MOAB – FORK YEAH : a WAYALIFE Epic Trex Adventure – Part 2 / Cliffhanger

Part 2 of MOAB – FORK YEAH, a WAYALIFE Epic Trex Adventure kicks off with an event out in Area-BFE called “The Rock” and it’s put on every year during the week of EJS by Full-Traction Suspension. You’ll also get to see the crazy fun we had taking on one of my most favorite trails in Moab – Cliffhanger! Of course, there’s all kinds of drinking and silliness mixed in between but for those of you who’ve been following Cindy and I for a while now, you know there’s nothing new about that. We hope you enjoy our presentation and if you have a moment afterwards, we’d be grateful if you could please let us know what you thought about it. Thank you for watching.

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