MOAB – FORK YEAH : a WAYALIFE Epic Trex Adventure – Part 3 / Poison Spider & Gold Bar

Because there really is so much more to see and do in a place like Moab than just go wheeling everyday, Part 3 of MOAB – FORK YEAH, a WAYALIFE Epic Trex Adventure starts with a hike we did up to the Delicate Arch in Arches National Monument. From there, we headed out to the Poison Spider Mesa where we played on the massive slick rock fins and domes and even visited the grave of a young pioneer named, Mary Jane Francis. To wrap up a perfect week out in the promised land, we did a final run up on the Gold Bar Rim and Golden Spike Trail and took on obstacles such as the Undercut Ledge, Improbable Hill, The Slide, Golden Staircase, the Golden Crack and the Double Whammy. This is the final part in a 3 part series and we sincerely hope you enjoy it. If you have a moment afterwards, we’d be grateful if you could please let us know what you thought about it and the whole series. Thank you for watching.

A BIG THANKS needs to go out to our good friend Jeff Hoffman (HoneyBadger) for helping us make MOAB – FORK YEAH possible. A lot of the footage you see was filmed and generously provided to us by him and this series simply wouldn’t have been possible to make without it.

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