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When we placed our order for a brand new Stone White 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited back on July 10, 2006, it was done with the complete knowledge and understanding that it may take some time to get. Having already gone through a similar experience back when we purchased our TJ some seven year before, we were quite prepared to do some waiting… but, what we didn’t realize at the time was just how much waiting we would really have to do.

With everything from a sway bar disconnect motor that didn’t like water to a newly designed BFGoodrich M/T KM tire that had a difficult time balancing and then a shortage of Freedom Tops for the Unlimited, it would seem that ordering an Unlimited in a Rubicon package was the single best way one could ensure that you wouldn’t get your new JK before the end of the year. In fact, when all was said and done, over six months would have passed before we would be able to take possession of our new JK on January 29, 2007. Was it worth the wait? You betcha!! We absolutely love this new Jeep and in some ways, I think the ridiculously long wait only made getting it that much sweeter. In fact, as some of you may know, we loved our JK so much that we ended up selling our TJ and bought a 2009 Sunburst Orange Jeep JK Unlimited X to replace it.

Below you will find links to useful information regarding the Jeep JK Wrangler.


  1. Johnny as with any new design there are bound to be some issue’s, and likewise bound to be dealers that drag their feet. I am driving an unlimited X auto. You are right hiway power sux. But offroad in lo range no problem. I have been to the dealer for TSBs but they generally take care of it within just a few miniutes. The FJ is a great rig, and your friend at work might be spending his money on the wrong stuff. A good example of money well spent is WOL Eddie’s rig. It look’s to be quite capable. Take it easy and enjoy your 87. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi coyot’e,

    I went back and looked at the 4 pages of TSB’s and Safety Recalls and realized that all the pages are the same. Still there are 41 TSB’s and 3 Safety Recalls which seems a little excessive to me. Some of the issues seem like they could definately be life threatening, such as the issue with the leaking steering stabilizer. It seems that the aftermarket parts prices for jeeps are alot higher than other vehicles. This was a consideration I made before purchasing my FJ60. It sounds like your are happy with your Unlimited which I am glad to hear. These JK’s are really cool. I think at the very least they could have made sure the freedom tops don’t leak. Alot of people have had that problem. How are your freedom tops holding up? I hope they get all of the issues worked out and decide to put a diesel or at least a stronger gasoline engine under the hood. I do have plans to buy a new 4×4 in a couple of years and as it now stands it would be between the Jeep JK and the FJ Cruiser. The FJ Cruiser is ahead in points at the moment. πŸ˜‰

  3. I hear ya. I have the soft top and no leaks so far. I have had this thing just over a year and have about 18k on it. I looked around at most of the new 4x4s and accually checked the fj out first. I liked what I saw as far as quality. Can’t beat a toyota. And you know they offroad great. But I was switching from a F-250 superdookie and the fj just didn’t have enough room and access to the back is tight. The price was way higher as well. Shortly after we got the jeep we were at hollister hills park messing around and we followed an fj for a bit. It was capable but seemed top heavy. I think the JK has a better stance. So far it has felt stable and solid. Believe me there are things about the JK that I am not happy with, such as the interior panels scuff/scratch way too easy. The back seat is too upright, and if you have anything under it you have to relocate it before folding it down. The rear head rest are not adjustable. No power outlets in back seat. Jeep knows the purpose of these and yet they don’t give you adequate mud/snow protection with out paying more. I have been viewing this site for a good while and like the fact that most of the mods Eddie and crew are making don’t take away from daily driver. I also dig the comradery they exibit. I/we recently went wheeling down at Pozo and scratched the heck outta plastic and to some degree the paint. It was the first battle scars we have suffered. If I was driving a 30k plus FJ then it might have been worse. Hey Johnny what area are you located in? And do you have good places to thrash? Anyway I am going in for the brake TSB wednesday morning, maybe I can squeeze a free oil change outta them. πŸ™‚

  4. My 2008 rubicon has a apeedometer that does not work when the temperature hits 32 degrees. I live in Anchorage so it’s an annoying problem.
    I have a heated garage so the speedometer needle works on the way to work, but at the end of the day if the temperature is below 32 degrees it refuses to move. The odometer continues to work normally even if the speedometer needle lies dead on the dial.

    I have 2000 miles on the vehicle. The problem has been present since the gitgo.



  5. coyot’e –
    HaHa, Nice…I like the way you think [free oil change]. I’m in Washington State 30 miles North of Seattle. There are some unbelievable places to wheel up here. The last time I went out – I went to Walker Valley and definately got some battle scars. I’m talkin’ intense…One of the owners of the company I work for had a Pinzgauer out there that day – He got stuck once and popped a bead twice. My FJ60 made it through but not without slight body damage [on both sides] and a ripped off tail light cover…lol…I have a Lock Right Locker by PowerTrac in the rear – great locker for the price. My friends Jeep CJ7 made it through pretty good with no lockers. I really do like Jeeps [I love the compact size] and I too have been viewing this site since late ’06 drooling over the new JK’s. The guy that has $60K in his ’06 Rubicon can go places I never imagined a 4×4 could go. Seems like I read on one of your previous posts you were in Oregon for a wheeling trip. If you’re ever up this way I would be more than happy to take you on a wheeling trip.

  6. Just got back from Tahoe/Reno/Oregon….And vise/versa. Snow,Ice,Mud. Had chains but never needed them. Cooper STT. Couple of things that need help. 1. heater just can’t cut it. I’m in a t shirt sweating and back seat is freezing 2 degrees in klammath falls on the 20th. 2. washer nozzle kept freezing, not the tank. As noted before in my posts I Dig our JEEP. I have been in all these situations many times before, and always got around regardless. But I really felt comfortable and safe rolling through whatever We pointed it at. So relaxed that I got pulled over up on 139 going 77. Just a warning. Whew!

  7. I bought my 07 JK a couple of months ago. It is the 9th Jeep I have owned. I am amazed at the amount of TSB’s out there. I have had mine in the shope a couple of times for minor things. The first visit always ended with “We couldn’t duplicate your problem”. Problem was the Jeep wouldn’t always start on the first try and the drive was slugish when taking off. Then I found a TSB that the cam sensor was defective and could cause this. They replaced it and wow my jeep drives great. Then I had an issue where there is wind noise coming in from the front seal and a squeel from the front right tire. Again, they said “We couldn’t duplicate your problem”. I found two more TSB’s and guess what? Problem fixed. I think DC needs to work on better trouble shooting for their fleet mechanices. It would save me time and them money.

  8. Hi OH58Crewchief –

    Just wondering where you are finding all the TSBs? Is there a list online somewhere?

    I’m in Canada and have some similar problems as you have described and my dealer says the same things…can’t duplicate the problem…

    Any help would be great.


  9. Russ,

    On the Project JK homepage, look at the links on the right hand side. All the TSBs are listed there & grouped by category. Hope that helps.

  10. ordered 4 door red rock rubicon Dec 06. Dealer told me early Jan 07 the door hinges were recalled. Went back 2 weeks later and dealer told me it was in the makings. I made up my mind the dealership must not have taken me serious, dumb female, probably didn’t know what she was talking about etc. I ordered ALL the options I could and never heard back from them until Jan 08!!! The jeep came in, dealer called and I was upset at first. I went to the dealership and low and behold “RUBI” was calling my name. I got MyGig factory installed BUT..the voice recognition and the blue tooth are not connected. I am in the mix of getting the dealer to either find after market or get it connected. Anyone else have this problem with MyGig. LOVE THE JEEP!!

  11. Unfortunately, from the factory, this option does not work. However, there are several aftermarket solutions that will get it to work. I know it’s really dumb but it is the truth.


  12. Hey Eddie,
    When you hear of some aftermarket places please let me know!! I do alot of driving and the bluetooth connection would be great!

  13. Hey Eddie, the info on steering stops was perfect timing. I put on the cooper stt 285/70/17s and am getting slight bumping on the sway bar at full turn. I have been checking your calander for trips up this way. It is a long haul for us out to death valley. I have a question about the hubs from solid that just came out. Would installing these significantly increase gas mileage? They are 1,400 a set I believe, and since I don’t have a rubi (Unlimited X) would it be better to up grade the front axle assembly to the 44? I mean we are’nt rock krawling this rigg, but we want durability. Just having fun trying not to break my daily driver.

  14. P.S. Are thier any Project JK members up here in the salinas valley area? Or are there any plans to start in this area?

    Thanks Coy Williams

  15. Thanks 84jeeper…It really did help as the squeek, and radio TSBs are being corrected as we speak. Thanks for the info, this site is really informative.


  16. No problem Russ, glad to help a fellow Jeeper.

    Well, after a very painful 9 months, I’m finally a proud Rubi owner. After calling DC this month & finding out my dealer had cancelled my order (they’re being bought by the Ford dealer across the street), I started looking for my Jeep on my own. If I haven’t lost hair, it’s gotten grayer! I actually found the exact Jeep I ordered, including color, only an hour away. Although it’s a 2007 with 6000 miles, I wasn’t looking a gift horse in the mouth. I brought it home in a snowstorm last night & enjoyed my first full day with her today. As the the case with my CJ, the buildup will probably never be complete. I treated her to a spankin’ new set of Husky Floor Liners today & already have established a birthday/Christmas wish list for years to come. I just have to remember I have a CJ list also & not neglect her. Anyway, she’s a Steel Blue Rubicon Unlimited w/dual tops, trailer package, pwr windows, Satellite radio & a dealer installed Superlift 3″ lift w/35s. After filling my door handles with snow, ice & road grime today, a set of Bushwacker Cut-Out Flares are next on the list. Thanks for all the great info Eddie, I’ve passed this site on to every JK owner I know. To everyone else….keep the shiny side up & have fun out there.
    It truely is a Way Of Life!!

  17. im tring to get a anywhere from a 3.5″ lift to a 5″ to try to fit a few 35″ M/Ts under my JK, but the dealership says that it would mess up a few things in the tranny, ok now when they parts guys at dealerships talk i usually tune them out but it still got me wondering if i should double check, they recommend the 2.5″ lift with 33″ tires instead, i dont think it would be a big deal but they made it sound a little scary what do you think?

  18. Has anyone seen A pillar gauge pod that will fit the JK. I wanted to put in an oil and voltage gauge. I do not like the idiot lights that come with the JK.

  19. I feel youre pain i ordered my 2007 jk rubicon unlimited jan. 5 2008 picked it up on sept.29 2008 9 months but very worth the wait i love it i have a 2.5″ skyjacker but just ordered full traction 4″ ultimate lift why are you lookin to install the 4″ over the 3″ you already have

  20. I am picking my Wrangler Unlimited V6 Auto Renegade up on Tuesday. I can’t wait. I have a long list of additions to buy over the coming months! We’re coming into Winter here in Australia, so am keen to head out to the bush camping in our mild Queensland weather. Great time of the year. Wrangler Unlimited’s are still hard to come by with up to three months waiting period. I am lucky that I picked up someone’s cancelled order. Nice being at the right place at the right time!

  21. hey guys i drive a 2 dr jk which is fine but my sister is drivin the 4 door with the hard top and everytime u hit a bump there is a rattling noise above the drivers left shoulder and i was wondering if anyone knows what this is or how to fix it?

  22. Hi,

    I own a JK Rubicon and would like to swap the T-case(4:1) with the regular Sahara T-case.

    Would there be any implictions or failures in the electonic parts etc???

  23. looking for some police style black rims with chrome style center hub caps for my ’07 rubicon unlimited 4 door, any feedback?

  24. I just picked up a freedom top for my 2dr- had FINALLY fixed leaking on door/winshield, now it’s moved to the drivers-rear (of the “freedom-panel.” Anyone know of best fixes?

  25. Ordered my Jeep 9/06, finally came in LATE 11/06. Freedom hard top leaked from the get go. Been in for the fix and still leaks from time to time. NOW…my stereo changes stations by itself and becomes completely unusable. Won’t shut off, sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Can’t keep my chosen station on. Anyone had this problem?

  26. Oh also in the two years I have had this car…had to replace the hood from hail damage. It was a nightmare because it is next to impossible to get replacement parts. Also, had a sluggisg start when turning the key form day one (a lot!). Dealer said they could never get it to happen for them. Had two recalls, and twice while driving have lost complete power. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jeep and this car, but I think there are a lot of issues with this 4 dr model out of the gate.

  27. Ouch- sounds like a lot of hurtin’. Oddly enough, after letting the top settle, I haven’t had any leaks… now the soft top is a WHOLE nother story! Some of the radio problems might be linked to the connectors to the door (I’ve replaced mine with a non-locking connector- the factory ones are junk, and a bit tricky for a simpleton like me)… I don’t know about the radio station changing, but that might explain why it’s not turning off. I’d check some of the TSBs- I think I’ve seen some of your problems- I’ve usually had to show them HOW to do the work to get anything out of the Stealership without a TSB… Let me know what you find!

  28. 2007 jk 4door with hard top. I have had two clutches since new. first one went at 7000 miles. next one at 40000 and they would not replace it. Also after new clutch install the slave cylinder started leaking and had to replace. No replacement parts for the flywheel or slave cylinder except for chrysler, they they both took more than a week to get.
    I have a cj5-cj7-cj8-tj and love them all.This new jk has not even been out on any trails. Only my wife driving it back and forth to work about 10 miles, with few stops and starts. Any one else had these problems. Not to happy with these problems. What will happen when I get unit when it paid off and plan to do some real wheeling.
    and on a nother note when I called about the problem I got some one from India which just keep saying every thing is ok now right. The clutch is only warrented for 12 mounths and no every thing was not alright. I wish I had a real american, tech resourse and vehicele. My wife has driven many clutch cars and trucks, last one was a Isuze 4door trooper and never had any clutch problem when we got rid of it with 167,000 miles on it.

  29. I have a 2007 JK 2dr with freedom top. Love the Jeep, but I need a rack system for the kayak. Tried a Lange rack system but it was not too stable. My kayak dealer recommended a Yakima foot system that requires drilling into the top and then a footer that grips to the front rain-gutters on the doors. All that said, is anyone having success with a rack system for kayaks and canoes? I would like to keep away from anything that attaches to the spare or hitch receiver.

  30. I had my 2009 JK Unlimited Rubicon built while I was overseas and picked it up last Oct. I’m just now starting the upgrade phase! I’m getting my list of parts together at the moment, but I’ll be installing a 4in Rough Country suspension lift as my starting point. It’s been a long wait and I can’t wait to get started. How do you like your WARN wench? I’m researching bull bars/new bumpers, how’s that Shockworks treating you?

  31. I know this is a off topic, But I am trying to become a member to the actual forum. And Have gone through all the step but it says I am still in moderation queue and has fro the last couple weeks I have tried to figure it out but the site prevents me from visiting most of the forum tools. Thanks you very much for the help

  32. I got my 2 dr x in july of 07 and i love it ive got a 4in roughcounrty lift with a set of incubus off-road wheels i just got my body armor front n rear bumpers but im not done i want more any ideas on what else i can do?

  33. I have been looking at a jeep wrangler and wanted to know what transmission is better for rock crawling or over all use. And is there much difference form the Rubicon to the x models.

  34. I have a 2009 Sahara Unlimited. At below 5 miles an hour the front suspension has a wobble/rattle/knocking sound when minor bump in road is run over. Does anybody know what it is. The dealer says that there is not a problem.

  35. 2009 Jeep Green Rubicon. Have had my love for a year now and love it!! Got a Bestop Trektop for a soft top and it leaked, called them they are shipping the upgrade out for free! Great company and the top is HOT!! No problems, I have manual transmission and everything works great there. I got some Motometal punisher rims for it and it really sets it off! Only complaint is a little sluggishness between 3rd and 4th gear. I guess Jeep read the complaint list and got it straight, because I really have had no problems. Also went and use the tip with the grab handles and the gromets. Looks awesome and was easy to do. I had the grab handles with the jeep logo on them, so I just cut where the loops were sewn in and unfolded the flaps, added the gromets and works great.

  36. I gotta say that since i purchased my 09 sahara 4 door its been nothing but good times and random trail hunts. Dtiving is nothing like it used be. I look forward to gettin in my jeep and just doin it. I am totally impressed with the vehicles handling and power. I have no work done to it and it performs like a beast…wow!…i am so happy with it. Cant wait to lift it a bit and throw some tires on. Its def something thats gonna blow my mind once i hit up the trails with the upgrade cuz its dope in its stock form. Neway….love it…keep ridin. Dave…Staten Island NY

  37. I bought a 2010 silver JK sport hardtop 6speed and I will never buy another vehicle other than a jeep! Only had it about 5 months now and mods include: 4″ Pro Comp stage 1 lift kit on 17″ ultra gear rims and 35″ cooper discovery considering it still is a daily driver but ready to pull on a trail when needed. future mods will include bumpers and racks cause i do tons of traveling. Looking for information on how to run 5.31 gears do to the recent lift and tires and if a tuner is a good investment. I just need more information.
    Pete… Syracuse, NY and Anywhere, USA

  38. Bought a used ’08 JK early June after selling my ’04 TJ. I wanted to do something a little different and have always liked the looks of the JK. I was lucky in that I was able to find one with only 20K miles and a 6 speed (a must-have on my list). Other than that, she was pretty plain and ready for some goodies. The day after I bought her, I ordered parts…4″ super lift, 17″ XD wheels, 35″ Mickey Thompson Baja radals, N-Fab nerf bar – Smittybilt XDC front and rear bumpers, MBRP exhaust, Airaid intake and some JK Decals proudly displayed. I absolutely love this vehicle and by the looks she gets going down the street…I think the general public does too.

  39. i have a 2008 rubicon and think it is a total piece of crap! it has no power!! which would be ok if it got good milage, my 6.0 chevy 3/4 ton truck gets better milage. I also feel the jeep should not even offer an automatic, which is what i have big mistake. I have chiped it & put new exhaust and cold air intake it is still a dog & gets crapy milage.

  40. Hey Richard! I have been in a few of the Project JK videos and can tell you that there are a good number of automatics running these trails…mine included. I absolutely LOVE my jeep and have been amazed at how well it continues to perform. Regarding how many are autos…well, I would say it was a toss up. πŸ˜‰

  41. Hey this is a quick way to say something ,my 2007 rubicon was burning tons of oil 5 quarts a week ,After several visits to the dealer they gave me a new engine but no reason for what was going on ?Ive seen many others with this problem?What is going on ?

  42. so Im running a 4in. lift and 35’s on my JK and just recently chipped it out with a superchips tuner which i absolutely love. Whats the optimum gear ratio I should run giving the best gas mileage and horsepower, currently running 4.75
    Syracuse, Ny and Anywhere USA

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