Spangler Hills OHV & Olancha Sand Dunes

Cindy and I got a chance to head back up to Lone Pine to do some work and on our way up, we decided to make a detour to explore some of the trails out in the Spangler Hills OHV area. Located southeast of Ridgecrest and south of Trona, this OHV area is covered with large boulders that stand straight up like Moai statues on Easter island and is designated as an open area where you can pretty much take your vehicle up and over anything it’s capable of. And, while much of the terrain is more suited for motorcycles and ATV’s, there are some fun trails and rocks that you can take a Jeep on and have some fun. Here are a few pics from our day out at Spangler Hills.

Spangler Hills OHV & Olancha Sand Dunes

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