Northern Nevada Expedition 2012 – Part 1

As many of you know, we spend our July’s up in Tahoe and typically use our time up there to hike and wheel the extensive network of trails the area has to offer. And, while we still plan on doing that again this year, we decided to change things up a bit and utilize our northerly location to explore some of the Northern Nevada desert as well. To kick things off, our first expedition would be a 375 mile loop that started from South Lake Tahoe, dropped down to Carson City, headed east across the famous Pony Express Route, paid a visit to the historic Fort Churchill, explored the pre-historic Indian caves out at Grimes Point, made our way down the Rawhide Mining district and then circled around to Walker Lake before running out of time for the day. Here are some pics highlighting some of the things we saw. I hope you enjoy.

Northern Nevada Expedition 2012

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  1. Tahoe in July is the pinnacle of summer excitement and fun with amazing views from every direction. Especially when you stay on the beach with the scenic mountains of tallac from south lake. Although the Tahoe queen is sometimes a unwanted noise when napping, the air is clean and water crystal. How could desert trails beat this? Anyway hope your vacation is as eventful as mine.

    Do you have any guided tours you offer while your in Tahoe?

    See you on the beach. Cheers!!

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