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When we placed our order for a brand new Stone White 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited back on July 10, 2006, it was done with the complete knowledge and understanding that it may take some time to get. Having already gone through a similar experience back when we purchased our TJ some seven year before, we were quite prepared to do some waiting… but, what we didn’t realize at the time was just how much waiting we would really have to do.

With everything from a sway bar disconnect motor that didn’t like water to a newly designed BFGoodrich M/T KM tire that had a difficult time balancing and then a shortage of Freedom Tops for the Unlimited, it would seem that ordering an Unlimited in a Rubicon package was the single best way one could ensure that you wouldn’t get your new JK before the end of the year. In fact, when all was said and done, over six months would have passed before we would be able to take possession of our new JK on January 29, 2007. Was it worth the wait? You betcha!! We absolutely love this new Jeep and in some ways, I think the ridiculously long wait only made getting it that much sweeter. In fact, as some of you may know, we loved our JK so much that we ended up selling our TJ and bought a 2009 Sunburst Orange Jeep JK Unlimited X to replace it.

Below you will find links to useful information regarding the Jeep JK Wrangler.


  1. I had problems with the back side windows blowing out too. I went to the dealer and they acting like it had never happened and never heard of it. A young salesman came over and started messing around with the window and found it was installed wrong. The plastic leading edge needs to be inserted into the crevice in the door jam and wrapped around. There are two sewn seams on the front of the window piece. They should not be visible when the door is shut. When you put the window in, make sure no Velcro is connected and the window can only be zipped about 1/4 of the way, then pull on it to insert it in the crevice. No problems since. Lucky I had a young guy who wanted to help and not just ignore my after my purchase.

  2. i tried unplugging the wire harness for the doors and I couldnt figure out how to disconnect it I didnt want to force it and end up breaking it.

    is there a trick to it? I’d love to remove the doors and make it a true jeep experience!

  3. kaibua September 10th, 2007 11:19 am

    I just went and looked at it and understand what you mean. I will give it a try this weekend after I remove the hardtop. I hope this works and thank-you for taking the time to explain this.

  4. schpeener September 11th, 2007 10:55 am

    There is a trick. There is a little red sliding locking part where the two parts connect. You have to push the red part to the side so the lip part of the red slider is sticking out. Once it is slide to the side there is a piece in the middle of the door side of the connector that you have to push in with your thumb. You should be able to easily pull them apart while pushing with your thumb. I hope I didn’t make it too complicated but it isn’t explained in the manual. The first time I had to sit upside down in the passenger’s seat with a flashlight to figure it out. Make sure you move the seats back to give you room. It might be easier to do the rear doors first.
    Let me know if you need more info. Remember the torx is a different size on the door than the hard top. Good luck.

  5. i just read an article that stated that wranglers hold 73% of their original value after 5 years! this is higher than any other truck on the road!

  6. I live in central ca area and am wondering if the Project JK crew ever crawl around here. I keep watching your videos you post and stills. Looks like you are having lots of fun. My JK is still mostly stock due to finances but it seems to wheel pretty good already. Hey Wayolife, overall set up so far looks to be very capable. Thats about as extreme as I want to change my JK. Does it effect the daily drive aspect. Anyway keep posting the footage later.

  7. Hey all,
    I am new on here as of this writing, however, I have been listening to all of you for about a year now. I have followed all of your comments with the 1st run of the 4 door wrangler and appreciate the fact that everyone has passed on the problem issues with the JK. I work in the aviation manufacturing industry and understand the problems faced with a new product line, thus why I waited out the first year of the model run. However, I just ordered my 08′ Rubicon and am curious if anyone knows what the wait time on this model is? I figure the long waits in the past were due mainly to the 3 piece top issues, but haven’t seen any posts in some time as to anyone having long waits now. If anyone has any new info it would greatly be appreciated……I am anxious to get it. Keep up the great information highway.
    By the way, wayoflife, the JK-Project is the best looking 4 door I have seen by far. Nice work.

  8. Has anyone had the problem on 2007 Unlimited that about every fourth start or so, it takes a second or two for it the engine turnover to start?

    Also having leaking problems between the “T” in the freedom tops, and a short in the passenger’s side headlight…

    It’s a 2007 Black Sahara Unlimited I bought two weeks ago and love it, especially the lifetime powertrain warranty… But these issues are scaring me.

  9. I saw Pine Mountain on the map but couldn’t find Garcia Ridge.It looks like thats an hour or two south of us. If you get a date then we definetly want to join your merry group.I have noticed that your outtings are low key family oriented. Plus mixing with other JKs will give me ideas on what will work for me. I drive mine exclusively every day. It has about 15k on it. So rugged and drivable.

    Take it easy,Coyot’e

  10. Could anyone tell me how to get the hard top retaining bolt pieces out from where the hard top mates to the rail of the jeep so that I can run the velcro straps through the hole as it states in the owners manual to retain the soft top while it is retracted. It is impossible to do it with the pieces locked in the rail.

  11. I wrote a while back about the rear pieces of my soft top coming undone also. Well, since then i have used it more and more, even had the back of the jeep packed full of camping gear pressing against the soft top and the rear pieces hold just fine now. It may just take a break in period for everything to work the way its suppose to, you know how stiff those tops are when you first get them. It may give others a little hope that there tops are not junk, it just takes a little more use, a little more stretching. I don’t have much to say in the way of leakage as I live in an area were we havn’t gotten much rain so far this year. But those months are coming.

  12. I am a newbie to the whole jeep thing. Now that I am done with school and have a job I figure I have the time to get into it. I just bought a 2007 4dr x about 3 weeks ago. I can look at pictures all day long, but figure the best way to get info is from folks like you. Couple questions to get me going if any one has any answers.
    1). Why do you dissconnect the sway bar? Is it hard when its not a “Rubby”?
    2). When and Why do you reduce tire air pressure? How much do you take out?
    3) I am struggling over two comments I have heard. Bigger tires lower lift is better or bigger lift and smaller tires? Any suggestions?
    Any input or advice is helpful at this point. Thanks

  13. Hey ken:
    1. Disconnecting your front sway bar links will allow your front axle to have much greater articulation on the trail. And, when you can keep all four on the floor, you will have more traction and stability. If you do not have a Rubicon with its e-disco, all you will need is an 18mm socket and wrench to physically disconnect the links from the axle mounts and a bungie cord to hold everything out of the way – very simple to do 🙂

    2. I would recommend airing your tires down to about 10-15 psi whenever you go on a trail run. This not only allows your tires to have better traction as its foot print will be maximized and wrap over obsticals, it will also make your ride a lot more comfortable in general as your tires will absorb a lot of the bumps in the road.

    3. The taller you go, the higher your center of gravity is and in my experience, this is never a good thing. The school of thought today is that you want to get as much lift as you need to clear as big of a tire as you plan to run. Need I say, a big lift and small tires is a terrible idea – trust me.


  14. Eddie –
    Thanks for the answers. I feel stupid owning a jeep and not knowing anything else. Here are some more questions if anyone has the knowledge, again I would appreciate it.

    1) I have heard mixed thoughts on poly spacer lift kits. Are they good, bad? Pros, Cons? I am only looking to put 33’s on my JK but I need a 2″ lift. I agree only go as I as you have to to clear the tires. Besides I like the look better.

    2)In picking out a winch, and your car weighs 3500 lbs. Will a 4000lb winch do?

    3)Whats up with the dana axles? I always hear all these numbers and ratios thrown around. I understand they are heavier, but whats the benifet? When are they needed?

    Thanks so much if you can provide any answers.


  15. Any more leakers out there? Has anyone had a dealer actually fix the problem?

    1st step…admit you have a problem…Well, I am leaking after owning this 07 Rubi for only 2 months. I’ve noticed it before, but really noticed it when I went on a trip recently and left it parked outside. When I got back off the trip, I sat down in that seat and it was soaked. Water leaking in from the driver side where the top, door and seal all connect. It trickles down the plastic door frame and drips onto the door, floor, and seat. Help!

  16. Since my funds are limited I think maybe it might be best if I install free flow intake, stage 2 chip and catback. Later suspention mods and taller tires. offroad it seems to have plenty of grunt but in a head wind on the freeway that’s another story.

  17. After finally returning from a year in Iraq last week, I made it down to the Jeep dealership were I put a deposit down on a 4 door Rubi custom order back in April. I believe I figured out why my JK hadn’t been ordered yet. Everyone who worked there in April is now gone. Apparently when the new personnel came in, they cleaned out the file cabinets too because there was no record of my order whatsoever. Thankfully I kept my paperwork & the dealership honored the deal I had made with the old dealership. My order was finally placed yesterday (after 5 months) & I was told I should expect the JK in 30-45 days. Hopefully, I’m finally on my way to JK ownership.

  18. Which rack is that on the back of your JK… with the cans? Wanting to get one just like that. Also, do you know the capacity? Thanks.

  19. I have an 06 jeep wrangler sport. I don’t know anything about jeeps but i’ve been having a problem with the rubber seal that is at the top of the windshield and the hardtop. It keeps falling down and won’t stay up.Any suggestions?The top has not leaked yet but i fixed my always wet floor problem by putting a peice of water hose on the ac water discharge so that it hung down lower and didn’t blow back in.Any advice would be appreciated. Connie

  20. Wayoflife,
    I haven’t received my Rubi yet, but I had a question for you? I used to have an 80′ cj7 several years ago. If you went through any type of water you had to repack the bearings. I have a hard time believing this system(front spindles especially) are completely water tight, but are they? Or, do they need repacked after waterfording anything above about 10″? Thanks

  21. Wayoflife,
    I just purchased a 08 Jeep green unlimited. I was wondering if you or anybody could comment on the Skyjacker 2.5″ Standard Lift with Hydroshocks. I haven’t seen too much information on the lift or installation info on the net. Any personal experiences/biases? Thanks in advance.

  22. I’ve had the JK 4 door now for 9 months and the Freedom Top has not given birth to any leaks despite constantly taking it on and off all summer. It runs great. No problems in sand, snow or small boulder/riverbed duty so far.

    The only things I have in mind for upgrades right now are 3 inch lift and a bigger set of tires (I went with 16 inch rims since tires are less likely to twist off the smaller rim when softened up for rock climbing.) and a Ramsey winch mounted in an AEV Front Bumper with some Delta halogens. (done)

    And half doors. (waiting)

    Just like my old TJ that I miss now that it’s gone.

  23. I’m new 2007 Jeep Wrangler owner, I have a leak problem with the soft top. I have notice when I look into the jeep after it has rained for a while. There is rain over my seat and down my door. I have return and said something to the dealer and they told me I was wasting there techs time. I just want to know am I going nuts or does this happen to some other new jeep owners.

  24. Kelly, My 4dr soft top leaks only on the drivers side, but in 2 different places. It leaks close to the windshield post, and at the front of the rear door where the tab is located to remove the soft top. My front door inside gets wet along with the front part of my seat, and my drivers seat belt gets soaked from where the water comes in, at the rear door. I dont know if there is a fix for the problem yet.

  25. Yes it does happen and alot of people have the same issue. I did.
    I took it back to the dealership and it was more extensive that I thought and they replaced the whole soft top.

  26. Has anyone heard of control arm issues on the ’07 Rubi? This morning apparently mine just broke when turning. hey are trying to attribute it to the 3″ lift. Also They said this caused damage to the axle? This does not seem right. How can simply turning, like pulling away from my house really, Break a control arm?!

  27. Might I add it is only a 5 month jeep. I have heard others saying the welding is below par also. Anyone else? Maybe it was just a bad part?

  28. It’s funny how somebody talks about the soft top leaking just last week and I have had the problem with my 4dr before, but after this morning it is immediately going in the shop. For the first time during a hard rain, it came in on the center of my dash and down onto the radio. Luckily I had a towel there to cover it with. Water was literally pouring in on the drivers side by the windshield post, and also at the front of the rear door. The water comes in and lands on the top of the seat belt and runs down on to my shoulder which in turn soaked my shirt on my way to work. I love my 4dr wrangler, but this isn’t going to work.

  29. Okay I read all the posts, the comment on disconnecting the harness to take the doors off an 2 door 08 wrangler. I didnt get it…

    I saw the red lip thing, clicked it the other way, and now im clueless on what to do next. if someone knows what im talkin about, please, in detail so that a 5 year old can understand, please explain what to do afterwards.

    If I sound pissed…i am. Im doing this for my little brother who got a brand new char when I got a 94 wrangler and I had to pay for it myself.

  30. Is the radio the only part that can short out from a leak? Just got my 08 Sahara Unlimited Monday. Absolutely love it. It did rain yesterday and today and I have the leak where the two front panels meet on the hardtop. I had the two panels off for the first time today and hopefully reseating them will do the trick. Not having owned a Jeep before, I wondering what tolerance for rain the other parts have?

  31. Pull the red “lip thing” out. Then push the black tab in and pull the two ends of the connector apart. It is a pain in the a$$. I actually accidntally broke the retainer that holds them to the body.

  32. I called DC this week to check the status on my 4 door Rubi I ordered a month ago. It’s in BG status right now. It’s good to finally hear it’s actually being built after trying to get it ordered since APR.

  33. I have just come from the dealer. I have a 5 month old, May 2007 4 door Unlimited. We had a drought in Ohio until this week. I have discovered a multigallon leak with my soft top. The service rep. confirmed I have the top closed up properly. I told the dealer I want a hard top and will pay the difference. I am waiting for reply. After reading some replies above that the hardtops leak as well, I would just as soon get my money back. I paid sticker price and you know how dealers ream you on price as soon as you drive off the lot. I guess with corporate greed running rampant as it is I should expect no different. Dave

  34. hey i’m looking for a aftermarket radio harness. can anyone tell me where to get one for an 07 jeep wrangler, and is there any new information on the engine stalling , i bought mine in may of 07 it has tried to stall out 3 times any info on this would be appreciated

  35. Roy, If you are wondering if your vehicle has a recall but you didn’t know, cut and paste this web page in browser

    place the last 8 digets of your VIN# and it will show you any recalls for your vehicle that need to be done.

    There was a fix order for the stalling and a recall twice now for brakes. I did the first recall about 3 months ago and today recieved a notice for Reprogram Electronic Brake Control Module. Apparently without the fix there could be a “momentary delay in braking when coasting up a hill during certain conditions. This could increase the vehicles stopping distance and cause a crash without warning”.

  36. ordered my JK 2-door yesterday….can’t wait til it gets here..they said it will arrive the week of X-mas…so merry X-mas to ME!!!

  37. Checked again on my 4-door Rubi I ordered in SEP. It moved from BG to BX status, but the dealer couldn’t give me an idea of when I might see it, but at least it’s scheduled to be built now. I’ll be glad when it’s finally assigned a VIN.

  38. Update from 7/18/07. I ordered a 4-dr Ribicon through my small local D/C/J dealer. Placed the order 4/2/07. I was one week short of six months when my dealer cancealed the order. A neighbor of mine was standing in the dealership when the owner and I had words. Two weeks later he (neighbor) told me I found a dealership that has about 20 4-dr waranglers. A couple of them are Rubicons. Checked the dealer’s web page and found the exact model, w/ all the options, I had ordered (except color). My neigbor picked up a 4 dr sahara the same day I picked up my Rubicon. Another neighbor of ours picked up a 4-dr Sahara a week later. Love the Rubicon.

    These dealers are on allocations. Small local dealers can’t always get 4-dr wranglers, reguardless what they tell you. At one time this year, DC had over 60,000 on order. Shop around you might find what you are looking for. But wether you special order or go shopping, be prepared to spend some time on finding what you want. The other dealers I talked to after my order was cancealed started talking to me about starting my six month wait period all over. I got lucky. And yes it was worth the effort.

    One other topic here, I bought mine through a program discount. I found several dealers that had the model I was looking for during my search, but refused to sell me the jeep (4-dr rubicon) under a purchase program. Told me they are selling at full MSRP and dealers don’t have to honor discount programs.

  39. My JK Rubicon displays a message where the odometer reading is that says:”change oil”. I do and I have. How do I get this to clear? Thanks!

  40. I purchased a 2007 4 door Wrangler Unlimited X, pretty much loaded. I live in Calgary, Canada. I too have a leak with the soft top, but my hard top is ok (no leaks) so far. They have tried three times to fix my leaky soft top, but no luck. My hard top is on now for the winter, so we’ll have to try again in the spring.

    I do have a few issues though:

    1) My radio cuts out, and re-powers. Of course it is hard for the dealer to find the problem as it’s always working fine when I bring it in. I wish it would cut out and stay that way.

    2) There is an annoying squeak everytime I accelerate, or let off the gas. Speed doesn’t matter, it happens at fast and slow…bumps or smooth conditions. My dealer has changed many things with no luck..

    Has anyone had these two similar issues, and come up with a fix?

    Also, any fixes for the leaky soft top yet?

  41. Hi Eddie,
    I just bought my new rubicon 4dr last week. Selling a well built Toy 4runner as a result. What happens to your take off parts? Like you I’m in the OC. I don’t mind hand-me-downs….if the price is right!

  42. WoL Eddie. Hey we got a chance to check out Garcia’s Ridge. It is pretty cool not super challenging but a good outting none the less.I am running stock JK with 33s. The trail is quite over grown with mazzanita and brush. We scratched the heck outta the sides and plastic windows. We were down there the day after thanksgiving and only saw one other rig the entire time. We also checked out santa margarita lake. Very nice area. I haven’t located Pine mountain yet. If you guy’s decide to run the ridge count us in. My email is still messed up I can’t log in yet, and that means I can’t get the confirmation to join the forum. I will keep checking to see if you plan to come up this way. Your group seems very mellow and family oriented and thats the type of thing we look for. We see a few JKs around here but I think most of them stay on pavement. We are heading up to Tahoe area for some R&R, then up to southern oregon to visit family. As I said before we are running 33s so can’t get chains on front maybe they will work on back. I am running the cooper stt seems to be good tire so far. Worked great at garcia’s. Have a good holiday all.:)

  43. Great job on this website! That being said – I certainly hope not to offend anyone but I am absolutely amazed at how many people are so stoked about and buying such a poorly designed and built Jeep. There are countless TSB’s on this Jeep and it doesn’t seem to be slowing up. Yeah, it looks really cool. But 4×4’ing isn’t about looks. It’s about getting where you’re going. I drove an unlimited a while back and I must say was quite impressed with it’s handling on the pavement. The engine is quite pathetic though. No power – I was driving an automatic though, which shouldn’t be an excuse. I really wanted one of these new Jeeps until I found out about all the problems. I have also seen alot of nightmare stories about Jeep vehicles on the web. It seems in most cases it is like pulling teeth to get warrenty repairs and admissions of fault from Jeep on major issues. I certainly am not about to reward a company who obviously doesn’t care about the product they sell by purchasing one. I ended up buying a 1987 FJ60 LandCruiser which is a MONSTER! Can’t help but wonder when I see jeeps broken down on even the easist part of the trails [which is everytime I go wheeling & I always offer assistance [wheelers stick together!]] – Jeeps are just not built to withstand the trails – you have to do a lot of mods to get them there – AFTER spending over $30K. I know a guy at work that has $60K in his ’06 Rubicon. My neighbor bought an Unlimited and has had nothing but problems. I feel for her because her NEW Jeep seems to be in the shop more than she drives it and she told me she is very disappointed and will probably end up getting rid of it. Also – Why don’t they sell the diesel engine in the USA? Not ranting and raving – I’m just really disappointed because this new Jeep has so much potential and I would love to own one, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to deal with all of the crap that comes along with it. I do think this site is great – and wish you all the best of luck with your new Jeeps.

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