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When we placed our order for a brand new Stone White 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited back on July 10, 2006, it was done with the complete knowledge and understanding that it may take some time to get. Having already gone through a similar experience back when we purchased our TJ some seven year before, we were quite prepared to do some waiting… but, what we didn’t realize at the time was just how much waiting we would really have to do.

With everything from a sway bar disconnect motor that didn’t like water to a newly designed BFGoodrich M/T KM tire that had a difficult time balancing and then a shortage of Freedom Tops for the Unlimited, it would seem that ordering an Unlimited in a Rubicon package was the single best way one could ensure that you wouldn’t get your new JK before the end of the year. In fact, when all was said and done, over six months would have passed before we would be able to take possession of our new JK on January 29, 2007. Was it worth the wait? You betcha!! We absolutely love this new Jeep and in some ways, I think the ridiculously long wait only made getting it that much sweeter. In fact, as some of you may know, we loved our JK so much that we ended up selling our TJ and bought a 2009 Sunburst Orange Jeep JK Unlimited X to replace it.

Below you will find links to useful information regarding the Jeep JK Wrangler.


  1. I guess I’m ready to place my order, no sense delaying…

    Except…what about the electronic sway bar disconnect problem? Those won’t ship until mid-07, and I’m not waiting that long. Is there an aftermarket option for this yet?

  2. Hi Brian,
    I’m not sure where you got your information but the problem with the electronic sway bar disconnects has been fixed. And, I have already seen 3 Rubicons with them on it so you’re good to go.

    However, if you’re looking for a better solution, I know that Full Traction is developing their Rok-n-Lok for the JK and should have it available later on in the year.


  3. I purchased my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4-door I picked it up yesterday. Its great. I got the dark blue color, advanced audio, larger tires, and hard top. I love it its soo sweet!

  4. I purchased a Jeep Green Unlimited 4-door Sahara about a week ago and I’m almost tempted to quit my job just to drive it more. I got it with the kahki freedom top, in 4×4 with the 18″ wheels and I have to say it is truly the best Jeep I’ve had thus far. I’ve probably spent more time at this point just shopping for upgrades then I did in actually buying the Jeep. So far only some mopar interior upgrades like the black/kahki wet suit seat covers, the Jeep slush tread floor mats, the freedom top cover bag, hood T cover and a couple of other items. What I’m really waiting for are extra driving lights, winch and hopefully a roof top rack carrier.

  5. Hi,

    I have a deposit on a Rescue Green Metallic Unlimited 4-door Sahara, that is due to arrive is about 2 weeks. Can someone please comment on the following:

    1. Rumors/truth about water leak problems with the Freedom Hard Top
    2. Underpowered complaints about the motor. I test drove one, noticed this, but wanted to gather other thoughts.

    Thank you.

  6. Hi Tony,
    1. There have been a few people who have had water leaking problems but most do not. From what I understand, there might have been an initial problem with leaking but DC has since fixed this. Perhaps a few got out before the fix. Either way, I’m sure there will be a TSB issued to address this that’ll be covered under warranty.
    2. I have found that with an auto, it did seem a bit sluggish but not necessarily underpowered. Driving a 6-speed seemed to have a lot more pep.


  7. I purchased a 4 door JK on Friday the 13th of October and I love this thing. Once you learn the power band of the 3.8 V6 with the 6 speed, I think it has plenty of power. But I also have the 4.10 gears in mine. I have to say I agree with some people that this is the most comfortable Jeep I have ever driven. Better than the TJ’s I have had, and much better than my (ex)YJ. I think DCX did right by the Wrangler name with the new JK!


  8. Matt, good to hear you’re really enjoying the JK!
    I’ve ordered a 2-dr Sahara with 6-spd and 4.10, like your 4-dr. I have a question regarding the accuracy of the speedometer and odometer with this setup. Have you had a chance to check these measurements against a speed readout indicator (like the ones you find at the approach to some bridges and highways that tell you your actual speed as you approach?) I hear from some owners that there is a potential for some heavy duty speeding tickets since readings can be off by 15 m.p.h. depending on the tire package.

  9. I am sure they did fix the water leak problem. I even think they did a retro on the vehicles that had not been shipped yet. I received 2 different 4 door modles that had a blue peice of paper that had been hand written and photocopied in them with the words “Water” and “Done” in them.

  10. TeraFlex has it’s S/T 975 Sway Bar available for the JK. This is a knob that disconnects the front sway bar for offroading. When back on the highway, just turn the know to the Street position and it will reconnect.

  11. I just drove my 2 door rubicon from Panama City, FL to Asheville, NC. Very comfortable drive. I didn’t have any problems with the speedometer it was within 1-3 mph of my GPS. Can’t wait to take it off the pavement again when I get back to FL.

  12. Hi there, I have a new 2007 Jeep Unlimited Sahara, its 3 days old and the roof leaks where the front panels connect. There is a Jeep TSB for a fix, but mine has had that fix (silly foam gasket that would last anyway). They are dealing with engineering now for a real fix, if its not fixed in a week I get a new one that doesnt leak. Not all leak, but if your does, dont let them try to jam the silly foam gasket in as a fix, it wont last! Anyone else having this problem?

  13. I plan to buy a Red Sahara 4 dr in Jan and I have a couple of questions if anyone can help.
    1.I plan to get the 18″ Wheels. Does anyone have an opinion on the over the road ride quality vs. my 2003 Liberty Renegade?
    2. I am considering the MyGig head unit with Navagation. Anybody know where I can get details/pics about it? Do you think it’s a good choice? How do new 2007 owners like their new radios?
    3. Anybody know where DC puts the satellite antenna for Sirius with the hardtop?

  14. Hi Phil,

    I can comment on your ride quality question. I have the Unlimited Sahara 4×4 with the 18″ wheel package (have had it for about 1 week) and my wife and I also own a 2005 Liberty Limited. We both are quite pleased with the ride and agree that it rides just about or just as good as the Liberty. Keeping in mind what the Wrangler is really built for, the ride is great; and I can confirm that you can easily use it as a daily driver. Good luck to you and I am sure you will love it.


  15. Tony – Thanks for the reply. I was told by a salesman that was the case but you know how that goes. Good luck with the Sahara.
    BTW – I did learn that the release of the MyGiG unit is delayed for the Wrangler. From what I could find, it is supposed to be available in Dec.

  16. I bought a 2007 Sahara and am having problems with the leaking roof as well. I have been to the dealer one time so far and they could not get to it that day. I wondered what the roof latch in the middle was for and it works well to stuff a napkin in to catch the water. Looks great driving around with a wash cloth on the dash. Hope to get it fixed tomorrow…

  17. I read a message on the web about the leaking roof. One guy recommended reinstalling the driver side roof and fastening the front latch first then the others and the rear. Worked for some who replied to his message. I will try it tonight. At the dealership right now.

  18. Love my 2007 Jeep Rubicon 2 Dr. Of the 12 Jeeps I have owned, this is by far the best. Only concern is trying to push my relatives and friends into the back seat. (Ok I know I should have bought a 4-dr, but my garage is too short and it snows a lot in MI). Dios anyone know how to get more forward travel on the pass. seat? I push both levers but the “tilt” function, like on the older model Wranglers, is not there. Am I stupid or is there a way to this?

  19. Hey Matt, unfortunately, that’s all the travel you’re gonna get out of your front seat. I can’t even begin to understand why DC would have made this more difficult that the old TJ seats but they did.

  20. I have a 4 door flaming red JK that I picked up in Arizona.

    I drove 19 hours to Pendleton, Oregon and have started with personal upgrades. Since i am still reserching the right lift and rims and am waiting for bumpers to get made I startd from the inside.

    11-14-06 Aspen Stereo in Richmond is working hard on installing the following:
    2 amps, 10 speaker upgrade, Kenwood in dash stereo w\ dvd and navigation, 2 head rest screens, 10 disc remote player, ipod control, blue tooth and a better security system with gps navigation as well remote startup and kill via pc or cell phone.
    we should crank out 1500 watts and will post pics next week.


  22. Bought the Sahara and would probably know about the leaking better than anyone since I live in Oregon. I have had it in twice now and they are not sure what to do. They did put that little fix that one guy had mentioned below but it didn’t work and looked like it would fall apart at any moment. Taking it back in and curious to what they say.

  23. Got my jeep back last Wednesday from the dealer. They fixed the leak cause it rained like crazy here over Thanksgiving and not one drop came through. I mentioned to the guy the dealership hires to do leak repairs what I had read here and it really helped him. Thanks! Even with the leak it is still the most fun I have had driving in a years.

  24. I am about to order a 4 dr Sahara w/ basically all the options, including the MyGig system. I’m told delivery will be February. Have not owned a jeep wrangler in 10 years but am very much looking forward to it.

  25. I went to order a 4 door Sahara with the Hard Top. The sales guy mentioned I would not receive the Jeep until at least February b/c DC is currently working on a permanent fix for the Hard Top leak issue. Just thought I’d pass this information along. Thanks!


  27. Leak Leak Leak. Mine seems to be getting worse. I have had my in the shop a couple of times. It seems to get worse. The radio is shorting out too. Really disappointed for someone who waited forever for these four-doors. Do I hear recall?? Just figure it out and fix it already! It is definitely the new top. I feel for the person that said he is shoving a napkin in the middle where the two panels meet. I’m right there with you. Unfortnately, my papertowel was still there when I picked my jeep up two weeks later. Hmmmm.

  28. Yes, I live in Moab. Yes, it is one of the best places on earth to live (in case you were wondering).

    I picked up my black 4dr Rubicon soft top three weeks ago and have already put 2500 miles on it in all conditions, hwy, snow storms, packed ice, muddy dirt roads, slickrock, and a little sand to boot … I love this jeep!

    No leaks from the soft top in any of the above conditions, great performance on and off road and even fits the kid seats for a family outing.

    Stock this jeep is by far the best engineered jeep to date. I will be adding some pro comp wheels, a 4″ teraflex lift, jeeperman bumbers and a few other goodies soon. Stay tuned for photos.

  29. I ordered my Unlimited Rubicon in early Sept. and I am still waiting. I ordered both tops. Anybody else in a similar situation or know what the hold up is? Is it the leak issue as mentioned above?

  30. Hello.
    My first posting. Ordered a 2007 Rubi Unlimited 4 weeks ago. Delayed, delayed, delayed. Ordered with all options, and even agreed to let the dealer install MyGig later in order to go ahead and get the vehicle.

    After no announcements on when I can even expect it, I called my salesman again today. He had told me last week that there was a ‘materials hold’ on it. I found out from him today that it is the leaking top problem. Apparently they are trying to figure it out and have halted delivery on anyone ordering one with a Freedom Top because of this.

    I’m dying to get this Jeep, but I’m happy to wait if it means it will be more right when it comes! I’ll post updates here. Ordered a Steel Blue Rubicon Unlimited loaded with all options.

  31. hi, yeah got my Jeep Sahara two doors, just great to drive. Love it. Use to drive a Jeep TJ, big big difference….

  32. Ok. For those of us waiting for our four-door Wranglers, I have some info. I checked some back channels from someone who works at the Toledo plant and here’s the scoop. The company I work for is a supplier for DaimlerChrsler. The north Toledo plant where the Wranglers are built, the employees are working overtime to fill about 59,000 pending orders for mostly four-door Wrangler models and they are resolving the problem of the leaking roof issue.
    There is a good article on this at “ (article published 11-30-06)
    so… untill I get my 07 (jeep green) four-door Rubicon, I will just have to endure another Michigan winter in my ’04 (stone white, two-door) rubicon.
    hoped this helped,

  33. So I posted December 1st at 2:07am, this is my follow-up.

    I just got the call today, I’m in BX status! Thank God. We’ll see what happens next. Also I wanted MyGig but the wait was too long so my dealer agreed to install it at original cost when it comes out later. I wonder how long I’ll be at BX and I wonder if the leaking top situation is fixed.

    We shall see.


    2007 Steel Blue Rubicon Unlimited w/all available options

  34. I’m going to order a dark green rubi, the costco dealer said the price is $500 under invoice.

    Anyone else use costco to get their jeep under invoice price

    Seal Beach, CA

  35. Can anyone tell me what all the different build codes are and what they mean? I ordered a Sahara 4dr with lots of options about a month ago and both the dealer and DC have told me it’s in staus D.
    Anyone know what that means. Really ANXIOUS to get this in and hit some trails on my property.

  36. Hey Mike,
    I have ordered through Costco twice before and was charged $400 OVER invoice. I would double check the actual cost you get against KBB or Edmunds first. I have also found that not all Costco participating dealers offer the same service so be careful. BTW, which dealer are you going through if you don’t mind me asking? Huntington Beach?

    Hey Ed,
    If you are in D status, your Jeep is scheduled to be built. Here’s a link that should help you out:


  37. I order October 4th a wrangler 4 door 4×4 Sahara with lots of extras. Including the new hardtop (freedom top). Was told 4-6 weeks. I have a vin # but still not shipped almost 10 weeks. I was the first one to put in an order at the dealer. They now have 75 ordered. First I was told that there were so many orders they ran out of the hard tops and they are on back order. Now hearing (rumors only can’t find a press release) that something is wrong with the 3 compartment hardtop. But, I also have not heard of many 4 door 4×4 sahara soft tops out there much either. Anyone hear when these vehicles may actually ship? Will they be here by Christmas?

  38. I’m waiting on a rescue green 4dr Rubicon with the dual top option. I put the deposit on it on Nov. 11, and at that time I was told that it would be 8-10 weeks before I would recieve the vehicle. I spoke to the salesman yesterday and he told me that the way things are going my JK won’t be built untill sometime in January. It’s kind of a bummer but if they work all the bugs out with this leak problem and whatever else may come along it will be worth the wait

  39. I had a chance to see the MYGig unit first hand reciently, and got to check out some of its options. A friend of mine has it in his vehicle. It is a very very cool unit and I highly recommend getting it.

    The only problem is, I have noticed that at the bottom of the write-up on it, in the Wrangler booklet that you get from the dealer, there’s some ultra-small print that says “Late availabilty”. I asked the salesman at the dealership what would be concidered “late” and he said probably not untill sometime in Jan. But that’s just his speculation.

  40. I’ve been told that the Jeeps that have been ordered with just the soft tops have been taking between 4 and 6 weeks to arrive.

  41. Eddie,

    Thank-You for the web-site link! Thought I was getting jerked around a little. Have only owned 4WD trucks for years but as
    soon as I saw the 4dr unlimited, I had to have it. Rookie when
    it comes to jeeps but plan to do some mods to it. Thanks again for the help and all the other info you put on this site! It’s
    helping to educate me on a lot of different options I can go to
    when starting ther modifications I’m planning.


  42. Great website, I also ordered a jeep green unl. rubi. on nov 2…as of today its still “scheduled out” thru dec., Apparently that means the factory is full til jan…I got the hardtop. Thanks

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