sahara fender flares or the stock bumpers.

Quick Specs:
– 3/16″ plate steel bumper & skid plate
– 1″ thick steel recovery points.
– 2.5x .120″ high strength tubing
– Weight:
   – Bumper: 59bs.
   – Winch Plate: 11 lbs.
   – Skid Plate: 27 lbs.
   – Total: 97bs.
– All new hardware included
– Bolt on, no drilling or cutting
– Proudly made in the USA!

 $729.00 – Black
 $644.00 – Bare

If you want to see more pics of the new Shrockworks Jeep JK Wrangler Mid-Width Front Bumper, click on the link below:

Shrockworks Jeep JK Wrangler Mid-Width Front Bumper Pics

Now, I should also note that Shrockworks has asked me to let you know that they are eager to get feedback from from you over the next few days so that they can decide whether or not they will be making any changes or additions to the existing design before putting them into production.  Also, Shrockworks is an active participant within our JK-Forum community and so I would encourage you to check there as well for updates.


UPDATE:  The Shrockworks Jeep JK Wrangler Mid-Width Front Bumper is now available for sale. 


  1. That’s exactly how a bumper should be. Completely functional and a terrific look.
    Besides raw, what about offering it in two powdercoat colors, like argent and black.
    Are there going to be tabs for running a couple of extra lights on, or outside, the grill guard?

  2. Looks great! Personally, I prefer this new mid length to the stubby model. It looks more finished – like an OEM type offering. Keep the psuedo stinger bar as is! Keep it up!

  3. Everything looks great, but the winch cable slot seems off center. It messes with the eyes a bit, does it have to be?

    I’m planning on going with the stubby myself. Any word on a rear bumper/tire-carrier?

  4. jocrazy0, yes, the D-ring mount holes are made to fit a 3/4″ shackel.

    a-squared, the winch cable slot is off centetered on the bumper on purpose. This is to allow the fairlead to be centered with the winch spool as it is supposed to be.


  5. Would like to see the aux light tabs on the bumper like the stubby has. I would want to mount a pair of driving lights in addition to the built in fog lamps, and having the tabs like on the stubby would really finish this off.

  6. I suggest sticking with the stubby skid plate as well. It would give the bumper better scale. I would also like to see a hoop that is perpendicular to the top of the bumper not angled to the front.

  7. Looks really great, plan to order!

    Do you intend to offer the Anthracite finish?

    Will this bumper have light tabs to accommodate the PIAA 525″ Combo Driving & Fog Lights 6″ you offer on your site?

  8. Please include a nice grey/silver color as an option as well as the option for the bar to be angled straight up, and not out. Other than that its my idea of the perfect bumper. Keep it up.

  9. Looks great, I like the hoop angled out. Add the light tabs or have them as an option. Also look at a full width with the ends turned up to meet the fender height. Look at the expedition one bumper, but keep it clean and simple.

  10. went to order this bumper but the integrated fog light option was not available. do you know when fog lights integrated bumper will be available?


  11. Hi 84jeeper, yes they will as nothing in your front bumper is used to activate them. There is a gyro-sensor located in the center of your Jeep that is responsible for that.


  12. When is it going to be availaby to order MID-WIDTH FRONT BUMPER WITH HOOP / BLACK TEXTURED /LIGHT OPENINGS

  13. Sorry, no news as to when they will be available yet. The factory fogs do fit on this bumper and if you don’t have a winch, the license plate bolts to the front face using the hole pre-drilled into it.


  14. Will they have a rear one to match the front? I agree tht a black power coated one would be sweet with my black JK.

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