2017 WAYALIFE Whiskey Wanderlust : Primm to Beatty


At over 110,000 square miles in size, Nevada is the 7th largest state in the union and the only one to have more ghost towns than populated ones. Amazingly, many of these remnants from a former glory still have at least one establishment that can be found open for business and as you might be able to guess, that would be a saloon. Inspired by our good friend Jim McGean, Cindy and I have been on a mission to imbibe in as many of these historic watering holes as we can and get to them while traveling all off road and on old stage routes and emigrant trails. We call our quest the WAYALIFE Whiskey Wanderlust and on our most recent adventures, we covered the southwestern end of the silver state making our way from the border town of Primm and ended our overland journey in the old mining town of Beatty. Click on the link below to see photos from all the fun we had.

2017 WAYALIFE Whiskey Wanderlust : Primm to Beatty

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