Kavanaugh Ridge Run 2011

On the way home from Tahoe last week, Trail Bud, WOLette and I decided to make a detour and do a quick run up to Kavanaugh Ridge. This is one of our most favorite places to visit in the Sierra Nevada Mountains as it takes you up to 11,000 feet and offers views that are to die for. Of course, because of its extreme location, getting up here can be tough as deep snow often blocks the trail well into July. And, if you can get up there, hurricane force winds, thick clouds and a lot times, smoke from forest fires can put a damper on things but for us on this trip, it was about as perfect as it gets. If you would like to see a short photo essay of our run to this amazing ridge, simply click on the link below:

Kavanaugh Ridge Run 2011 Photo Essay

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