Project-JK Video Debut

For those of you who’ve been asking to see some videos of the Project-JK Jeep JK Wrangler in action, here’s a quick video that Matt (doojer), his cameraman Whit and his awesome production crew put together for us heading up Last Chance Canyon.  As mentioned, the footage is short and the trail is easy but I think you’ll enjoy what you see.  If you do, we will be sure to try and do more videos on runs we do in the future.  And, if you want to be included in them, you had better be sure to come out and join us. Click on the pic to the right or the link below to play the video in either Quicktime or Windows Media Player.

Project-JK Last Chance Canyon Video



  1. Video Content is ALWAYS a good Idea. And having sound still laying in there behind the music lets us see how your build up performs. No squeaks, pops, or clanks means a quality set up to me.

    Please add more as they come in….maybe have the forum guys enter a contest to win some parts for the best video of their rigs.

    Great job!

  2. Thanks and yes, that sounds like a great idea and one that we’ll have to consider for sure. As for the lift, yup, I’m really happy with the Full Traction 3″ Ultimate Lift.


  3. Good video and music selection! Your JK’s look great in action. Keep up the good work with Project-JK!

  4. Great video. Keep them coming. As a Sahara owner, it’s nice to see a Sahara out there. So many people just focus on what the Rubicon can do. (Obviously the Rubicon is top shelf, but for someone like me, who only does occasional wheeling, I don’t need such a hardcore rig…) What mods have been done to the Sahara?

  5. The Unlimited Sahara in this video is sitting on a TeraFlex 2.5″ Budget Boost, 32″ BFG M/T’s from a Rubicon and a hacked down home made factory stubby front bumper.


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